Hepatitis: A deadly disease

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver. It is commonly caused by a viral infection, but other factors are also the reason for developing hepatitis.


1) Hepatitis A

2) Hepatitis B

3) Hepatitis C

4) Hepatitis D

5) Hepatitis E

Among them, Hepatitis B, C and, D are mostly ongoing and chronic. While Hepatitis A is always an acute, short term disease and Hepatitis E is usually acute but can be dangerous in pregnant women.

Now, I am discussing about Hepatitis C which is more dangerous among people.

Hepatitis C

It is generally due to the hepatitis C virus( HCV). It is transmitted through direct contact with the infected body fluids, injection of drugs and sexual contact. Approximately, 12-16 million people in India and other countries also suffering from Hepatitis C.

Signs and symptoms

1) fatigue

2) flu-like symptom

3) dark urine

4) abdominal pain

5) loss of appetite

6) yellow skin and eyes which may be signs of jaundice.

Lab test

1) liver function test

2) CBC

3) ultrasound

4) liver biopsy

5) blood test to measure the amount of HCV in blood, if infected.


Hepatitis C virus is carried in the blood. So, it can be acquired by blood to blood contact.

The following group of people are at high risk of becoming infected.

1) Blood transfusion

2) Needle sharing

3) Health Care workers(doctors, nurses, dentists etc) may be exposed accidentally due to contact with blood products during their work.

4) Sexual contact

5) using another’s toothbrush, razor, acupuncture or ear-piercing with none sterilised equipment can transmit the Hepatitis C virus among people.


1) Chronic liver disease

2) Cirrhosis

3) liver cancer

Advanced cirrhosis causes the liver to stop functioning. People with chronic hepatitis C are encouraged to avoid alcohol, smoking because it can accelerate liver disease and failure.


People can keep a healthy liver, first of all, they have to take precautions and change their lifestyle and diets, which can be harmful to the liver.

These are some treatments for Hepatitis C:

1) To reduce or eliminate the inflammation of the liver and take proper medicine.

2) To reduce or eliminate the number of viruses in the blood as a whole and the liver in particular.

3) one drug: as Alpha interferon, its function is to help the body to kill the infected virus particles which are infected it.

Last, in the case of advanced disease, liver transplantation is the option.

Currently, there is no any vaccine for Hepatitis C.

I hope now all of you will take care precautions and keep the liver healthy.

Dr S.k.jha


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