The concept of five minutes exercise for fitness

Total physical fitness can also be achieved by doing five minutes exercise either at home or in the office.In our day to day life,it may not be always possible to cover all the components of fitness every day i.e. suppleness, strength,stamina and speed.

At home, the five minutes exercises can be done in the morning before leaving for office or starting housework.

In the office, these exercises could be done before starting the work, during the lunch break or in the evening before leaving the office.

Five minutes exercises program at home

1) neck rotation- ten times each side –

Effect – relieves tension,relaxes and strengthens the muscles of neck and vertebrae and reduces fatty deposits under the chin.

2) Arms rotation..Ten times each way

Effects – brings about mobilty of the shoulder joints, relaxing the muscles of the shoulders ,arms ,chest and back.

3) Waist – four types of exercises are affected.

a) waist rotation- ten times each side

b) alternate toe- touching ten times each side

c) side swing- ten times each side

d) side bends- ten times each side

Effect – the effect of all those four waist exercises reduce the accumulation of fat in the waist area. It also gives suppleness to the waist and spine.

d) Back stretch toe touching – ten times

Effect – relaxes and stretches the spine,relaxes the muscles of the back , stretches the muscles of the leg and abdomen.

The above four five minutes exercises are basically warm up exercises to relax the muscles and prepare the body for more strenuous exercises to follow.

e) push ups – ten times

Effect – this exercise strengthens the entire muscles of the arm, shoulder and chest making them firm.

f) Sit- ups – ten times

g) partial Sit- ups – ten times

This exercise strengthens the entire abdominal muscles making them firm. It is also beneficial to the muscles of the back.

h) Leg exercises

Effect: strengthens the abdominal muscles and also beneficial to the muscles of legs,hip and back

I) Backward leg raises- ten times each

This exercise is specifically for ladies

Effect – tighten the muscles of the bottom and also beneficial to the back, muscles of hip and legs .

J) sideward leg raises – ten times

This exercise is also specifically for ladies

Effect – reduces the fat on hip and upper thigh areas

K) running – 100 steps

It is the most important single exercise as it is a cardio vascular exercise.

Effect – strengthens the muscles of the leg including ankle,feet and knees. Improves circulation and respiration and strengthens the muscles of the heart , reduces stress and tension.

L) squat- ten times

Effect – strengthens the muscles of the legs including thigh, ankle and calf etc

M) Deep breathing – ten times

Effect – beneficial effect on the lungs and circulation.

Five minutes exercise program at the office

These exercises can be done while commuting in a bus, train or airplane.They may be done in the office or in school or at seminar, meetings etc.

Long hours spent in the office doing a sedentary and monotonous job can be used effectively with five – minutes exercises program not only to energies the body but also as a result to improve productivity.

Five minutes group fitness program

The five minutes group fitness program is to be done every day at the beginning of duty hours either in the office or at the work site.

The benefits of this program is not only total physical fitness and increased vitality and stamina but also in the reduction of stress ,back problems and heart problems. It increases circulation and purification of blood.

The following exercises are the group exercises –

1) Neck rotation

2) Arm rotation

3) waist rotation

4) toe touching exercise

5) push- ups

6) leg raises

7) deep breathing

8) spot running

Five minutes exercises are not meant for the super – fit athelete but are suited for the normal sedentary male and female for whom exercise is not a priority. These five minutes exercises can bring freshness and maintain fitness to meet the daily needs of a body .

Dr S.k.jha


Why core muscle strength is so important?

A strong core helps keep a more upright and erect posture. The core muscles play a huge role in everyday activities like getting out of bed, walking in the market, going to the job etc. So, core muscles are the base of support for the entire body.

Core muscles are found in the obliques, abdominals, lower back and glutes. These four areas of the body are the ones that usually make the posture of a, if the core muscles are physically powerful, they will maintain the balance of the body and will stabilize the system every time the person is working out and moving.

Long hours of reading, working, typing or standing at a workbench take their toll. Acutually calcium deposits in the joints, complete the process of immobilisation. Once, this calcification takes place, nothing can be done to reverse it. As an example, if a person walks in short, slow steps, then mostly we think that the person is old. because the hunched posture gives the clue.

So, as the ageing, we have to take precautions, and older people can take action before it is too late.

The best activities are regular stretching exercises that stretch the muscles and improve the flexibility of the core muscles.

The main responsibility of the core muscles is to provide enough power to the body to enable the physical activity that a person encounters.

So, many fitness workers believe that it is very important to strengthen the core muscles more than other muscles in the body. Strong core muscles can lessen a lot of health problems concerning posture.

Regular stretching exercise surrounds and supports the spine and pelvis and connects the body and lower body, effectively transferring forces from one to the other.

A strong core is very important for our posture. The ab muscles play a dominant role in the movement of every plane of motion as forward and backwards, rotational and left and right positions.

A weak core is the number one risk for potential injuries, especially lower back injuries.

So, Research shows that core strength training can help alleviate lower back pain.

Working on core strengths has numerous benefits from improved posture, balance and movement to pain management and injury prevention.

There are some major functions of the core muscles –

1) contains and protects the internal organs

2) stabilize the top part of the body over the bottom part

3) ensures greater mobility of the spine and trunk

4) control the pelvic-lumbar relationship

So, now we need to do exercise daily.

Dr S.k.jha

Accelerated ageing syndrome: what is it and why we should know about it

Body organs

Before discussing the topic, first, we have to know that what is chronological age and Biological age.

Chronological age is the number of years a person has been alive, while biological age refers to how old a person seems.

Biological age also referred to as physiological age, takes many lifestyle factors into a consideration including diet, exercise and sleeping habits and so on.

Ageing is a normal physiological process that our body goes through as the years pass by. The problem comes when this process is accelerated and changes start taking place faster and hence we age faster. Chronological age is our age in years as per the birth rate. Physiological age is our age according to the body’s functional activity. More than physiological age as compared to chronological age, the worst is the condition of our body.

The accelerated age syndrome suggests the number of units in year excess/ less than chronological age.

The following factors are correlated with chronological age to arrive at the physiological or body age.

1) Respiratory problems

2) Insufficient lung capacity

3) Poor cardiac status

4) High blood pressure

5) Diabetes

6) Cholesterol

7) Poor cancer risk status

8) Insufficient activity levels

9) Stress level

10) Body fat ratio

11) Alcohol status

12) Smoking

13) Medication

14) Exercise impairment


Positive factors are such as good respiratory status, low cardiac risk, no medical contraindications, high activity, good fitness levels and stress levels etc. Thus, chronological age plus or minus the above factors equals physiological age. So we must know how to manage and improve all negative factors to accumulate a large number of positive factors.

Factors which increase 1 year each is:

1) Respiratory ailments

2) Have/ had cardiac problems

3) Elevated/ low blood pressure

4) Insufficient lung capacity

5) High body fat

High body fat

6) Sedentary/ no exercise

7) Smoking


8) Elevated/ low sugar levels

9) Drug/ medication dependent

10) Insufficient spinal flexibility

11) Poor in alcohol

12) Stress

Factors that decrease 1 unit year each is:

1) Good BP without medication

2) Good blood sugar levels without medication

3) Good blood lipid levels without medication

4) Good body weight

5) Exercise and Yoga daily


6) Good lung capacity

Lung capacity with Yoga

7) Good spinal flexibility

8) No Psychosomatic stress

9) No eye/ ear problem

Each factor increasing as well as decreasing age is given weightage of 1 unit year.

Thus, Physiological age or accelerated age will not be less than Chronological age if exiting Chronological age is below 21 years of age. For others, minimal Physiological age is set at 21 years.

Now, I hope all of you will like it.

Dr S.k.jha