Mussoorie: A beautiful place for tourists and travelers

Mussoorie is known as ‘Queen of hills ‘,in the Himalayan Range of Garwhali hills.

Mussoorie has always been a favourite spot for tourists with its pleasant,cold weather throughout the year . Mussoorie was once the British summer capital. This town makes a perfect place especially in the summer months.

There is so much to do in this beautiful town that one trip would never be sufficient for anyone.It is a hotspot for various treks nearby Uttrakhand region.

During the monsoon time, the town is in lush green color. This popular hill station Mussoorie is located at an altitude of 7560 ft.and resides in the Dehradun district.

In winter season,nearby Mussoorie,we can experience the snowfall around Sarkanda Devi or Dhanolti.

Mussoorie is often flanked as a honeymooner’s paradise because of the beautiful scenery and romantic vibes around the region.

The most pleasant weather is from April to June. But, if travelers want to enjoy the extreme cold or want to enjoy the snowfall,then December month to February month is the best time .

There are so many attractive and beautiful places in Mussoorie that tourists can enjoy there.

1) Mall road – Mall road is the centre of all attractions. There are a lot of shops, resturants and street – foods as omlet ,snacks etc. Camel’s back road nature walk is also a must to enjoy there and old churches, Tibetan influence with lots of little cafes and temples,all add up to provide for the perfect Mussoorie experience.

2) Kempty falls- it is an amazing beautiful waterfall.It is situated around 15 km from the main town of Mussoorie.

3) Camel’s Back road- it is located in the heart of Mussoorie.It is one of the most attractions of this hill station. Tourists flock here to get a panoramic and beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

4) Lal Tibba- it is one of the highest points of the town.The panoramic sight of brath taking skies and views around will make the tourists to stay here.

5) Gun hills – it is the second highest peak in Mussoorie and tourists can enjoy roadway ride to Gun hills,which offers an enchanting view of entire city.

6) Dalai Hills – it is one of the most beautiful location in Mussoorie.It is situated above the Lal Bahadur academy and is very close to Happy valley.It is known for its statue of Loar Buddha ,a Buddhist temple, hiking and stunning sunset view.

7) Benog hill trekking -It is a beautiful close to nature trek .It is around 8 km long .

8) George’sEverest house – the house is located in Park estate,6 km west of Gandhi chowk in Mussoorie and is also popularly known as Park anyone can try Zip lining at George Everest.

9) Dhanaulti and Surkanda Devi temple – it is a small hill station at a distance of around 24 km from Mussoorie.There is an eco- park in Dhanaulti which is a delight to visit as it is surrounded by nature.

Surkanda Devi temple is in Dhanaulti which is devoted to the Goddess Parvati.

10) Benog wild life sanctuary – it is famous for animals like deer, leopards, and red- billed blue magpie.It is well known to house of rare species of birds and surrounded by Himalayan peaks for a refreshing walk.

11) Lake Mist- it is amongst the most beautiful destinations in Mussoorie. The place is covered by green forest terrains and giving the whole scenario a magnificent image making it an ideal for spending the moments of repose with family and friends.

12) Char Dukan

13)Library Bazar

14) Nag Tibba trek

So, there are many beautiful places to visit in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is well connected by road. The most nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, which is 60 km from Mussoorie. A bus service is also available. There are multiple trains running between Delhi and Dehradun.

It is a great place to visit there.

I think,now all of you will like to travel Mussoorie and make a plan for there

Dr S.k.jha

The concept of five minutes exercise for fitness

Total physical fitness can also be achieved by doing five minutes exercise either at home or in the office.In our day to day life,it may not be always possible to cover all the components of fitness every day i.e. suppleness, strength,stamina and speed.

At home, the five minutes exercises can be done in the morning before leaving for office or starting housework.

In the office, these exercises could be done before starting the work, during the lunch break or in the evening before leaving the office.

Five minutes exercises program at home

1) neck rotation- ten times each side –

Effect – relieves tension,relaxes and strengthens the muscles of neck and vertebrae and reduces fatty deposits under the chin.

2) Arms rotation..Ten times each way

Effects – brings about mobilty of the shoulder joints, relaxing the muscles of the shoulders ,arms ,chest and back.

3) Waist – four types of exercises are affected.

a) waist rotation- ten times each side

b) alternate toe- touching ten times each side

c) side swing- ten times each side

d) side bends- ten times each side

Effect – the effect of all those four waist exercises reduce the accumulation of fat in the waist area. It also gives suppleness to the waist and spine.

d) Back stretch toe touching – ten times

Effect – relaxes and stretches the spine,relaxes the muscles of the back , stretches the muscles of the leg and abdomen.

The above four five minutes exercises are basically warm up exercises to relax the muscles and prepare the body for more strenuous exercises to follow.

e) push ups – ten times

Effect – this exercise strengthens the entire muscles of the arm, shoulder and chest making them firm.

f) Sit- ups – ten times

g) partial Sit- ups – ten times

This exercise strengthens the entire abdominal muscles making them firm. It is also beneficial to the muscles of the back.

h) Leg exercises

Effect: strengthens the abdominal muscles and also beneficial to the muscles of legs,hip and back

I) Backward leg raises- ten times each

This exercise is specifically for ladies

Effect – tighten the muscles of the bottom and also beneficial to the back, muscles of hip and legs .

J) sideward leg raises – ten times

This exercise is also specifically for ladies

Effect – reduces the fat on hip and upper thigh areas

K) running – 100 steps

It is the most important single exercise as it is a cardio vascular exercise.

Effect – strengthens the muscles of the leg including ankle,feet and knees. Improves circulation and respiration and strengthens the muscles of the heart , reduces stress and tension.

L) squat- ten times

Effect – strengthens the muscles of the legs including thigh, ankle and calf etc

M) Deep breathing – ten times

Effect – beneficial effect on the lungs and circulation.

Five minutes exercise program at the office

These exercises can be done while commuting in a bus, train or airplane.They may be done in the office or in school or at seminar, meetings etc.

Long hours spent in the office doing a sedentary and monotonous job can be used effectively with five – minutes exercises program not only to energies the body but also as a result to improve productivity.

Five minutes group fitness program

The five minutes group fitness program is to be done every day at the beginning of duty hours either in the office or at the work site.

The benefits of this program is not only total physical fitness and increased vitality and stamina but also in the reduction of stress ,back problems and heart problems. It increases circulation and purification of blood.

The following exercises are the group exercises –

1) Neck rotation

2) Arm rotation

3) waist rotation

4) toe touching exercise

5) push- ups

6) leg raises

7) deep breathing

8) spot running

Five minutes exercises are not meant for the super – fit athelete but are suited for the normal sedentary male and female for whom exercise is not a priority. These five minutes exercises can bring freshness and maintain fitness to meet the daily needs of a body .

Dr S.k.jha

Always be the person who cares

Be the person who cares. Be the person who makes the effort, the person who loves others without hesitation for helping others. Be the person who never shies away from the depth of their feelings or the intensity of their hope. So be the person who believes in the softness of the world, in the goodness of other people , in the beauty of being open and untethered and trusting.

Be the person who takes the chance, and refused to hide. Be the person who makes people feel happy. Trust me when I say- be the person who cares.

Because the world does not need more carelessness, or any more disregard: because there is nothing stronger than someone who continues to stay soft in a world that has not always been kind to them.So, respect the old, weak and needy people when you are capable to do something for them. Help the poor and weak person when you are strong.Confess the fault, when you are wrong.Because , one day in life, you will be old, weak and wrong.

So, learn from everyone, learn from everyone because nobody knows everything but everyone knows something. Our thoughts and action make things beautiful. The whole world is in our minds and hearts. Learn to see things in the proper light. Learn to see a soul instead of their body and life.

The world is filled with people who no matter what you do, no matter what you try, but the world is also filled with those who will love you. The one who loves you is your people. Just always be the better person and make your intention pure. Pain is inevitable and it will always exist, but if you focus on understanding what you are and what you are feeling for others and why you are feeling it, you will overcome it.

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better. Every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become a victim or a winner.

When you want to be happy, you have to let go of that and start with yourself. Be the person you can be proud of, and show respect and understanding. you have got so much soul to be handled by someone who has never been passionate.

Helping hand

Others may not change, but know that it is not up to you and be proud of how you are.

So, always be the person who cares.

Dr S.k.jha

Physical Fitness: why it is so important?

Physical fitness is the utilisation of excessive calories by cardiovascular and muscular processes bringing the body to optimum efficiency. It comprises the following factors.

1) utilisation of excessive calories

2) purification and circulation of blood by cardiovascular and muscular processes.

3) Bringing the body to optimum efficiency

The energy provided by the food is measured in terms of calories. These calories are used by our bodies for normal functioning such as respiration, digestion and circulation etc. The excess calories are converted into fat and stored in the body for future use.

Physical fitness envisages the utilisation of these excessive calories resulting in the non-accumulation of fat.

Food habits differ from region to region and country to country. Food is categorised as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The food we eat may contain some of these basic components.

We consume approximately 2000 to 2500 calories of food per day. Of this, approximately 1200 calories are utilised for normal body functions such as respiration, digestion etc. Of this, approximately 600 calories are consumed by the body for normal day-to-day activities such as housework, office work etc. The remaining calories are converted into fat and stored in the body.

Calories consumption applies to body weight and intensity of activity with a simple formula of 1:3:6 per kg of body weight per hour.


Dieting is commonly understood to mean eating less or reducing the calories intake to reduce the body weight or body mass.

The best form of dieting is the low-calorie diet which does not eliminate any of the basic components of food such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats since a lack of them will upset the metabolic function of the body. The basic components required by the body for the building of tissues, growth, repair and energy for day-to-day use. It is a marked tendency to increase body weight after the age of 25 years since, after school and college years, we are less active. An accumulation of 3500 calories will increase to 500 grams in body weight.

B) Purification and circulation of blood by cardiovascular and muscular process

The cardiovascular and muscular process of the body involves

a) the heart and circulatory system of veins,arteries, and capillaries

b) the lungs and purification of blood

c) the supply of purified blood to the muscles and different parts of the body

2) Heart and Circulatory system

A physically active life is one in which the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body are kept active.

Oxygenated blood is pumped into the heart from the lungs through pulmonary veins. From the heart the oxygenated blood is pumped into different parts of the body through aorta.

The supply of oxygenated blood varies according to the needs of the human body and the rate of heart beat.So any increase in the body activities will automatically cause the heart to increase the supply of oxygenated (pure) blood.

This cardiovascular and muscular process is called circulation.

2) Lungs and Respiratory system

Atmospheric oxygen is drawn through the nose and mouth into the lungs which are located in the chest cavity for the oxygenation of blood. When we breathe out, the polluted deoxygenated and stale air from inside the lungs is exhaled. The more deeply we breathe the more purified and oxygenated becomes for supply to other parts of the body. The oxygenate breathed in during inhalation is absorbed by the blood in the capillaries and pumped to all parts of the body by the heart.

3) Musculature

The muscles of the human body are divided into voluntary and involuntary. The voluntary muscles are the muscles of the arms, legs, chest, abdomen etc. which can be moved at our will. These muscles are located on the outside of the skeletal system giving the body mass and shape and facilitating easy movement of the body. The involuntary muscles are the muscles of the heart and other internal organs of the body which can not be moved at our will and function independently. Over 500 muscles cover more than 60% of the body mass.

Cardiovascular test

When we sleep, since the muscles are at rest and only the internal organs are functioning, the heart requires not more than 60 heartbeats per minute to meet the body’s requirement of oxygenated blood.

Below 40 years

In a standing position, the total muscle mass is activated for coordination and balance of the body and the heartbeat is increased to approximately 88 beats per minute to meet the additional need. When we are walking due to the complete mobilisation of muscles mass, the pulse beat increases to over 100 beats per minute depending upon the intensity of walking.

It has been found that in persons who are not physically active, the pulse best is much higher in the above situation. Physically inactive person’s heart beats at approximately 10 beats more than a fit person’s heart in the above situations.Under stress and exertion, the physically unfit heart has at certain times to almost double the heart beat rate to meet the same body requirement.This shows that the heart beat is weak and shallow and the blood output per beat is much less than a fit person’s.

A strong and well-exercised heart is capable of a much stronger best which pumps out a longer volume of oxygenated blood through the arteries. So, total well-being is heavily dependent upon the heart, lungs and muscles of the human body which, if not properly maintained, will result in the deterioration of the body before its time.

4) Optimum efficiency


Optimum efficiency is the ability of the body to function according to its chronological age.

Above 40 years


A physically active body that is well-exercised remains in good condition. However, a body that is not exercised due to modern time-saving devices cars, volume cleaners etc.

To determine the physiological age as opposed to the chronological age of the body, it is necessary to consider three factors:

1) Excessive calories

2) Cardiovascular process

3) Muscular process

The following tests will indicate whether or not you have consumed excessive calories and the efficiency of your body, heart and muscles.

Physiological Age tests

Height – weight ratio

Cardiovascular test

Muscular efficiency

a) co- ordination

Above 40 years

Below 40 years

To test the round coordination of muscles for the age group below 40 years, persons of this age group must pass the following test.

Above 40 years


Stand with both legs firmly on the ground. with a jump in the air turn 360 degrees and land back firmly on the ground.

In case your foot moves after landing on the ground or you lose balance, you have failed the tests and you should add one year to your age.

Stand with one leg on the ground and another leg raised 12″ off the ground with both knees straight. Close your eyes and balance for 30 seconds. In case your standing foot shifts or you lose balance, you have failed this test and added one year to your age.


Below 40 years

Do one push-up in the following rule. Take the basic portion of a push-up with only toes and palms touching the ground and the body raised. Lower your body towards the ground without touching the ground. In one explosive upward movement lift the body and the arms off the ground with the toes still in contact with the ground without the body touching the ground. In case, you fail, add one year to your chronological age.

Above 40 years

Do one push-up in the following ways. Take the basic position of a push-up with toes touching the ground and both palms together under the face, with only toes and palms touching the ground. Lower your body to touch the back of the palms with the forehead or nose and raise the body back to the starting position. If you fail, add one year to your chronological age. This single test is sufficient to indicate basic body strength.


Below 40 years

Stand upright with legs shoulder-width apart. Bend towards the waist with straight knees and touch the ground between the legs with the palm of your hand. If you fail, add one year to your chronological age.

Above 40 years

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Bend forward without bending the knees and touch the ground with your fingertips. If you fail, add one year to your chronological age.


This test is common to both age groups. It indicates the coordination of the mind and body.

Stand upright with arms at the side, elbows bent at 90 degrees with palms facing each other 12″ apart. Have a colleague hold a pen between the palms with the tip of the pen in line with the upper ridge of the palms. Have the pen released suddenly. Catch the pen before it slips through the palms without lowering the hands or bending down. If you fail, add one year to your chronological age.

Optimum Efficiency and Results

Your physiological age

After completing the above tests , fill in the results of the tests in the format given below to ascertain the physiological state of your body.

Tests. |passed|failed|add one year if fail

1) height\weight ratio

2) pulse rate test

3) coordination test

4) strength test

5) flexibility test

6) speedy test

Total=add your chronological age+your physiological age

In case, your physiological age and chronological age are the same, it means that you are physically fit. In case, your physiological age is more than your chronological age, it indicates the body is not functioning with optimum efficiency and needs immediate attention.

Dr S.k.jha

A small story- Dream big: Do not lose hope:

A small child who comes from a very poor family. His parents were living in a small house. His father was a daily wage worker and his mother was working in some houses for feeding their child and living in poor conditions. They had no financial support and bank balance. Sometimes, they sleep without having meals. In the winter and rainy seasons, they faced a lot of problems. So, one day their child who was big among them, decided to go out for searching of a good job and support his family.

He was looking for a job for a long time, but he couldn’t find a job in his city. so, he decided to try his luck in another city. He caught the train the very next day and left for another city for looking a job.

His mother gave it by placing a few pieces of bread in a tiffin. His family was so poor that vegetables were not made in his house. In such a situation, only his mother had given him bread. When he was halfway done, he felt hungry. He took out the tiffin and started eating bread. The way he was eating bread, the people sitting around him were watching him. He would first break the bread, then twist something in the tiffin and put the bread in his mouth.

It was as if he was eating vegetables along with the bread. People were looking at him in amusement. Why he was doing this, they were unable to understand.

A person asked him, brother, you have only bread, so why you are rolling it in tiffin and putting it in your mouth?

The boy replied yes, I have only bread and by rotating the bread in the empty tiffin, I am thinking that I am also eating vegetables along with the bread. The person asked whether it tastes like vegetables, and the boy said that if I am eating bread and vegetables thinking, then I am also getting the taste of vegetables.

Think big

When the people sitting around him listened, a person said that if he had to think, then why thought vegetables, would have thought of mutton or chicken curry. In this way, he would be able to taste that mutton or chicken curry also.

Think big only then success will be big. If the dream of the person big , then only the success will be big.


If you want to do something big in the life, then a person should keep his thinking big. If the dreams of the person are big, then only the success will be big. For this one has to think big.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Dr S.k.jha

The Parent’s few steps to guide the child

There are a lot of problems to guide the children healthily so that can become good people. Here are some competencies that predict good parenting outcomes.

It is some effort, so how well they predict a strong parent-child bond and children ‘s happiness, health and success.

1) Love and affection – if the parent support and accept the child and are physically affectionate and spend quality one-on-one time together.

2) Relationship skills – if the parent maintains a healthy relationship with a spouse, significant other or co-parent and model effective relationship skills with other people.

3) Stress management – Parents take a step to reduce stress for themselves and their families and children, practice relaxation techniques and promote the interpretation of events.

4) Education and learning – Parents promote and model learning and provide educational opportunities for their children.

5) Autonomy and Independence – Parents treat their children with respect and encourage them to become self-sufficient.

6) Health – Parents model a healthy lifestyle and good habits such as regular exercise and proper nutrition for their children.

7) Life skills – Parents provide for their children to have a steady income and plan for the future.

8) Behaviour management – Parents make extensive use of positive reinforcement and punish only when other methods of managing behaviour have failed.

9) Religion- Parents support spiritual or religious development and participate in spiritual or religious activities.

10) Safety – Parents take precautions to protect their children and maintain awareness of the child’s activities and friends.

Thus, this way we can guide our children and help them in life.

Dr S.k.jha

Why human beings are so special?

It is said that human birth is not easy to achieve. The human being is a complex matter and many people believe that just trying to understand life. We believe that we have to try to understand life and get a grip on the many faces of life because it can be of great value to us to learn fundamental principles of how life is lived fullest. Sometimes, we have to avoid hundreds of extremes, but the other time, it seems, we should pursue them to better understand life. The pure joy of being alive emerges when we are fully present and life is in balance.

Being a good human being means different things to different people. People try their best to follow the cultural norms of good human behaviour. And yet, there are some challenging circumstances in every human being’s lifespan, when his values and morals are tested.

Every individual should maintain good physical hygiene, and mental and emotional health, as this is the basis of all good human behaviour.

A good person teaches other people with respect, care and compassion.

We as human beings are creative and with our will and hard work, we can achieve anything in our life. The happiest man on this planet is one who serves humanity. Real happiness is the inner satisfaction you can get from society, no matter how rich you are, you can not buy inner happiness.

A human being also has to become an adult physically. We need only survive by appearing our hunger and thirst and avoiding fatal accidents and diseases unlike, physical maturity, emotional growth is in our hands.

The universal end most commonly sought after are security and pleasure – artha and karma. The remaining two purwharthas- dharma and moksha- can be accomplished by a human being. Artha may be in the form of cash or liquid assets, a real home, a good name , influence or power of any kind.

Seeking pleasure is another purushartha called Karma. It also takes many forms. For example, sensory pleasures may be anything from seafood or ice cream onwards. Anything that satisfies our senses, that, please our minds, that touches our hearts and evokes a certain application, is known as Karma.

There is another form of pleasure in watching the stars, enjoying the sunrise and sunset or drawing and painting scenery.

Now, there is a third Purushartha, dharma. It is pleasure born of harmony, deprived of friendship, sharing, helping another person and so on. If you enjoy it, what you do, life is simple and joyed. Not hurting someone or doing the right thing at the right time, for instance, giving joy – if not immediately but later. As we grow in our understanding , our dharma also grows.

The more we mature, we are the more dharma we are. Without violating dharma, doing what is to be done, pursuing artha, and karma, security and pleasure.

So people adapt themselves to circumstances, such as water moulds itself to the teapot.

Most of the time, we are not living life, just thinking about life.

We, people, make mistakes in life but learn to handle the obstacles in life by

1) be honest and direct

2) be helpful

3) listen to others

4) act locally

5) always be polite

6) be respectful

7) let go of anger

Thus this way, I think we all be healthy and joyful.

Dr S.k.jha

How to quiet your mind?

Each year more than 40 million people in the world suffer from anxiety and stress and 20 million suffer from some type of depressive illness. Fear, anxiety and stress are a normal part of life, even adaptive in many conditions.

So , in the cat and rat race, we have to quiet our minds and keep calm.

There are a few steps for keeping the mind in peace and enjoying life.

1) Breath – we breathe all the time, but during relaxation time, we should pay attention to the rhythm. If we take a short quick breath, try to move toward slower, deeper ones. Lie down relax and breathe slowly and keep the mind free.

2) watch some interesting songs and movies– when people listen to their favourite songs and movies, they feel relaxed, calmer and less stressed. Heart rates and blood pressure dropped too.

3) Exercise – just 5- 15 minutes of exercise, like a brisk walk, yoga could start to calm the mind. It releases endorphin, and oxytocin – chemicals that make us feel good and can help improve our mind, focus and sound sleep.


So, high-intensity interval training can give a big doge of them in a short time.

4) Listen to Bhajans and melodies songs– it calms the activity in the brain. Songs are a good thing to try if you are stressed.

5) Help someone – it lights up part of our brain that makes us feel pleasure and connection. Doing something nice for someone lowers stress and a lesser feeling of loneliness. It may even boost our heart health and immune response.

6) Go outdoors – Being in and around nature often makes people think more clearly and feel more relaxed and refreshed. Spending time outside can also bring down our heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormone and even muscle tension.

7) Progressive muscle relaxation – use the connection of your body to soothe your mind. Pick a body part – foot, leg, mouth, eyes- and tense it for a few seconds. Then release and relax for 10 seconds or so. Again, switch to another part and keep going until you have done your whole body. This can also improve sleep and may even other symptoms such as body ache, headache etc.

8) Hang out with a pet– whether it is in your home or a neighbour’s pet, a friendly pooch can make you feel less anxious, tensed, confused and restless. When you play with them, it seems to lower levels of the stress hormone.

9) Yoga- Yoga can help us get a fit body and mind. A regular practice session lessens anxiety and takes the edge off our natural response plus, it is excessive that builds our strength and flexibility.

10) Get creative – keep busy with some activities like reading a book, painting, and gardening which can offer an escape for a busy mind. It can help us redirect our thoughts and tune out the chatter in our heads. The key is to enjoy the process and not worry so much about the result.

11) Take a break– when you find your mind racing full speed or spiralling down a rabbit hole, change your focus: stretch, daydream, walk around, get a snack or chat with a friend. Take at least a few minutes to recharge and reset.

12) Dig in the dirt- It is not just the great outdoors and the exercise at work here. The soil itself has microorganisms that might help our focus and lift our mood.

Now, this technique teaches us to control our reactions to stress. We could trek our heart rate, body temperature and breathe too. Overall, we will figure out how to calm our body’s response on our own.

Dr S.k.jha

Money: why it is a double-edged sword these days?

As all of us know that the country was fighting a war against the Pandemic Covid- 19 by being on lockdown and now there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, which has increased the price of many essential items used in daily life.

Everyone’s finances have been affected by it, but mostly the daily wages of workers, lower middle class, poor men, and small traders are affected more because these people don’t have too much money in saving, to begin with, and the loss of income, loss of jobs matters worse.

Vendors’ either vegetables or fruit sales are down. These people are anyway taking a risk in their life to bring foodstuffs to doorsteps even in this critical situation. The lockdown and war have increased the price of all items. Many people are struggling financially either because of wage cuts or the loss of jobs.

The world breaks everyone, but some are strong in broken places and crisis conditions.

So, everyone knows how to earn money but few people know how to spend and save. Money is a great booster for a family and person. Money is a source of strength, but it uses that make it good or bad for a human being. People earn money through hard work, but many people don’t know how to spend it wisely.

If anyone spends money on constructive purposes is good, but if spend stupidly, then it is bad. Many people are not so rich that they live comfortably and lavishly, they are struggling to survive in life and support the family.

If people spend money for the betterment of society, it will enhance their goodwill and earn respect. But if people lavishly spend money on their near and dear ones, spend money on living luxury life. Then, there is a huge gap that happens between poor men and rich men.

It is good to have money, but if money makes you arrogant, then it is worse than poison. If money makes modest and fruitful for society, then it is good for utilising the money in a better way. Money, of course, is a necessity, but it is the acquisition that should not be our sole purpose in life.

If we compare money with learning, we can easily understand the differences between the two. Money is a risky form of capital, for we can lose it through an expected or unexpected asset. Externally, wealth seems to be a good thing, but internally, it is otherwise.

Remember, every wealthy people live under great stress.

So, money is an essential commodity which every individual requires to run their lives.

Philosophically, money can not buy everything, but practically money is the basic thing which is used for almost everything. Money has its importance which should not be ignored, money is a necessity, ask poor people how they spend their lives and feed their families. For basic things such as education, medicine, healthcare, and family it is important can not ignore them.

It is good to make money, but it is bad to let money become the master of our life.

Now, it is no time to think about what we don’t have. Think of what we can do with what there is.

Dr S.k.jha

Smiling and Health

The smiling word itself is fascinating. A smile is the prettiest thing anyone can wear.

Smiling on the face can feel happiness, joy or amusement. A smile plays a vital role in daily life. In the cat and rat race life, people forget to smile and enjoy life due to hectic lifestyles. But remember, smiling can lift a bad mood. when a smile flashes, dopamine, endorphin and serotonin are all released into the bloodstream, making not only relaxation of the body, but also working to lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

In the early morning, seeing the smiling face of someone feels good, and energetic and elevated the mood. Smiling make people more attractive.

Keep smiling

Both men and women increased their attractiveness by smiling.No one want to see a bad mood. According to Researchers, happy faces influence emotional well-being, it can help people feel better and change brain chemistry.

Smiling, laughing and positive thinking have put a lot of health benefits to both mind and body, while stress, anxiety and bad mood are linked to several health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

So, when you laugh and smile, your body release endorphins. Laughter is the best medicine. Smiling can take the brain to happiness and boost mood and health. Smiling can release stress, lift the mood, boost the immune system and decrease negative thoughts. Smiling decreases heart rate and blood pressure.

Cheerful people are more likely to live a longer and healthy life.

Cheerful people

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile.

But remember, a lot of people who are busy in life have a hectic life schedule, stress, anxiety, family problems, lifestyle frustration, workload, sadness, dissatisfaction and anger have a bad mood.

They suffer health problems and do not fully enjoy life. If people work out in plan way, job satisfaction, no sadness, pleasure or happiness in life then smiling boosts their health.

Beauty is power; A smile is its sword.

So, keep smiling —

And one day, life will get tired of upsetting you.

So, smiling is a conscious choice to respond. Smiling comes from deep within, it affects the physiology of the human organism and is beneficial for the mind and health.

Laughter and smiling are powerful medicine.

Thus, smiling and laughing are linked to helping people keep their blood pressure normal and lower heart rate.

Your smile is a reason for many others to smile.

Smiling affects the physical state and stress level. It is beneficial for the mind and health. So, keep smiling and make your surroundings happier.

A smile is the prettiest thing, we can wear.

Dr S.k.jha