It is estimated that around 15-18 million people are suffering from anxiety disorders.

It is characterized by persistent anxiety without any specific symptoms of phobia, panic or obsessive compulsive disorder.

It is normal to be time to time especially now a days when Covid 19 is spreading in full swing and affected more people day by day. Excessive worry and anxiety that are difficult to control and interfere with day to day activities lead to a sign of generalized anxiety disorder.

Generally , women are more affected than men. Women who is working , there are more stress for keeping balance between family and work. Daily life becomes a constant state of worry,fear and dread.


Exact reasons are not known,but some research suggests that the following reasons for generalized anxiety disorder.:–

1) Genetics

2) Environmental factors- Basically involves trauma, divorce, death of family members, changing jobs or loss of jobs.

3) Brain chemistry

4) Use of withdrawal of addictive substances such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine.

Signs and symptoms

People who are suffering from it having some symptoms such as–

1) overthinking plans and solutions

2) persistent worrying or anxiety

3) muscle aches

4) fatigue

5) inability to relax, feeling restless

6) Difficulty in concentration

7) Trouble sleeping

8) Nervousness


1) Shakiness

2) Restlessness

3) Hyperactivity

4) Anxiety

5) Fear

6) Insomnia

7) Poor concentration

8) Irritability

9) Impatience

It is true that Sleeping is hard when our mind is full of thoughts.

It leads to more risks– such as economic hardship, food insecurity, health problems and G generalized anxiety- than they mitigate.

Anxiety or physical symptoms cause significant distress in social , work or other areas of life.

Anxiety may be present in depression, schizophrenia and other organic mental state. Except it, thyroid disease, renal disease, coronary artery disease can develop the signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Generally, generalized anxiety disorder often occurs along with other mental disorders as:-

1) Phobia

2) Panic disorder

3) Post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD)

4) Obsessive compulsory disorder (OSD)

5) Depression

6) Suicidal thoughts

7) Substance abuse


1) Impair the ability to perform tasks quickly

2) Take more time and focus from other activities

3) Feeling tiredness

4) Decrease energy

5) Increase risk of depression


1) Supportive or behavioural modification therapy

2) when generalized anxiety severe– medicine which is prescribed by consultant doctor, generally, anxiolytics, a non benzodiazipine anxiolytic may become the drug of choice.

3) Psychotherapy

4) Consult the doctor

Now a days, people all over the world have been living in fear and stress. So, there are some tips for overcoming these anxiety:-

1) Fearing change

2) living in the past

3) Putting yourself down

4) Overthinking

5) Trying to please everyone

Now, I think all of you aware about generalized anxiety disorders.