Covid 19 ( coronavirus) : an impact on human life

This covid19 ( coronavirus) is an infectious disease.

First, this covid- 19 is originated in December 2019, Wuhan ( China). Slowly, this virus is spreading and affecting people’s health. When people are affected by this deadly virus and losing their life, then WHO announced about this virus and declared as a pandemic. This Covid-19 is considered as the most crucial global health problems and the greatest challenges for the humankind and for the World and nations.

This pandemic has rapidly spread around the world and affecting the enormous health, economic, environmental and social challenges to the entire human population as well as for the government to win over these pandemic cases.

Almost all the nations in the world are struggling to slow down the transmission of the disease by proper guidelines issued by WHO and Scientists.

The Covid-19 has affected in human life day by day and slow down the global economy. This pandemic has affected lakhs of people. Due to this pandemic, millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty, small businessmen face an extended threat. Most of the people have lost their jobs. Many are unable to feed themselves and their families. With low and irregular income and a lack of social support, many of them spurred to continue working, often in an unsafe condition, they are exposing themselves and their families to additional risks.

This pandemic is affecting different people in different ways. This Covid-19 pandemic led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health and the world to work. The economic and social disruption caused by this pandemic is devastating. Millions of people are dying.

The huge social and economic uncertainty associated with Covid-19 may be causing people to feel hopeless. This Covid-19 affects people’s health and develop mild to moderate illness and recover from serious conditions and hospitalisation.

Nearly half of the world’s population are struggling and losing their jobs for surviving their family.

Most common symptoms


Dry cough



Less common symptoms

Aches and pain

Sore throat,


Loss of taste or smell

Sometimes difficulty in breathing

Recovery time

According to available data and researches, the medium time from onset to clinical recovery for mild to moderate cases is approximately two to three weeks and is four to six weeks for patients with severe or critical diseases.

So, taking extensive precautions as regularly washing of hands with soaps and a sanitizer, wearing of double masks, social distancing and so on.

Many countries had lockdown the movement of people and enforcing strict quarantine to control the spread of this havoc of the high communicable disease.

This covid-19 has affected our day to day life, business, disrupting the world trade and movements.

The various industries and sectors are affected by this deadly virus. Disrupt the supply of products, slowing the manufacturing of essential goods, avoiding National and international travelling, closing the temples, schools and colleges, and disruption of religious, cultural and festive events.

Fears of spreading the disease among the population, closure of the parks, hotels and restaurants. Many students are facing stress due to the closure of the schools and colleges and postponed of their examinations.

In these pandemic conditions, health care professionals face of difficulties in maintaining the quality of health care these days.

Patients with other diseases and health problems are getting neglected in pandemic conditions.

Doctors are over stress, with challenges in the diagnosis, quarantine and treatment of suspected or confirmed cases.

Now, it is the time for global solidarity and support especially with the most vulnerable in our societies, particularly in the emerging and developing world.

So, we have to need long-term sustainable strategies to address the challenge facing health and all business sectors.

This is indeed an unpredictable time for all of us, as to how long we will suffer and how much finance and other things.

Most people are suffering at the moment and worrying about the future.

Let us hope that we will win over it.

Next time , I will discuss about the new variant of the virus, who is more dangerous than now.

With hope, all of us will safe.



White fungus in the covid patient: is it more dangerous than black fungus

The second wave of covid 19 pandemic has been more devastating than the first wave. People are suffering rapidly in the second wave. The second wave, which is more stepper than the first wave, continues to transmit the virus among people. The second wave is spreading at a faster pace in every age group. As the second wave has not been slow down, the new type of infection found in Covid 19 as a Black fungus and now as White fungus.

Crowded in market

After a spike in black fungus cases in several states across the country, a new lethal fungus has emerged — White fungus .It is believed to be more fatal than black fungus.

As the deadly black fungus, that has come with a second wave of Covid-19 in the country, a new lethal” White fungus” has knocked the door, which has found in Patna, Bihar. At least, four patients had been diagnosed with this lethal fungal infection.

But, we should be alert that this could be many more cases of the disease so far unreported.

This white fungus can affect not only the lungs , but also other parts of the body including the skin, nails, stomach, kidney brain, mouth and private parts of the body.

A few months back , black fungus cases had come, which was more dangerous and affecting the people.

Now, there a new infection called white fungus has come and found in some affected Covid -19 patient.

These new cases of White fungus have been detected in Patna, Bihar and it seems that it is more dangerous than black fungus.

Actually, this infection can be caused due to low immunity or if people come in contact with things that contain these moulds like water etc.

So , sanitation is very very important.


Patients of white fungus show covid like symptoms, but their report might be negative, so, only this infection can be diagnosed through HRCT of the chest. Covid 19 patients are more prone to white fungus as it affects the lungs and similar symptoms develop like that of corona virus.

1) Fever

2) cough

3) Diarrhoea

4) Dark spots on lungs, reduced oxygen levels

Those who have weak immunity like diabetes, cancer patients and those patients who are taking steroids for a long period should take special care as they are more at risk.

According to experts, this new white fungus is four times more dangerous than the black fungus.

Test of covid

Treatment and prevention

Patients with white fungus are currently behaved toward with known anti-fungal medication and hope it might be helpful.

The unsanitary use of oxygen cylinders or the overuse of steroids can also heighten the risk of infection.

It is easy to prevent from white fungus infection by sanitising the oxygen or ventilator properly.

Cooperation with corona warriors

This white fungus (candida and aspergillus) reaching the lungs could pose a new challenge.

But, we can not ignore the fact that apart from fungus, many rare bacterial and other microorganisms — caused new symptoms may emerge in Covid and post- Covid patients in the coming days.

Especially, the patients who are home isolated,should do the HRCT of the chest immediately to rule out any problems.

It has been seen that the patient infected with white fungus showed covid- like symptoms but we’re tested negative. So, the expert believe on HRCT scan of the chest may be required to trace the fungal infection.

So, be careful and stay safe as well as follow the guidelines strictly.