Omicron’s new variant BF.7: is it highly dangerous?

Before coming to this new strain was found in India, we thought that the pandemic situation might come under control and that vaccines had come to save people’s lives, but this new strain of the virus come and researchers are again involved in getting depth research about it, how much is dangerous for people.

This new strain was found in the region of Mongolia in China. The Indian government has already taken the action against this new strain of the virus which is spreading to other countries also.

The country is witnessing a decline in fresh covid – 19 cases however the virus is posing a new threat with its highly infectious omicron sub-variant BF- 7. The first case was detected by the Gujrat Biotechnology Research Centre and it is claimed that the new sub-variant of omicron is highly infectious and has greater transmissibility.

It has not been certain this virus is much more dangerous than Covid-19. As scientists, Researchers have shown that some of these mutations may increase the ability of the virus to infect human cells.

This is a relatively large number of changes compared to the many variants we have in circulation globally.

As all scientists and Researchers say that the vaccine will work and weak the virus and increase the immunity system against the virus.

But finding the new strain, it is in each mind that if this new strain is more infectious and dangerous or not? This type of new virus has truly increased transmission and affected health problems among people as it is shown by scientists.

Within a few months of the pandemic, this particular new variant strain came to light and was found in some countries and India also.

There have been changes to the spike protein – this is the point that this virus uses to enter our body cells any changes made by the virus easier to get inside our body and are likely to give it an edge.

Till now, nobody knows whether this new Coronavirus strain is more dangerous or not like the previous Covid -19.

According to experts, the new variant could be 50% more transmissible than the old variant. According to scientists, the virus has at least more than 20 changes of mutations. It is more worrying that this strain is affecting people in the age group of 30-60 years. The variant, however, has already spread globally.

Now, it is a multi-millionaire question among people whether will the vaccine work against the new variant?

The more important question is if the new variant signifies that more people are infected swiftly and could in turn lead to more people needing hospital treatment thus we need to develop our healthcare infrastructure strong.

The vaccine has been prepared for developing the immune system which attacks many different parts of the virus, so even though, parts of the spike have mutated, the vaccine should have to work. Now, it is necessary that the vaccine needs to be regularly updated and watch the effect on people and their immune systems.

But, it is my personal view that we should take additional precautions to beat this virus:-

Wash our hands, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing as well as increase our immune system through different methods such as exercise, yoga and eating healthy foods.

So, we have to take care, because this new virus slowly spreading and there is a need to maintain precautions and follow the instructions issued by the Government and WHO.

Dr S.k.jha


Colorectal cancer: why we should be alert?

This colorectal cancer nowadays increasing rapidly due to unhealthy diet, lifestyle and more reasons.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men and women. certain genetic factors play a role in the development of this cancer. The specific causes of colorectal cancer are unknown but environmental, genetic, familial factors and preexisting ulcerative Colitis has been linked to the development of this deadly disease.

It is more common in African-Americans.

Risk factors

1) Age- the average age is the time of diagnosis is between 60-68 years.

2) Family factors – family history of colorectal cancer increases the risk of developing this illness in first degree relatives.

3) Genetic factors – several genetic and inherited illnesses carry a very high risk of colorectal cancer.

4) Diet- high dietary fat and low dietary fibre can increase the risk of Ulcerative colitis.

Signs and symptoms

1) blood in stool

2) diarrhea

3) constipation

4) bowel obstruction, causing nausea, vomiting and abdominal intention

5) abdominal pain

6) pelvic pain

7) anaemia due to blood loss

8) weight loss

9) loss of appetite

10) fatigue

Abdominal pain

Screening and diagnosis

A) stool occult blood test

B) flexible sigmoidoscopy

C) Digital rectal examination

D) colonoscopy



Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the next step is to determine the extent of the disease and to implement an appropriate plan. A chest x-ray is a routine aspect of this workup. Another is CT scan, bone scan, MRI study etc. will determine the extent of cancer. CEA is a blood test that indicates the presence of cancer.

Prognosis and treatment plans for colorectal cancer depends on the extent and pattern of spread of cancer at the time of diagnosis.

1) stage 1- when the cancer is limited to the inside of bowel

2) stage 2- when the cancer is larger and penetrates through the wall of the bowel to the outside layers.

3) stage 3- when cancer is spread to the lymph glands in the abdomen.

4) stage- 4- when cancer has spread to other organs– liver, lungs etc.

Patterns of spread

1) Liver

2) Abdomen

3) Lungs

4) Bones

5) Pleural space

6) Brain


The survival of rate in colorectal cancer is determined by the stage of the disease at the time of diagnosis and to some degree, to the time of response by the treatment.

Stage 1- 85- 90 % survival

Stage 2 – 60- 84 % survival

Stage 3- 40- 48 %

Stage 4- less than 5%


Survival of the patients with colon cancer in whom a cure is not possible could vary from months to years, depending on the extent of cancer, response to treatments and duration of the response.

Dr S.k.jha

Whither, Civilization

Man, the crown of civilisation! Mother’s nature favoured child, on whom has been bestowed the choicest gifts, the finest faculties! Today too, he marches onwards,” civilisation is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbour”. It is as though the ship of our civilisation has lost its compass and is itself lost in a fog. We need men who know how to steer us to safety, at the helm of this laden vessel, let we strike an iceberg, spring a leak and sink.

Man, for all his superior intelligence, has chosen to disrupt Nature’s symphony and is striking notes of discord with his attempts to fulfil all his whims- the bade and destructive ones too. The concept of co-existence that decrees: ‘ All are but parts of one stupendous whole ‘ and consider the entire Cosmos to the syncytium with a single source of life into it, seem to be no longer understood by man in a society where self – preservation and self-glorification are the esteemed codes of conduct.

The progress in science has been made under the heady influence of the wine of greed, of selflessness and the very damaging attitude of utter materialism, divorced from those virtues which makes a man, a man and not an ape anymore.

The mathematical laws governing the phenomenon of atomic fission were discovered as a matter of pride, but that this knowledge has been found his application in the bombing population ever since, is a matter of great disgust, totally unworthy of man- a mockery of the amazing powers of his brain and a negation of the divine quality of his heart.

An important consequence of scientific advantage is the freedom that it has given man. He is protected from anticipated earthquakes, approaching tornadoes, killing epidemics and thus apparently has freed himself from servitude to Nature’s dictums. Be it winter or summer, we have created living environments to our liking in homes and offices that can be maintained constant throughout the year.

Instead of attaining more happiness, more frustration and suffering have been invited. The moral disintegration and the rat-race for wealth make a port remonstrate :

God! that bread should be so dear, And flesh and blood so cheap!”

In reality, we have lost our freedom – the pressure of a lopsided society are so exacting that one’s survival and success is completely subject to the extent to which one pursues goals decided by the society and that is of two kinds – Eat, drink and be merry,’ for those who want to take life easy, and join the rat race and scramble for social and economic status’ for those who don’t wish to be idle. And we tumble down these beaten paths hoping to arrive at a destination that remains a mirage forever. It is said that the lives of a vast majority today is something like a soap bubble – so colorful when caught in a beam of light and yet so, hollow, one-touch and ‘pop’ it bursts leaving no signs of it’s showy, erstwhile existence.

Certainly, things were different at some periods of history when great cultures flourished. In the Vedic era when every member of the society was capable of appreciating the most profound truths about life , Greece under particles when every citizen of Athens was an epitome of perfection just to site a couple of examples.

The course of our civilisation seems to have been like that of a river with the origin of its crystal clear waters on the mountain heights; flowing down into the plains it has become polluted and is about to end its once pristine glory in a small stream losing its way in a desert.

A job is done best when there is love for it. The culture was never a thing so rare that it had to be especially sought for in the museum of art, which is the pitiable state of affairs today. The culture was a heritage inherited by the younger generation from the older; it was a burning flame kept alive by the continuous feeding of fuel. The greatest epic of the world was handed down, thus by word of mouth – the street urchin and the illiterate shepherd in the Meadows could alike narrate this epic – a poem and expound their meanings. Their understanding of life was so complete.

The presence of the internal needs of man is not even acknowledged, let alone creating external conditions that would serve their realisation; the voice of consciousness is stifled by man’s noisy, humdrum, crammed lifestyle.

Before the highest aspirations of the human mind are pulled down completely and anchored to an uninspired mundane existence and the dignity and potential are squandered foolishly, we ought to overcome this dereliction of our duty.

When such an ideal finds its fruition in every individual, society will naturally get remoulded too and then indeed the progress of our civilisation would blaze forthwith the glory and the grandeur of human life.

Dr S.k.jha

The first law of Thermodynamics: How it is important in life?

“To know how to grow olds the masterwork of wisdom”- Henri Amiel

There are so much happening in life that I wish I had known the above saying early in life to keep quiet when I grow older, rather than try to correct the wrongs in society. But now it is too late and the bad habit has stuck so hard that it is difficult to keep quiet when things don’t seem in order, nor are done for the good of humanity at large. There is a tendency for a change in every walk of life.

Let us talk about the political scene in our country. We daily see the smaller groups of people perceiving the advantages of fragmenting the country for their benefit, into smaller and smaller bits as if we have not had enough of the already existing states in the country. What with all the administrative machinery eating up most of the country’s annual budget, leaving very little for any development works, we still want more administrators and expensive ministers in the newer States. Almost every day a new party is born only to die a natural death after making enough money.

Larger parties are breaking up every day into all sorts of smaller fragments, named after individuals

This will certainly destroy our democracy in the long run.

Here, again I am trying to explain something. Take the example of the human body for our analysis. It is very good at functioning as an organism for nearly seventy-five odd years if in good shape and fit. If any of the organs declare independence, in the long run, the whole system will disintegrate and get destroyed.No part of the human body could function in total isolation.

Man, in the new set-up, is perceived as his body which we see with all its details of height, weight body mass index, fat pad thickness and many other details that we could measure with our present knowledge. This is called his Phenotype( form or shape) which accounts for only 30 per cent of his make up.

Time evolution in the dynamic human organism does not follow the linear equations that we use in medicine. For better use of future predictions, we must view the body as a whole with, when possible, the knowledge of the genome and the mind.

Just example, take the current situation of hospitals. Hospitals, derived from the word hospitality, were very good for the sick, but they have changed to specialist clinics and later became superspecialists in their attitude. Do we learn our lessons from other mistakes? Never! As we are very clever we want to go through the same mistakes and learn for ourselves.

We, the proud Indians, are going in for five-star hospitals and try and fragment medical practice into specialities and Superspecialities.

A smaller group of individuals calling themselves specialists, try to see the advantages in becoming independent of the previously unified setup, put forward arguments to fragment the system. They claim to do better patient care and give hi-tech specialised service to the specialised sick, belonging to their micro speciality. They forget to look at the whole and in the bargain, never get the wisdom of keeping the organisation as a whole for the good of the suffering humanity.

A cancer specialist thinks that the whole of the organisation needs to be his better patient care. He puts forward an argument to show that cancer treatment and Cancer detection are the keys to keep a man alive on this planet. Despite all the efforts, the death rate in cancer has not shown a tendency to go down, although in some subsections they have achieved some success.

The best thing for the common people in the present set-up is to have a good family doctor as his friend, philosopher and guide. Everyone should be guided by his family doctor in matters of health and illness. The specialist should be consulted when advised by the family doctor. If we followed, this method might cut down the incidence of a new disease called, the Ulysses syndrome. The present-day heroic surgeries and another mode of treatment are all fine as long as the hero’s role is played by the poor patient who subjects himself to the procedure.

We must be careful about this new trend for fragmentation. Fragmentation is ultimately inevitable and will destroy any organism or organisation. It is the rule or law called the First Law of Thermodynamics. It is frightening to know the future prospects of the health care industry with the First Law of Thermodynamics in operation.

Physics is the king of sciences and the law of physics can not go wrong.

Now, I have given the warning. Beware and alert!

Dr S.k.jha

Nipah virus: is it so dangerous for humans?

We are still fighting and taking precautions from corona cases that have affected our life. Now, this deadly Nipah virus has come and people are getting fear of this virus.

This deadly Nipah virus was first detected in Malaysia in 1999 during an outbreak among pig farmers. since then, there have been multiple outbreaks—– all of there in the south and southeast Asia.

The last outbreak in India, which hit Kerala in 2018, killed 17-18 people who caught it.

Now, again in 2021, this deadly Nipah virus came to Kerala. Kerala is on high alert after a 12-year-old boy died of the rare virus on Sunday. The death of a 12-year-old boy in Kerala has brought focus on the threat from the Nipah virus.

Kerala faces new challenges with the deadly Nipah virus. Amid rising covid cases, requiring the state to increase the alertness of its health system in order to avert an outbreak of a separate disease.

Earlier Kerala was battling with covid-19 and its variants, now this deadly Nipah virus has knocked on the door of Kerala state. As all of us know that Kerala state continues to battle the highest number of corona cases in the country.

Nipah virus can be spread by fruit bats, pigs and through humans-to-humans contact.

The virus has an estimated fatality rate of between 40% and 70 % according to WHO. Because of the high fatality rate makes it more deadly than coronavirus. Nipah is considered less contagious than the coronavirus, but it’s a much higher mortality rate, a longer incubation period of up to 45 days and its ability to infect a much wider variety of animals. All make Nipah a dangerous and deadly virus.

Nipah is a zoonotic virus or one that is transmitted from animals to humans. This virus can be transmitted through the consumption of contaminated food or come into direct contact with animals.

How does it spread?

1) from fruits bats to animals through bites

2) from animals to other animals through fluids

3) from bats to humans( if one takes fruits bitten by bats)

4) from animals to humans through body fluids

5) from humans to humans through body fluids

When this new virus Nipah was detected by Doctors and experts, the government start isolating hundreds of people and start contact tracing who came into contact with the boy, who died in Kozhikode, Kerala.


Fever, sore throat, vomiting, convulsion and respiratory problems.

The condition later worsens and causing the inflammation of the brain cells leading to confusion, drowsiness and then possible coma and death.

About 20% of survivors experience neurological symptoms that can persist, including seizures and personality changes.


There is no proper medicine or vaccine for Nipah yet, only Intensive supportive medical care is for infected patients.


1) Don’t eat fruits bitten by birds and animals.

2) Don’t drink toddy collected from areas where bats are found in large numbers.

3) eating fruits without washing is dangerous. so if we don’t wash before eating fruits, it causes the virus to reach from animals to humans.

4) sanitize hands with the spirit-laced cleansers for 20 seconds if in close contact with a patient.

5) all health workers, kin of those affected should use N95 grade masks.

6) Lab technicians and nurses should use personal protection equipment(PPE) to stay safe.

If affected

1) seek treatment immediately

2)ensure personal hygiene

3) maintain social distance

4)do not panic

5) use masks and sanitizer

6) be in an isolation ward or in personal quarantine

Nipah in the time of covid should serve as a reminder to build up health infrastructure across the nation.

After getting the Nipah case in Kerala, the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu was also on high alert for any suspect case of the Nipah virus.

Scientists warn that as the climate warms and humans destroy more natural habitats of species like the fruit bats in Asia, opportunities for new zoonotic variants to emerge increase.

So, don’t be panic and keep in mind that we should take all proper precautions.

Dr S.k.jha

Ram Setu: what is the real truth behind it?

In India, Ramayana is considered the greatest epic in Hinduism. There is a history about the Ram Setu bridge or Adams bridge existence. In Ramayana, This Ram Setu bridge was constructed by monkeys sena which was under the guidance of Neel and Nala ( one of the monkey’s chiefs). This bridge was built across the ocean with the advice of the ocean’s God. The heroes with a large army of monkeys cross the ocean and reach Lanka.

Ram Setu starts from Dhanushkodi tips of India’s Pambar Island and ends at Sri Lanka’s Mannar Island.

The current day Sri Lanka is the place where many people believe the antagonist of Lord Rama– Ravan had his golden kingdom there. As the history written by Valmiki in Ramayan that Ravan had kidnapped the wife of Ram named Sita for which Lord Rama had to battle with Ravana and his Sena and after victory over him, rescue Sita.

There are a lot of arguments about the “Ram Setu” bridge. It is very difficult to prove that this bridge is a man-made one whereas others say that it is a natural bridge. So, it is very difficult to find Archaeologists and Geologists to prove and getting evidence that can prove the historicity of the Ram Setu bridge which was built by his monkey’s sena.

First, it was mentioned in Ramayana, written by Valmiki. But, it is true or not Scientists still trying to find out, because till now it was not cleared by any evidence regarding of this Ram Setu.

There are several views and opinions on the history and legacy of Ram Setu.

The battle between science and spirituality is running for over a decade. Science relies on logic, facts and proof whereas spirituality is largely related to belief.

Many Geologists say Ram Setu is built by a natural process but failed to provide enough proof. Apart from Ramayana that are several facts that say, Ram Setu is a Man-made structure.

So, the lack of comprehensive studies has led to many uncertainties regarding the built of Ram Setu.

The problem arises when The archaeological survey of India(ASI) has submitted its report that there was no historical or scientific evidence about the existence of Ram Setu as it was mentioned in Ramayana.

When this report came, it became controversial among people. But, when the NASA shuttle sends across images about two decades ago of a 50 km long chain of sand backs on which Stone rested across the Palk Strait in the Indian ocean. NASA also clarified that the image didn’t prove the existence of a man-made bridge, referred to as a Ram Setu.

To ascertain the legitimacy of the findings, the researchers used techniques to date the sand and stone. Scientists reveal that the rocks are 7000 years old and sandbars are some 4000 years old.

Most people even with a scientific background ignored the fact that this is not how science works.

As I have mentioned earlier that science and spirituality have different opinions about Ram Setu.

So, what is the real story?

According to NASA, the US agency has clearly said that the pictures taken by Astronauts don’t prove the existence or otherwise of a man-made bridge as written in Ramayana. But, after many Researchers, Archaeologists and Geologists said that the sandbars that form this 50 km long bridge-like structure could be natural formations, but the problem is here that the survey says that the stones that sit on those sandbags have certainly not been naturally placed by the vagaries of time. Because the sandbags are some 4000 years old but the stones atop them are 7000 years old.

It is now an illusion among Researchers and people that Ram Setu which is made by Lord Rama for saving the Goddess Sita.

The truth is that in Ram Setu case, cultural, spiritual and religious faith also involved.

This famous bridge that was built remains a mystery. The discovery of this bridge is not only important for Archaeologists but it gives the world to know Indian history linked to Indian Mythology.

Dr S.k.jha

Ram Janambhoomi: An end of a debate

Ayodhya is one of the holy cities in India. Many tourists come here to visit historic and religious places. People are living peacefully and enjoying their lives. But, one matter relating to the Rama existence there was arising from time to time by political parties and people of India about the Rama temple and Babri masjid.

It has been the most controversial topic among the people of India. A section of Hindu and a section of Muslim community had a debate on the site of Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid stood in that place.

The political, historical and socio-religious debate over on the history and location of either Ram temple or Babri Masjid.

The matter of temple or Masjid had created violence in 1992 between Hindus and Muslims. This topic was hot news in previous days, months and years.

After a long discussion and debates in courts, this case was sent to the Supreme Court and hearing all evidence provided by both sides, the Supreme Court decides the matter and gives the right decision so that all Indians should know the facts and live in a peaceful environment.

India’s Hindu and Muslim communities anxiously await a Supreme Court verdict over the construction of the Rama temple and the destruction of the Mosque in the city of Ayodhya.

The five judges of the Supreme Court bench heard the matter and dispute the case and after a long debate, the Supreme Court delivered a historic judgement that the land to be handed over to a trust to build the Hindu temple and also they had ordered the government to give alternate 5-acre land to the Muslim community to build the Mosque.

On 5 February 2020, The trust is known as Shri Ramjanam Bhoomi teeth Kshetra was created by Government. After coming out the verdict and being ordered by the Supreme Court, both communities have agreed on the decision and give full faith in the Supreme Court judgement.

Now, after that Shri Ramjanambhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust began the construction of the Ram temple in March 2020.

The Ramjanambhoomi Teerth Kshetra was set up to build a grand temple and carry out the Bhumipujan on 5th August.

Ayodhya now emerged as a place of Hindu pilgrimage.

Rama and Ramayana are considered among the greatest epic in Hinduism.

Now, we all Indians are excited and eagerly waiting for a new Rama temple and worshipped Lord Rama.

With warm regard

Dr S.k.jha

Hope…. Yes, we are here for living a better life.

Always welcome a new day with a smile on your lips and good thoughts in mind.

Life is a mixture of positives and negatives. A person who shows extreme positivity is gold like- but not gold. When a thought is encouraging, we call it a positive thought. A positive outlook begets optimism and can create opportunities. A negative outlook can destroy existing opportunities.

So, we accumulate both positive and negative.

During these times of disaster, loss of hope and stress, it becomes difficult that life will return to normal as quickly. The emotions and anxiety, we feel during such life-changing moments are important, whether we have lost loved ones, lost of jobs often the feelings of loss are the same.

We may feel like we are alone or abandoned as we will never get through it that nothing will ever be the same again or that loss will be unrecoverable.

It is important to take time to feel these feelings and fully experience the loss to heal and recover.

Remember, there will be time again for laughter and joys.

During these kinds of experiences, fear and trauma can take root in our hearts too. So, we need to share our experiences, stories express our feelings and talk about what has scared us. Our presence and comfort to one another during this time can change another Life.

Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can not rain forever.

The less hopeful we feel, the more powerless we feel. Without hope, it is impossible to keep going, our steps are already tiring before we have begun the journey.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

Hope is what shows us that it is worth it. Without it, any effort is believed to be in vain and feel like too much to handle.

So, stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.

Any area of our life that is not glistening with hope, we are believing a lie in. Hope-filled beliefs will change the way we work in difficult situations and the way we act.

Many of us could not even live a life of peace without having hope inside the heart. Life is unpredictable, hard and quite notorious at times. Things go out of hand and beyond our control many times.

Hope helps us keep the fight on and improve the chances of making our life better and better.

Hope not only gives us the strength to overcome pain but it also makes the journey for the future easier.

Hope is optimism. Hope keeps us stay positive.

When we stay positive about our work, plans or goals and feel that we have to fight to win the problems, our probability to succeed increases. It is said that Hope, which is also our belief, is a deep dense hidden in our subconscious mind.

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

There is one question, ask yourself — what you believe. If you believe to have something good in the future and expect it to happen, that is hope.

If you have a strong aspiration, hope and faith, nothing can bring us down.

Hope is the willpower to change and the way power to bring about that change.

Research shows that people with higher levels of hope have better skills and confidence and bounce back from setbacks faster.

Hope helps us define what we want in our life and future.

So, if we think positive and we leave behind a surplus of positive energy, society benefits from it. But, if we leave surplus negative energy, then, society suffers for it.

Just because my path is different, does not mean I am lost.

Our life is a creation of our mind, create it beautifully and hopefully.

Dr S. K.jha

Covid19: Will India will face the third wave?

I think all of you remember that the first wave of Covid-19 which originated from China had come to India and the first case had to detect in Kerala. The first wave had devastated the lives of people, therefore it had spread in India in full swing and all over the world.

After a lot of sterns action taken by the Government, lockdown had done and after that, the number of cases came down.

But, again the second wave of Covid-19 came and in March 2021, which was much lethal than the first wave. By, late April, India led the world in new and active cases.

In the second wave, the infrastructure of the health system had faced many problems such as a shortage of vaccines, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and other essential medicine in most parts of the country.

The second wave placed a major strain on the health care system. But, now the second wave started to decline, by great efforts by Government and all frontline workers.

Now, there is a big question…Are we ready for the third wave?

It is not clear that the third wave will come or not. But, we have to prepare for the third wave and that ” if we take strong measures and precautions, we can control the third wave and save the people’s lives. Although, it depends on how well we are prepared and follow the instructions which are implemented at the local level, States, cities and districts.

Remember, the lockdown left a million of people unemployed , migrant workers are more suffered due to the closing of factories and workplace. Many migrant workers were left not a livelihood. During the lockdown period, the economic conditions has worsed. Since the beginning of the pandemic in India, poverty has increased and livelihoods have been affected.

Over 70% of India’s population live in rural areas. The increase in Covid cases was largely attributed to the movement of Covid infected migrant workers from Urban areas back to their native villages.

According to scientists, Researchers the Covid-19 third wave is likely to start in September – October. The Government has managed the second wave of the pandemic very well, so as a result number of cases have come down significantly.

The virus has been changing its mutations. So, if the people become carefree as they did earlier, the new strain of the virus can certainly strike again.

When the peak of second wave is declining and we suddenly get into the same behaviour as not using mask, gathering, meeting with people and attending in cultural programs as we did earlier after the first wave, then the new strain of the virus can come back again in a certain way.

If people need to ensure intense discipline in the coming days, week, then certainly we can handle the third wave properly without much damage.

It is my thought that the third wave of Covid- 19 could be more severe than the second wave. However, the Government has started vaccination and improvement of health infrastructure.

According to researchers, the average duration of the third wave for developed countries was 98 days as against 108 days in the second wave.

If the country and people are better prepared for the third wave “the decline in serious cases will lead to fewer deaths. ( as the patients require oxygen bed, intensive care unit and all the requirements. If, we built a better health infrastructure and more vaccinations as well as follow the guidelines as issued by the Government and WHO, then certainly the numbers of deaths in the third wave could significantly reduce as compared to the second and first wave.

Reachers and scientists have been warning of a possible third wave of Covid -19 infections, But, the timing of the third wave could not be predicted. Covid-19 has continued relentlessly for the last one and a half years. The National curve rate has declined now, still, we have to take extra precautions. With the lessons learnt in a very painful manner, we should have prepared for the third wave. Because A far number of people have been infected during the second wave than the first wave and a lot of new cases had come as white fungus, black fungus and yellow fungus found in Covid – 19 patients.

Witnessing a large number of cases and an increase in the number of deaths during the second wave, many scientists are predicting that the third wave will be more lethal than the second wave in the country, mostly children and teenagers should be taken precautions.

The different States of the country have also experienced multiple waves of Coronavirus since the pandemic started. As we expected that the second wave is declining now but after five o sis months the third wave might come but, it is not sure that when it will come.

The second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic in India is likely to be declined by July this year while the third wave is expected to hit the country in about six to eight months.

Just we got the news that more than 8000 children catching the coronavirus in the month of May in Maharashtra ‘ Ambednagar, so, the state has started taking necessary steps to minimise the impact of a possible third wave of Covid- 19 that may affect children more. During the second wave, there was a shortage of beds and oxygen. So, we need to avoid that during the third wave and hence need to fully prepare ourselves.

As we know that with more mutations getting reported in coronavirus, scientists have not sure about that when the third wave will come and have to control on it.

It is possible in my view that if we take proper precautions and follow the instructions which are issued by Government and WHO, we can control it and save our lives and others.

So, It is my personal advice that takes precautions and stay safe.

I hope all of you understanding and think about it.

Earlier, I had to warn about the third wave, now it came in the new form as omicron.

Black fungus: Is it so dangerous? What are the key factors about it?

As all of us living in a fearful situation, a lot of Covid cases are coming in a new form.

Even as the second wave of Covid-19 has ruined the lives of people in India. This is a new black fungus distinguished in people who had recovered from this deadly disease.

In the second wave of Covid-19, some unusual things are happening which were not there in the first wave such as the use of industrial oxygen. There are also variants of the Corona Virus in the second wave.

Day by day, the Black fungus( mucormycosis) cases are increasing. This Black fungus is a rare fungal infection caused by a group of moulds known as mucormycosis. These molds live throughout the environment. Black fungus mainly affects people who have health problems or those who are taking medicines that lower the body immunity and lower the body’s ability to fight germs and get sickness easily.

This type of cases has been found in China and India, particularly among patients who are suffering from diabetes, cancer or immune compromising conditions like HIV.

But, now it is reported that those people who had covid-19..especially who have health problems like diabetes, heart, cancer and kidney problems – have been found to be more susceptible to this disease.

Now, it is a big question in everyone mind that how this Black fungus enters the body?

The exact cause is unknown. But, it seems that an unhygienic way of delivering oxygen to patients or combined with an excess dose of steroids and long time given the steroids for the treatment of covid-19 patients.


1) Pain/ stiffness in the nose

2) Inflammation on cheeks

3) Swelling of eyelids

4) Pain and redness around the eyes or nose

5) Headache

6) Coughing

7) Shortness of breath

8) Chest pain and sometimes vomiting of blood in serious condition

MRI and CT scan of the nasal cavity, sinuses and brain is necessary. Another one is endoscopic evaluation of the nasal cavity can confirm fungal lesions.

All fungal and necrotic tissues should be removed from the nasal cavity.

This Black fungus has a high mortality rate. The fungal infections affected the covid-19 patients, who have weakened immune system and the underlying medical illness particularly diabetes and irrational use of steroids.

These two factors are prevalent in India, which is the main reason for the devastating second wave of corona virus.

Black fungus has emerged as a post covid complication, which has spiked in the second wave of the pandemic in India. Till now, approximately 18 States have reported Black fungus cases.

It is my personal opinion that when oxygen shortage being reported across most of India, a large amount of industrial oxygen had been delivered for medical purposes. This industrial oxygen cylinder is treated roughly and without proper upgrading and without proper hygiene. These industrial oxygen cylinders are not used for medical purposes as they have dust particles, moisture and water seepage unless without proper upgrading and upgradations.

The highest risk of catching fungal infections of any kind right now exists for those people who have a history of high blood sugar levels or uncontrolled diabetes and a weak immune system.

But, we have to remember that a battle with covid-19 can render the body very weak and fall sick especially weeks after the recovery stage if one is not too careful. Since Covid-19 can also lead to vital organ complications, there is a big risk of catching infections like Black fungus, white or yellow fungus.


1) wearing a mask is compulsory — fungal spores found in the air can easily enter the body through nose.

2) cleaning and replacement of humidifiers

3) Mask should be disinfected daily

4) sterile normal saline should be used in the humidifier and changed daily.

The Black fungus infection has been seen in cases of uncontrolled diabetes, immunosuppression by steroids, prolonged ICU stay and comorbidities.

Patients with Black fungus are currently treated with known Amphotericin-B injection or liposomal injection.

India is not the only country facing the crisis, even Pakistan, Russia and other country also seeing a surge in Black fungus infection.

So, be careful and follow the guidelines.