Omicron’s new variant BF.7: is it highly dangerous?

Before coming to this new strain was found in India, we thought that the pandemic situation might come under control and that vaccines had come to save people’s lives, but this new strain of the virus come and researchers are again involved in getting depth research about it, how much is dangerous for people.

This new strain was found in the region of Mongolia in China. The Indian government has already taken the action against this new strain of the virus which is spreading to other countries also.

The country is witnessing a decline in fresh covid – 19 cases however the virus is posing a new threat with its highly infectious omicron sub-variant BF- 7. The first case was detected by the Gujrat Biotechnology Research Centre and it is claimed that the new sub-variant of omicron is highly infectious and has greater transmissibility.

It has not been certain this virus is much more dangerous than Covid-19. As scientists, Researchers have shown that some of these mutations may increase the ability of the virus to infect human cells.

This is a relatively large number of changes compared to the many variants we have in circulation globally.

As all scientists and Researchers say that the vaccine will work and weak the virus and increase the immunity system against the virus.

But finding the new strain, it is in each mind that if this new strain is more infectious and dangerous or not? This type of new virus has truly increased transmission and affected health problems among people as it is shown by scientists.

Within a few months of the pandemic, this particular new variant strain came to light and was found in some countries and India also.

There have been changes to the spike protein – this is the point that this virus uses to enter our body cells any changes made by the virus easier to get inside our body and are likely to give it an edge.

Till now, nobody knows whether this new Coronavirus strain is more dangerous or not like the previous Covid -19.

According to experts, the new variant could be 50% more transmissible than the old variant. According to scientists, the virus has at least more than 20 changes of mutations. It is more worrying that this strain is affecting people in the age group of 30-60 years. The variant, however, has already spread globally.

Now, it is a multi-millionaire question among people whether will the vaccine work against the new variant?

The more important question is if the new variant signifies that more people are infected swiftly and could in turn lead to more people needing hospital treatment thus we need to develop our healthcare infrastructure strong.

The vaccine has been prepared for developing the immune system which attacks many different parts of the virus, so even though, parts of the spike have mutated, the vaccine should have to work. Now, it is necessary that the vaccine needs to be regularly updated and watch the effect on people and their immune systems.

But, it is my personal view that we should take additional precautions to beat this virus:-

Wash our hands, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing as well as increase our immune system through different methods such as exercise, yoga and eating healthy foods.

So, we have to take care, because this new virus slowly spreading and there is a need to maintain precautions and follow the instructions issued by the Government and WHO.

Dr S.k.jha


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