Exercise and fitness: why it is so important?

Nowadays,most of the people want to keep fit and shape.But, they are unaware that how to keep fit their body and being in shape.

So, here I am trying my best to explain some tips for everyone,just for a few minutes exercises help in keep fit.

All of us know that as the age going so fast , muscles are getting weak, if if want to get back in shape,the this workout may help you.

1) Jumping jack Remember, when you were young and going to school or college, you have leaned some exercises there as jumping jack,stand up with your legs spread and your hands touching overhead. Then as you jump , bring your legs back together and put your arms to your sides.

Do this type of exercise for 30-40 seconds, take a 15 second break and go ready for next exercise.

Jumping jack

2) Wall sits- in this exercise,stand tall against a wall with your head and back touching the wall.

Position your feet so that they are shoulder -width apart and a few inches away from the wall. Rest your arms at your sides.

Bend your knees and lower into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor and hold the position.

Return to the standing position by straightening your knees and standing tall again.

3) Push ups – The Push ups build both upper body and core strength.

First ,get into a plank position on the floor,feet together with toes tucked under hands planted flat below your shoulder.

Drop down on all fours and place your hands on the floor so they are straight and slightly beyond shoulder -width.Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor and then push yourself back up as quickly as you can.

Repeat it for 30 seconds.

4) Ab crunches – This exercise is the best way to burn belly fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

First lie on your back , with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Tighten your core .Press your lower back into the floor and reach towards top of knees.

Return to starting position,but remember your core should be tight and repeat it for 40 seconds.

5) Squat- this exercise helps you build up your quads, arms and calves. It also gives strengthening the whole core and enhancing the strength.

First of all your feet should be shoulder -width apart or slightly wider.

Extend your hands out in front of you and sit back and down, keeping your head facing forward.Make sure that your back does not round.Keep lowering yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Press back through your heels.

Repeat it for 30 seconds.

6) Tricep Dip on bench or chair- in this exercise, first of all,sit on a chair with your hands either next to your hips or slightly under the hips.

Lift up onto your hands and bring your hips forward.

Bend your elbows and lower your hips down, keeping shoulder down and hips close to the chair. Now push back up but don’t lock your elbows and repeat it.

Do it for 30 seconds.

7) Plank- The plank is the most important exercise. It helps to give strength of core muscles, ribbed abs and strong shoulder.

Just get into push ups position on the floor,bend your elbows 90 degree and prop yourself on the elbows, forearms and forefeet forming a straight line from head to feet, then hold it for as long as you can without moving your waist.

Repeat it for 40 seconds.

8) Lunges – it is one of the most important exercise. There are a variation of lunges exercise.

Stand with your feet together.straight forward on your right foot, dropping your pelvis down towards the floor. Lowering yourself until both front and back knees are best as close to a 90 degree angle as possible. Then push back with the front leg and return to your starting position. Switch legs.

Repeat this exercise for 30-40 seconds.

9) Side plank – it is an important exercise for strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles.

Lie on your left side,legs extended and stacked from hip to feet. The elbow of your left arm is directly under your shoulder. Ensure your head is directly in line with your spine. Your right arm can be aligned along the right side of your body.

The goal should be hold for 60 seconds.

Change side and repeat.

10) Push up and rotation – start in a standard push- up position. Begin a push up ,but as you come back up , shift your weight onto your left side.

Rotate your upper body and extended your right arm straight up toward the ceiling. Return to your starting position,then repeat with right side.

Repeat for 40 seconds.

11) Jumping jack – it is the exercise you can do it earlier in school or college.

Stand with your feet together and hands at your sides. Now , simultaneously swing your arms above your head and jump just high enough to spread your feet wide without pausing quickly reverse the movement and repeat.

12) High knees – This exercise is a combination of the run in place with exaggerated knee left.

Stand straight with your feet shoulder -width apart. Face upward and open your chest.

Bring your knees up to waist level and then slowly land on the balls of your feet. Repeat it for 40 seconds until the set is complete.

This is a good exercise for warm up the body that increases aerobic fitness. Prepare your body for more complex movements. Performing High knees bring your heart rate up , increase the metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

Now ,if you do these exercises daily,you will start seeing improvement in your body and shape.

Dr S.k.jha


How to keep fit your body after 50 ? Do you ready for it?

If fitness and Health words come in the mind ,then a lot of things come and talking about the fitness, exercise and strength training after 50 or 60 .But, every one knows that as we get older,we don’t get the same stamina, strength and energy. So, keep in mind that we have to keep fit our body and no any serious health problems after 50.

There is a lot of researches to know the importance of exercise during middle age and we all of us know that there is not any magic that we can get the same stamina, strength and energy as the body of 20-24 years old.

Being stronger and physically fit is essential to maintaining a good life.

If you cross the age of 50 or 60 and then you are committed to getting fit and shape of the body then you have to keep in mind that you have to make the time table for exercise and daily routine as well as balanced diet items.

The benefits of weight training exercises along with aerobic and cardiovascular exercise are important for those who are over 50 or 60 or more.

Everyone knows that regular exercises help to slow the onset of life- threatening illness that may begin in middle age as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, atherosclerosis, arthritis and certain types of cancer.


You know that your body is no longer fit that of a teenager or young adults because with the passing years the physical changes come.

Some are losing stamina, and energy due to illness,life’s stress, while others are result of the aging process.

Strength and fitness training are believed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia as well as slow down the CNS system.


Working out and staying in shape will add mor life to your years.

Strength training and weight lifting exercise not only improve muscles strength and increase stamina and energy but also makes daily activities easier to do and slow the decline of muscles strength related to the disease.

So, there are some exercises which help in keep body fit and in shape.

1) Plank- the plank is one of the most important exercise.

It is a one more static exercise that will help you build a core of muscles strength,ribbed abs and strong shoulder.

Just get into push ups position on the floor,bend your elbows at 90 degree and prop yourself on the elbows, forearms and forefeet forming a straight line from head to feet ,then hold it for as long as you can without moving your waist.

2) Push ups

The Push ups is the ultimate bodyweight exercise that utilizes every muscles in your body,thereby helping you firm your whole body.

Push ups

Get into a plank position, placing your hands directly under the shoulders and push your whole body ups maintaining a straight line with the legs,back and waist. Lower your body down on the same way and repeat.

3) Squats

The exercise will help you build up your quads,arms and calves, while also strengthening your whole core and enhancing greater overall your burning fat.

For the squat exercise, your feet should be shoulder -width apart or slightly wider.

Extend your hands out in front of you and sit back and down, keeping your head facing forward. Make sure that your back does not round.

Keep lowering your self until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Press back through your heels.

4) Bird dog exercise

From a plank position,prop yourself on your knees and hands and simultaneously stretch one leg and the opposite arm , maintaining both perfectly straight.

Hold for a moment, the lower them down and repeat with the other leg and arm. This exercise increases core strength in both abs and lower back.

5) Lying hip raises

This lying hip raise is the perfect body weight exercise for building powerful glutes.while also strengthening your abs,back and thighs.

Lie on your back on the floor with bent knees and flat feet. Extend your arms out to your sides at a 45 degree angle.Squees your glutes and lift your hips toward the ceiling, making sure to tilt your pelvis. Lift them up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes.

Slowly yourself down and repeat.

Now, if you do these five exercises every day you will start seeing improvement in your waistline size and overall body composition in less than one month.

So,it is time to listen and make a daily habits of exercise to regain muscle mass after 50 or 60.


Schizoaffective disorder

Sizoaffective disorder is a chronic and serious mental illness which is characterized by symptoms of both schizophrenia and mood disorder.

It is combined with symptoms of

1) mania

2) hypomania and/or

3) depression

In this case , the person suffers from a set of schizophrenia symptoms such as delusion, hallucinations or paranoid thoughts. Mood disorder symptoms as mood swing, depression or mania can occur.


There are two types:-

1) Bipolar type

2) Depressive type

Males are more suffering than females. Around the age of 18 for male and 26 is in female.

Schizoaffective disorder is considered incomprehensible cases.

Each case is characterized by a mixture of symptoms of different behaviour and episodes that are differ from person to person.

The schizoaffective disorder is characterized by Cycles of acute symptoms followed by a period of improvement with fewer acute symptoms.

Depressive type schizoaffective disorder is characterized by episodes of major depression without mania

Bipolar type schizoaffective disorder is characterized by major depression and episodes of mania.


Symptoms of this case may vary from one person to another person.

These symptoms are: –

1) sensory hallucinations

2) troubled speech

3) difficulty in thinking

4) delusion

5) Depressive symptoms

6) thinking you are being controlled

7) mood disturbances

8) mania

9) disorganised thinking

10) lack of drive

Disorganised thinking

A depressive episode of the schizoaffective disorder requires six or more symptoms over a two week period.

1) difficulty in concentration

2) depressed mood

3) the feeling of guilty or worthlessness

4) thought of death or suiside

5) decreased sleep

6) loss of appetite

7) lack of energy

8) slowing of movement

9) the lack of pleasure

Similarly, a manic episode of schizoaffective disorder requires a period of irritable or elevated mood for atleast three of the following symptoms.

These are:-

1) increased energy

2) increased activity

3) increased self- esteem

4) more goal- directed activity

5) engaging in risky behaviour

6) speedy thoughts

7) less Sleep

8) becoming talkative

9) irritability

10) being easily distracted

The general signs and symptoms of schizoaffective disorder is :

1) hallucinations

2) delusion

3) major depressive episode

4) unusual behaviour

5) sudden increase in activity

6) deficiency in the job and social performance


The exact cause of schizoaffective disorder is unknown. But, there are some factors that can lead to this disorder:-

1) Genetic factor

2) Environmental factor

3) Delayed development of brain

4) Birth defects

5) Taking drugs

6) Exposure to toxins

Risk factors

One of the most important factor that increase the risk of developing the schizoaffective disorder is a close relatives ( blood relative) who suffer from one of the following:

1) schizophrenia

2) bipolar disorder

3) clinical depression


People with schizoaffective disorder are at increased risk of:-

1) suicide or suicidal thoughts

2) family and personal conflicts

3) social isolation

4) anxiety disorder

5) manic and depressive behaviour

6) excess drug abuse and alcohol consumption

7) major health problems

8) unemployment


There is no specific tests for diagnose schizoaffective disorder:-

But, a) physical examination

b) medical history

c) Lab test

d) MRI test

These tests make sure that another type of illness is not causing the symptoms.


It is treated with a combination of Psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, medications and skill therapy. The electroconvulsive therapy is also useful for some patients.

So, mental illness is very serious and sometimes fatal. So, there is help and hope for recovery.

Dr S.k.jha

Tobacco products, Smoking and oral cancer: what is the causes for oral cancer ?

Now a days many people in the world taking Tobacco in different forms as cigarettes,cigar and chewing tobacco products.

People who consume tobacco products have increased risk of developing cancer.

A person who smokes cigarettes is about 5-6 times more likely to develop oral cancer than someone who does not.

The longer a person uses tobacco products, the greater their oral cancer risk.

Oral cancer or mouth ulcer affects around 1 in 70 males and 1 in 120 females.Most people with oral cancer receive a diagnosis after the age of 58 ,but in can occur in younger people also.

Tobacco products contain toxic chemicals which can lead to oral cancer. For example, Lead , Arsenic, formaldehyde, radioactive substances, hydrogen cyanide and benzene etc.

The carcinogens in tobacco products can damage DNA. As tobacco carcinogens enter the body through the mouth can may develop in this area. Smoking inhaling or chewing tobacco products can expose the mouth and throat to several carcinogens.


1) jaw pain or swelling

2) mouth or lips sore

3) lumps around the cheek , mouth or lips

4) red or white patches in the mouth

5) sore throat

6) difficulty in swallowing or chewing

7) numbness in or around the mouth

8) loss of tongue or jaw mobility


1) physical examination

2) a biopsy

3) imaging tests

Types and risk of oral cancer

Smoking tobacco products carry the highest risk of developing oral cancer.

People who smoke and consume alcohol have an even greater chance of getting the oral cancer.

Smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and snuff also contain carcinogens. Most of these products contain large amounts of tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) .These TSNAs can cause cancer of the lungs ,nasal tract , mouth and esophagus.

A recent data shows that people who used smokeless tobacco products had around 34% higher risk of oral cancer.

Except tobacco products, other risk factors also cause for oral cancer.

1) The Epstein – Barr virus

2) family history of oral cancer

3) gum disease

4) deficiency of oral hygiene

There are many causes and risk factors that have linked to oral cancer.


Such as –

1) Drinking alcohol

2) being overweight

3) having certain infections

4) having poor nutrition

5) betel nut chewing.

Quitting tobacco products can reduce the risk of oral cancer and many other health conditions.

So, quitting the tobacco products is good for health.

Quitting tobacco can lead to positive changes such as: –

1) improved heart health

2) increased life span

3) reduced risk of many chronic diseases

A supportive network of family, friends and medical professionals can help in quitting the tobacco products. Some lifestyle factors that can reduce the risk of oral cancer include:

1) avoiding alcohol and tobacco

2) maintaining a healthy diet

3) using a sun cream or a lip balm when exposed to the sun

4) exercise regularly

5) maintaining good oral hygiene

6) regular visit to doctor for check- ups

So, with the right tools and a good supportive network help for quitting tobacco products is better for health.

Oral cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth and reproduction of cells in some regions of the mouth. It can occur inside the cheek,under the middle and front of the tongue or on the tissue lining on the mouth or gum.


Treatment of oral cancer usually involves using a combination of therapies such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

So , stopping smoking and tobacco products can reduce the risk of developing oral cancer.

Dr S.K.jha


Alcohol is the most popular drug in the world. For thousands of years,alcohol has been used and as long as there has been alcohol,there has been abuse of this drug.

There is no system or organ in the body that does not take a health hazard as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. The physical damage caused by alcohol can and does cause misery, illness and death.

According to WHO, it is estimated that more than two millions people each year die due to drinking of alcohol.

Alcohol poisoning is a serious and potentially lethal result from consuming a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time.

Young adults and college students are more likely to become the victims of alcohol poisoning,an alcohol overdose can happen to anyone who drinks too much.

Binge drinking and continued alcohol use in large amounts are associated with many health problems. These include high blood pressure,stroke ,heart related disease, liver damage, nerve damage, inflammation of stomach, permanent damage to the brain, malnutrition and cancer of the mouth and throat.

Memory loss is one of the most common symptoms associated with brain impairment due to alcohol.

Liver damage is due to heavy drinking. The liver is a vital organ. On overdose and long term drinking, cirrhosis of liver can be happens. Before a liver reach the point of being cirrhotic,it may be fatty or inflammed. The first stage of damage is a fatty liver,a build- up extra fat in the cells.

This can cause fatigue, weakness and weight loss. If a person stop drinking, the condition can be reversed.

A person who consume alcohol daily as a overdose having problems of cerebellar degeneration, neuropathy, leukemia, gastrointestinal problems as pancreatitis, gastritis,folate deficiency, cirrhosis, testicular atrophy etc.

Ataxia, incoordination , confusion,coma and even death can occur at progressively higher blood alcohol levels.

Signs of alcohol withdrawal may include shaking, sweating, hypertension, tachycardia, insomnia and anxiety etc.

Psychotic symptoms can include visual,auditory and olfactory hallucinations. Seizure can occur.

Lab investigation

Blood test, GI endoscopy or radiology,Liver spleen scan, abdominal ultrasound or CT ,liver biopsy,EEG, ECG, and cranial CT. may show evidence of alcohol related organ dysfunction.

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence has long been associated with a set of classified symptoms such as experiencing alcohol withdrawal or continuing to drink alcohol even after suffering physical or psychological health problems.


Alcohol withdrawal is treated with thiamine ( 50-100mg IV daily for 5 days) , multivitamins,CNS depressant drugs and in some cases anticonvulsants .

Fluid and electrolytes status and blood sugar levels should be closely followed. Care should be taken to searc for evidence of trauma or infections that may be masked by prominent withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment of chronic alcoholism depends on recognition of the problems by patients.

Rehabilitation programs and support groups may be helpful.

So, it is my advise that we should avoid alcohol.

Dr S.K.jha

Panic attack: what are the symptoms of it ?

A panic attack is a sudden episodes of intense fear that triggers several physical reactions when there is no real danger or cause. Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, people might think that they are losing control, having a chest pain or even dying.

People with panic disorders may be extremely anxious and fearful,since they are unable to protect when the next episode will occur.Women are twice as likely as men to develop the condition and it’s symptoms usually begin in early childhood.

It is not clear the cause of panic attacks.people who suffer from panic disorders are more likely than others to suffer from depression, attempt suicide or to abuse alcohol or drugs.

The fear that a person experiences during a panic attack are not be related to what is happening around them.

The chest pain of panic attack usually stay in mid – chest area ,may have rapid breathing, increased heart rate and fear. Panic attack come and disappear suddenly,but leave exhausted.

If a person has four or more than these symptoms,may be suffering from a panic attack.

1) sudden high anxiety with or without a cause

2) an increased heart beat

3) feeling dizzy or weak

4) a feeling of choking

5) nausea

6) feeling sweating

7) chest pain or discomfort

8) breathing difficulties

9) shaking

10) feeling a loss of control

11) tingling and numbness in hands and fingers

Panic attacks are generally short or lasting less than 10 minutes, although some of the symptoms may last longer.

People who have had panic attack are at greater risk for another compared to those who have never had one.

In most cases, the trigger for panic attacks are related to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Physical exhaustion can be the result of overwork or not getting enough rest. It may also be the result of bad eating habits.

Mental exhaustion can be result of excessive worrying and stress. If a person constantly feel mentally drained and are finding it difficult to cope with emotions and may be at risk for having a panic attack.

Emotional exhaustion is conflict with loved ones and relationship problems can be triggers for panic attack.

In a sensitive States, small things can cause excessive anxiety and make vulnerable to a full- blown panic attack.

Panic disorder is a treatable condition. Psychotherapy and medications have both been used , either single or in combination.

Dr S. K.jha

Fitness and Health

Now a days people are busy, have a sedentary job and have not enough time for his health and exercise daily for fitness.But,if people can do exercise daily for fitness and make a habit,feel better and help prevent or control many diseases and likely even live longer.

So, many people want to get fit and shape of body. So,it is important to do some exercise at home daily or in Gym ,but remember exercise depends on age,body immunity, resistance power and stamina. It is better to do exercise in guidance of an expert trainer.

Walking is a good exercise for all ages

Benefits of exercise

It can make feel better,help with weight loss .It is good for muscles and bone strength. It can reduce risk of chronic disease and help brain memory.

Yoga, meditation, walking, light weight exercise, heavy weight exercise and people either do it in Gym or at home also. So,make a habit for fitness and enjoy life..

There are six factors for fitness and Health :

1) Nutrition

2) Medical checkup

3) Avoiding of smoking, alcohol and drugs

4) Stress and management

5) Rest

6) Exercise

1) Nutrition – Good health is a direct result of eating right food in the right quantity. The right food should proportionate amounts of the nutrients as proteins, carbohydrates,fats, vitamins and minerals.

Eat good,feel good

Protein is required for building and maintaining health tissues and is found in meat, eggs,milk and pulses. carbohydrates and sugar give energy and are found in rice,bread, potatoes and certain vegetables.Fat is found in butter,ghee, cheese and vegetable oil.

Minerals include such as calcium, phosphorus,iron, magnesium and iodine are essential for building of bones,teeth,nerve cell, hemoglobin and metabolism etc. They are found in vegetables,milk, cheese,fish,nuts ,liver and fruits etc.

Vitamins are available in natural foods.Lack of vitamins cause dry skin, itching eyes,loss of appetite and anemia.

2) Medical checkup- Everyone including children and adults should have medical checkup regularly. In old age,a medical checkup may be necessary for every six months to one year. A simple rule to follow is everyone should have annual medical checkup which will detect any unsuspected illness and do necessary investigation for finding correct diagnosis and treatment.

During annual checkup, doctor may be able to locate such disorders such as cysts, tumors etc by feeling the various parts of the body with his instruments.

The blood pressure should be checked and tests conducted on urine, blood samples to enable the doctor to prescribe the specialised treatment and advise on such matters as diet, medicine and rest.

3) Avoidance of alcohol, smoking and drugs – smoking cigarettes and smoke have certain several chemical compounds such as nicotine, carbon monoxide and other irritants which act on mouth,air passages and lungs are directly absorbed by blood stream and affects all the organs of the body. The most serious risk in smoking is lung cancer and smoking can also lead to heart diseases and bronchitis.

The only way to give up smoking is willpower.

Alcohol is also dangerous for health. It is directly absorbed into the blood stream as soon as it is consumed and the blood carries it to the liver,heart, lungs and brain muscles etc. Alcohol slow down the efficiency of these organs and results in disordination of the muscles and disordination of the nervous system and the brain. It also causes liver disorder and ulceration of the mouth.

Drugs – They are used for medical purposes in the form of capsule, tablets, syrup or injection. Excessive use of any drugs beyond the prescribed doses is harmful and is called drug addiction.

Drug addiction is uncomfortable compulsion to take drugs as opium,heroin, morphine, cocaine etc and the result of taking drugs overdose can result in death. Drugs taking and addiction should be avoided.

4) Stress management – Stress is an extra pressure which is harmful for body and health. These stress meet certain demands and these demands could be physical, emotional and so on. The body reacts to all these demands in which the heart ,blood vessels,lungs, nervous system, muscular system are activated. This results in rapid heart beat, increased blood supply,rapid breathing etc.therapy giving the body extra energy and power to meet those demands.

Unpleasant emotions like anger, depression, frustration and failure cause distress to the body which results in over- stimulation of endocrine system, release of adrenaline, increase in heart beat, muscular spasm of the digestive system, increase in blood pressure , fatigue,bodyache, irritability,insomnia, and sexual difficulties etc.

Excessive stress is caused by demands made by working people such as rushing to the office, payments, meeting,extra work pressure etc. The physiological reactions to psychological disturbances are increased blood pressure,heart attack etc… So avoid all these ailments have to be cheerful,proper managements having realistic and achieving goal with faith on oneself.

5) Rest- The body requires rest which may take two forms

a) Relaxation

b) Sleep

A) Relaxation – Relaxation can be achieved by yoga, listening music, walking, painting, photography and whatever you like to do.

B) Sleep- sleep is the purest form of rest in which person’s body and nervous system become almost inactive.Sleep is essential for mental and physical health, the amount of sleep varies according to age and individual needs.

Lack of sleep or insomnia could result in irritability, confusion, fatigue and disordination.

Relax- you are enough, you do enough.Breathe extra deep ,let go and just live right now in the moment.

6) Exercise – There are several form of exercise and the most famous are isometric, Isotonic,Isokinetic ,yoga and aerobic exercises.

The physical fitness of the body comprises four basic factors i.e. strength, stamina,speed and flexibility.

So, these are the factors for getting healthy life and enjoying the life.

Dr S.K. jha

How to stop negative thoughts from your mind and life?

We all have thoughts that screw our brains from time to time and mess with our minds.

Negative thoughts can lead to hurting yourself however,it is possible to stay positive in the negative situations and critical conditions.

Research shows that having negative thoughts over and over,can lead to serious emotional and physical problems.

Negative energy affects all of us and more often than we realise that negative thoughts ruins our life.Because for many of us, negative thinking comes easier than positive thoughts.

Remember,life is not simple all the time that something is supposed to go wrong anytime.

Life comes with ups and downs.But when everything is going right in life, sudden unnecessary obstacles come and can create life miserable.

Now, the main question is that how do we get rid of this negative energy from our life and mind?

There are some tips we have to follow for removing this negative thoughts from our minds and life.

1) watch your feelings – your feelings can tell you if you are ready for emanating positive or negative energy right now . If you feel good, happy, excited then you are ready for emanating negative thoughts from your mind.If you feel sad, jealous or angry, you are emanating negative energy. But feeling these negative thoughts don’t make you strong. So, you have to come over thes emotions and it is important to win over this negative thoughts.

2) Replace negative thoughts from mind with positive ones- You experience negative feelings due to internal or external circumstances.You feel energy because someone did wrong with you or you had negative thoughts in your mind.

But whatever the circumstances, you have to control the reaction.

When you let anger or grief to live inside you for prolonged periods,you become a hopeless person.

No one wants to live as a negative person.so feel through your negative emotions when it comes and release it as soon as possible and smile.

3) Avoid gossiping – you should avoid people who spred negative energy and always think about the negative thoughts. Gossiping with negative thoughts is a big stealer of positive thoughts and energy. When you gossip, you focus on the negative of others.You focus on lack and you judge others when you are not perfect yourself.

When you constantly think about the faults of others,you are filling your mind with negative energy.

Gossip spreads like wildfire and it gets passed through the people. You try to bring the frustration out by blaming others. But , the truth is,it only brings more negativity to your mind.

Becoming a happier person requires you to look on the brighter side that helps to look at the positive of other people too.

So,it is important to avoid such type of people who spread negativity and more important is to not become one.

So, avoid such type of people and think positive.

4) Do spiritual work and meditation – If you do spiritual work daily as part of morning time, you feel more energy inside and it becomes a habit, the outer circumstances don’t bother you much.

Meditation is a powerful practice.when you meditate, you learn to acknowledge your feelings and let them go without letting it affect you.

Negative thoughts will destroy you.Always do your best to keep a positive attitude.

5) Do something you enjoy – if you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts,do something you love can help you think positively, improve your mood and make you happier. For example,you could engage in your hobbies, explore your creative Side,watch cartoon movies, listen to music and play indoor- outdoor games ,read or do anything else that brings you joy.

As you become distracted and immersed in the activity of your choice, negative thoughts might no longer overwhelm you and instead could be replaced by positive thoughts because you enjoy what you are doing.

6) Look for solutions rather than complain – complaining leads to more complaining and stress.when you are complain,you are acting from a place of ingratitude.It feeds the negativity inside you. Complaining also produces stress hormones in your body resulting in ailments like heart disease,high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

No matter how many issues you have in life to complain abouts, there are so many other things that you can be grateful about.

It immediately shifts your attention from negativity to positivity and you feel an immediate release of negative energy.

7) Walk in a nature – studies show that walking in a nature can reduce the negative thoughts and it also helps to improve immunity to lower blood pressure and to boost mood, to enhance creativity etc. It is also the reason that many people walk in the garden,park .They make sure that there is a better flow of positive energy into space.

If you stay positive in negative situations — you win.

8) Surround with yourself with positive people –Spending time with people that have an optimistic attitude can remove the negativity and you will find yourself thinking positive thoughts more often.Your attitude will change and you will start thinking positively about yourself and life will become happy and easier.

9) Laugh more –The old saying that Laughter is the best medicine. Having a good laugh can reduce stress,elevate mood and help in think positive thoughts when everything feels negative. So laugh at simply things,watch comedies,share humour, stories with family and friends,crake jokes and do anything else that brings out positive emotions and eliminate negative thoughts from your mind.

No one wants to live as a negative person. So,be positive in life and once you release the negative thoughts from your mind, you get better clarity and feel good to move forward as you are no more stuck with the negative energy.

10 ) Declutter to remove negativity – To get rid of negative energy,start decluttering your thoughts and think about positive thoughts.

Study shows that it is difficult for our brains to stay focused in a cluttered environment.

Remember, awareness is the first step to solving a problem.When you put these tips into action,you will be slowly able to become a more positive person and protect yourself from negativity easily.

Life becomes easier when you delete the negative thoughts from your mind.

Dr S.k.jha

Arm exercise: no need of Gym and any equipments

Gym and other equipments seem to be very necessary for arm exercise and built muscles.But remember, when you do not have weights , you will be using mostly your body weight to lift and work for arm muscles.This is really a good workout for strength the muscles. If you just want to do some simple arm exercise to stay in shape than look no further.

There are some arm exercises, which can anybody can do anywhere –

1) Arm plank with arm raises – Let’s start with a simple one,For this exercise, the person will begin in a regular plank.Then, while they hold this position,they will raise one arm up in front of them and set it back down.

They can also raise it to the side if this feels more comfortable.

Alternate raising each arm about 20-25 times, this will not only feel more strength but also will be giving the abs a workout which they are holding the plank position.

2) Tricep dips- start in a reverse tabletop position.This is when you are on all focus, facing upward like you are about to do a crab walk.

Then, bend at elbows and lower yourself,so your body is about to touch the ground. Do this tricep dips about 30 – 35 times.

3) Push up to bear squat – Regular push ups are classic arm exercise that anyone can add to any workout.For this exercise,you can take the push ups to another level you add the bear squat.

For this, begin in a plank position and do a Push up. When the person who do this,come back up,bend at the knees and bring the hips back towards the feet for the bear squat.

Strengthens the legs and come back to the plank position. Do this about 20-25 times.This will help work your abs,arms and glutes. Really,it is a great workout to strengthen the multiple areas

4) Spider crawl to push ups – This is another exercise for strengthens the muscles by having a spider crawl added in exercise. Start by standing up straight with your arms overhead. Bring the arms down like going to touch the toes and begin crawling with hands on the ground forward. When you finally crawl in a plank position, finish with a push ups. When come back from the Push up,start to crawl back towards the feet. Stand up and reach the hands back overhead and repeat.

Do this about 20-25 times.

5) Shoulder push ups – Normally, the push ups work the bicep and tricep muscles. This exercise can help work the shoulder muscles that normally would need weights for but with a push ups.simply start in a plank position and instead of bending at the elbows,focus on shoulders and begin to raise and lower them

This is a slight motion that does not make a big dip like a push ups. Do this and 2030 minutes.

6) Side plank- start with propping yourself up one arm and stacking your legs to keep the balance in the side plank position.while hold this position,raise the other arm upto the sky and then bring back down.

Repeat this exercise about 30 times each side. Filling this in arms, shoulder muscles and core.

7) Shoulder touches – This is a simple exercise.It starts in a plane position while holding this, the person will alternate raising his hands to touch the opposite shoulder.

Do this for about 35 Seconds.

8) Wide- Lung to twist- it should be start in a runners or Wide- Lung. To get in this position,come to a plank and then bring one leg up next to the arm. Next, take the arm that is on the same side as the leg that is forward and stretch it up to the sky. When the person bring the arm back down,place the leg back next to the other so the person will be back in a plank position.Repeat the same steps to the other side.

Do this about 20-30 times total. Then,you will get this in your shoulders,abs and thighs.

9) Circle Push up – This is also a good exercise.Begin in a plank position,then instead of going straight down for a push up,lower to one side beginning in a clock wise motion and come all the way down in a slow circle.when the person complete the circle,he should be back up in a plank position and then he can alternate to another side in a counter clock – wise motion.

Circle exercise

Do this about 20-25 times.This really work the bicep, shoulder, muscles and abs

10) Superman arm pulses- Any exercise the person can do while laying down is a good one. This exercise starts off with laying on the stomach with the arms and legs extended. Lift both the arms and legs so they are hovering over the ground. This requires to engage the core and hold this position throughout the exercise.While holding this, Start to pulse the legs up and down at a fast pace for about 30 second.

This is a great workout to finish with because the person will feel it in multiple areas like the shoulder,glutes and abs.

So, this exercises gives the strengthens the arms muscles and feel good.

Arm exercise

Dr. S.K.jha

Depression in teenage

The mental and emotional disorder in teenagers is known as teen depression.It is medically not different from adult depression.

The teen depression can be tough anyway and depression affects teenagers far more often than many of us realise.

Teen depression is a severe condition that is more than just sadness, moodiness. It can affect a teen’s physical health, relationship, ability to succeed and even their desire to live.

Depression in teen is a condition with many causes. It is a disorder of teen’s mood or emotions.

Teenage years can be a very unsettling time for his/her life which may be mixed with emotions and thoughts. It can be a difficult to make friends,get through school,do well at studies.

According to survey, around 9% of teens experience depression every year. Teen depression can cause difficulty in studies, difficulty in relationship and decreased enjoyment in life.

Teen depression goes beyond moodiness.It is a severe health problems that impact every aspect of a teen’s life.

Depression can damage the potential of teen’s personality and causing an overwhelming sense of sadness and anger.

According to survey,teen depression suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 15-24 old. In fact, more teens die from suicide than from hear disease, birth defects,cancer, pneumonia and more– combined.



There are certain symptoms that are associated with depression which occurs simultaneously.

These symptoms may include low appetite, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, stomach or digestive problems, anxiety or irritability and weak immune system.



1) irritability

2) aggressive behaviour

3) sadness

4) feeling hopelessness

5) decreased interest in hygiene or appearance

6) feeling of worthlessness or low self-esteem

7) memory loss , lack of interest

8) inability to take decision

9) withdrawal from friends and family

10) restlessness and agitation

11) loss of interest in any activities

12) self harm

13) poor school performance

14) running away from responsibility


Parents can help them by their love, affection, guidance and support can go a long way towards helping their teen overcome depression and get back to normal in life.

In some cases, the situation is treatable with specific medication and psychotherapy provided in teen treatment.

There are some options also –

1) regular exercise

2) getting enough sleep

3) balanced diet and healthier meal

4) teach the importance of self care

5) avoiding the consumption of alcohol

So, these are some ways to help the teen from depression.

Dr S.k.jha