Money: why it is a double-edged sword these days?

As all of us know that the country was fighting a war against the Pandemic Covid- 19 by being on lockdown and now there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, which has increased the price of many essential items used in daily life.

Everyone’s finances have been affected by it, but mostly the daily wages of workers, lower middle class, poor men, and small traders are affected more because these people don’t have too much money in saving, to begin with, and the loss of income, loss of jobs matters worse.

Vendors’ either vegetables or fruit sales are down. These people are anyway taking a risk in their life to bring foodstuffs to doorsteps even in this critical situation. The lockdown and war have increased the price of all items. Many people are struggling financially either because of wage cuts or the loss of jobs.

The world breaks everyone, but some are strong in broken places and crisis conditions.

So, everyone knows how to earn money but few people know how to spend and save. Money is a great booster for a family and person. Money is a source of strength, but it uses that make it good or bad for a human being. People earn money through hard work, but many people don’t know how to spend it wisely.

If anyone spends money on constructive purposes is good, but if spend stupidly, then it is bad. Many people are not so rich that they live comfortably and lavishly, they are struggling to survive in life and support the family.

If people spend money for the betterment of society, it will enhance their goodwill and earn respect. But if people lavishly spend money on their near and dear ones, spend money on living luxury life. Then, there is a huge gap that happens between poor men and rich men.

It is good to have money, but if money makes you arrogant, then it is worse than poison. If money makes modest and fruitful for society, then it is good for utilising the money in a better way. Money, of course, is a necessity, but it is the acquisition that should not be our sole purpose in life.

If we compare money with learning, we can easily understand the differences between the two. Money is a risky form of capital, for we can lose it through an expected or unexpected asset. Externally, wealth seems to be a good thing, but internally, it is otherwise.

Remember, every wealthy people live under great stress.

So, money is an essential commodity which every individual requires to run their lives.

Philosophically, money can not buy everything, but practically money is the basic thing which is used for almost everything. Money has its importance which should not be ignored, money is a necessity, ask poor people how they spend their lives and feed their families. For basic things such as education, medicine, healthcare, and family it is important can not ignore them.

It is good to make money, but it is bad to let money become the master of our life.

Now, it is no time to think about what we don’t have. Think of what we can do with what there is.

Dr S.k.jha


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