Yoga: health, mind and body

Today we are celebrating International yoga day. Before, celebrating, we should know something about Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has originated in India. It involves movement, meditation and breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being.

The word of Yoga appears in Rig Veda. Actually, Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word”Yuj” which means ‘ union ‘ and ‘to joint’ .

Indian monks spread their knowledge of Yoga in the West during the late 1890s. While Modern Yoga teaching became widely popular in Western countries by the 1970s.

Yoga, an ancient practice and meditation has become popular in today’s busy society.

Yoga develops inner awareness. It helps develop breath, and strength of mind and body.

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits to all ages. People may feel increased mental and physical energy, a boost in alertness and enthusiasm.

Numerous studies show that Yoga’s benefit in arthritis, osteopenia, balance issues , oncology, chronic pain and women’s health.

There are several types of Yoga and many disciplines within the practice. Regular Yoga practice can promote endurance, strength, calmness, flexibility and well-being.

Many basic postures feel very familiar. Our bodies bend and fold naturally into poses.

There are 1) Mountain pose

2) Raised arm pose

3) Standing forward bend( uttanasana)

4) Garland pose

5) Lunge

6) Plank

7) Staff pose ( Dandasana)

8) Seated forward bend

9) Head to knee pose( Jenu sirsasana)

10) Happy baby( Amanda balasana)

There are six branches of Yoga. Each branch represents a different focus and set of characteristics.

The six branches are:

1) Hatha yoga

2) Raja yoga

3) Karma yoga

4) Bhakti Yoga

5) Jnana Yoga

6) Tantra Yoga


The word ‘ chakras’ meaning spinning wheel.

Yoga maintains that Chakras are the Centre points of energy, thoughts, feelings and the physical body.

Chakras determine how people experience reality through emotional reactions, desires, levels of confidence or fear and even physical symptoms and effects.

There are seven Chakras

1) Sahasrara

2) Ajna

3) Vishuddha

4) Anahata

5) Muladhara

6) Manupura

7) Svadishsthana

Modern Yoga focuses on exercise, strength, agility and breathing. It can help boost physical and mental well-being.

There are many types of Yoga. A person should choose a type of Yoga based on their goals and fitness level.


1) Ashtanga Yoga

2) Bikram Yoga

3) Hatha Yoga

4) Iyengar Yoga

5) Kripalu Yoga

6) Kundalini Yoga

7) Power Yoga

8) Sivananda

9) Viniyoga

10) Yin Yoga

11) Prenatal Yoga

12) Restorative Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

1) Increased flexibility

2) Improved awareness of breath

3) Increased muscle strength and tone

4) Improved posture

5) Weight Loss

6) Better sleep

7) Reduced stress

8) Improved cardio and circulatory health

9) Improved athletic performance

10) Protection from injury

Each class of poses and each individual pose brings its own unique benefits to the body and the mind.

So, start your day with yoga practice daily.

Dr. S.k.jha


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