How stress screws with your body?

Stress is a normal that happens to everyone in his life. Long term stress causes wear and tear on the body.Physical , emotional and behavioral symptoms develop.

Stress can lead to emotional and mental symptoms like:

1) anxiety or irritability

2) depression

3) panic attack

4) sadness

Stress really sucks.It sucks up the energy, while a little bit of stress can help you, when your body goes into fight mode. But, daily stress or anxiety can the mind and body in serious ways.

1) it makes exhausted – stress or anxiety might be keeping up at night , freaking out trigger the brain to release the hormone cortisol in the blood stream, which gives the brain more oxygen and release extra energy to help the body deal with that stress .

But,frequent stress can cause exhausted and feel like the person is dragging all day,everyday.

2) It messes with libido – chronic stress can impact the body ‘s production of estrogen, which keeps reproduction system in working order.when that happens, the person could feel a dip in the sex drive.

In times of stress,concentrate on eating a healthy diet and avoiding junk foods, alcohol and smoking to help ease this symptoms.

3) It makes it hard to poop- chronic stress can impact the hormone released by thyroid gland, which regulate the metabolism among other things.lf these hormones get off track,it can lead to constipation.When the person feeling this symptoms,go to gym, drink lots of water, increase the fibre in diet or take a laxative if needed to.

4) Getting pimples on face and other bodies – when the person is in chronic stress,then the body spike, causing acne to flare up. Stress can also show up on other parts of the skin in the form of rashes.

5) the person cannot remember anything – chronic stress seriously impact the hippocampus, the area of brain where the memories are stored. This kind of stress causes the hippocampus to actually shrink , making it tough to remember facts ,lists, event or long gap of, damage from stress can make it hard to create new memories.

6) screws with manicure – if a person has a nasty habit of biting nails,it might be show how the anxiety is in ugly mood .

7) it makes the weight gain- Researchers say that dieters who learn stress management tactics are more successful at losing weight than dieters who didn’t.

8) Lose some hair – chronic stress can cause the skin to breakout,it can also cause the hair to shed more than usual, usually three to six months after a stressful situations.

9) it makes back pain- when the person are stressed,then heart rate and blood pressure rise and body pumps out hormones to help with body fight. This makes the muscles to tighten up and amplify the aches to get from sitting at a desk all day.

So no one can avoid stress in life,but can stop it from becoming worse in life.

Dr S.k.jha