Depression in teenage

The mental and emotional disorder in teenagers is known as teen depression.It is medically not different from adult depression.

The teen depression can be tough anyway and depression affects teenagers far more often than many of us realise.

Teen depression is a severe condition that is more than just sadness, moodiness. It can affect a teen’s physical health, relationship, ability to succeed and even their desire to live.

Depression in teen is a condition with many causes. It is a disorder of teen’s mood or emotions.

Teenage years can be a very unsettling time for his/her life which may be mixed with emotions and thoughts. It can be a difficult to make friends,get through school,do well at studies.

According to survey, around 9% of teens experience depression every year. Teen depression can cause difficulty in studies, difficulty in relationship and decreased enjoyment in life.

Teen depression goes beyond moodiness.It is a severe health problems that impact every aspect of a teen’s life.

Depression can damage the potential of teen’s personality and causing an overwhelming sense of sadness and anger.

According to survey,teen depression suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 15-24 old. In fact, more teens die from suicide than from hear disease, birth defects,cancer, pneumonia and more– combined.



There are certain symptoms that are associated with depression which occurs simultaneously.

These symptoms may include low appetite, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, stomach or digestive problems, anxiety or irritability and weak immune system.



1) irritability

2) aggressive behaviour

3) sadness

4) feeling hopelessness

5) decreased interest in hygiene or appearance

6) feeling of worthlessness or low self-esteem

7) memory loss , lack of interest

8) inability to take decision

9) withdrawal from friends and family

10) restlessness and agitation

11) loss of interest in any activities

12) self harm

13) poor school performance

14) running away from responsibility


Parents can help them by their love, affection, guidance and support can go a long way towards helping their teen overcome depression and get back to normal in life.

In some cases, the situation is treatable with specific medication and psychotherapy provided in teen treatment.

There are some options also –

1) regular exercise

2) getting enough sleep

3) balanced diet and healthier meal

4) teach the importance of self care

5) avoiding the consumption of alcohol

So, these are some ways to help the teen from depression.

Dr S.k.jha