Arm exercise: no need of Gym and any equipments

Gym and other equipments seem to be very necessary for arm exercise and built muscles.But remember, when you do not have weights , you will be using mostly your body weight to lift and work for arm muscles.This is really a good workout for strength the muscles. If you just want to do some simple arm exercise to stay in shape than look no further.

There are some arm exercises, which can anybody can do anywhere –

1) Arm plank with arm raises – Let’s start with a simple one,For this exercise, the person will begin in a regular plank.Then, while they hold this position,they will raise one arm up in front of them and set it back down.

They can also raise it to the side if this feels more comfortable.

Alternate raising each arm about 20-25 times, this will not only feel more strength but also will be giving the abs a workout which they are holding the plank position.

2) Tricep dips- start in a reverse tabletop position.This is when you are on all focus, facing upward like you are about to do a crab walk.

Then, bend at elbows and lower yourself,so your body is about to touch the ground. Do this tricep dips about 30 – 35 times.

3) Push up to bear squat – Regular push ups are classic arm exercise that anyone can add to any workout.For this exercise,you can take the push ups to another level you add the bear squat.

For this, begin in a plank position and do a Push up. When the person who do this,come back up,bend at the knees and bring the hips back towards the feet for the bear squat.

Strengthens the legs and come back to the plank position. Do this about 20-25 times.This will help work your abs,arms and glutes. Really,it is a great workout to strengthen the multiple areas

4) Spider crawl to push ups – This is another exercise for strengthens the muscles by having a spider crawl added in exercise. Start by standing up straight with your arms overhead. Bring the arms down like going to touch the toes and begin crawling with hands on the ground forward. When you finally crawl in a plank position, finish with a push ups. When come back from the Push up,start to crawl back towards the feet. Stand up and reach the hands back overhead and repeat.

Do this about 20-25 times.

5) Shoulder push ups – Normally, the push ups work the bicep and tricep muscles. This exercise can help work the shoulder muscles that normally would need weights for but with a push ups.simply start in a plank position and instead of bending at the elbows,focus on shoulders and begin to raise and lower them

This is a slight motion that does not make a big dip like a push ups. Do this and 2030 minutes.

6) Side plank- start with propping yourself up one arm and stacking your legs to keep the balance in the side plank position.while hold this position,raise the other arm upto the sky and then bring back down.

Repeat this exercise about 30 times each side. Filling this in arms, shoulder muscles and core.

7) Shoulder touches – This is a simple exercise.It starts in a plane position while holding this, the person will alternate raising his hands to touch the opposite shoulder.

Do this for about 35 Seconds.

8) Wide- Lung to twist- it should be start in a runners or Wide- Lung. To get in this position,come to a plank and then bring one leg up next to the arm. Next, take the arm that is on the same side as the leg that is forward and stretch it up to the sky. When the person bring the arm back down,place the leg back next to the other so the person will be back in a plank position.Repeat the same steps to the other side.

Do this about 20-30 times total. Then,you will get this in your shoulders,abs and thighs.

9) Circle Push up – This is also a good exercise.Begin in a plank position,then instead of going straight down for a push up,lower to one side beginning in a clock wise motion and come all the way down in a slow circle.when the person complete the circle,he should be back up in a plank position and then he can alternate to another side in a counter clock – wise motion.

Circle exercise

Do this about 20-25 times.This really work the bicep, shoulder, muscles and abs

10) Superman arm pulses- Any exercise the person can do while laying down is a good one. This exercise starts off with laying on the stomach with the arms and legs extended. Lift both the arms and legs so they are hovering over the ground. This requires to engage the core and hold this position throughout the exercise.While holding this, Start to pulse the legs up and down at a fast pace for about 30 second.

This is a great workout to finish with because the person will feel it in multiple areas like the shoulder,glutes and abs.

So, this exercises gives the strengthens the arms muscles and feel good.

Arm exercise

Dr. S.K.jha