How to stop negative thoughts from your mind and life?

We all have thoughts that screw our brains from time to time and mess with our minds.

Negative thoughts can lead to hurting yourself however,it is possible to stay positive in the negative situations and critical conditions.

Research shows that having negative thoughts over and over,can lead to serious emotional and physical problems.

Negative energy affects all of us and more often than we realise that negative thoughts ruins our life.Because for many of us, negative thinking comes easier than positive thoughts.

Remember,life is not simple all the time that something is supposed to go wrong anytime.

Life comes with ups and downs.But when everything is going right in life, sudden unnecessary obstacles come and can create life miserable.

Now, the main question is that how do we get rid of this negative energy from our life and mind?

There are some tips we have to follow for removing this negative thoughts from our minds and life.

1) watch your feelings – your feelings can tell you if you are ready for emanating positive or negative energy right now . If you feel good, happy, excited then you are ready for emanating negative thoughts from your mind.If you feel sad, jealous or angry, you are emanating negative energy. But feeling these negative thoughts don’t make you strong. So, you have to come over thes emotions and it is important to win over this negative thoughts.

2) Replace negative thoughts from mind with positive ones- You experience negative feelings due to internal or external circumstances.You feel energy because someone did wrong with you or you had negative thoughts in your mind.

But whatever the circumstances, you have to control the reaction.

When you let anger or grief to live inside you for prolonged periods,you become a hopeless person.

No one wants to live as a negative feel through your negative emotions when it comes and release it as soon as possible and smile.

3) Avoid gossiping – you should avoid people who spred negative energy and always think about the negative thoughts. Gossiping with negative thoughts is a big stealer of positive thoughts and energy. When you gossip, you focus on the negative of others.You focus on lack and you judge others when you are not perfect yourself.

When you constantly think about the faults of others,you are filling your mind with negative energy.

Gossip spreads like wildfire and it gets passed through the people. You try to bring the frustration out by blaming others. But , the truth is,it only brings more negativity to your mind.

Becoming a happier person requires you to look on the brighter side that helps to look at the positive of other people too.

So,it is important to avoid such type of people who spread negativity and more important is to not become one.

So, avoid such type of people and think positive.

4) Do spiritual work and meditation – If you do spiritual work daily as part of morning time, you feel more energy inside and it becomes a habit, the outer circumstances don’t bother you much.

Meditation is a powerful practice.when you meditate, you learn to acknowledge your feelings and let them go without letting it affect you.

Negative thoughts will destroy you.Always do your best to keep a positive attitude.

5) Do something you enjoy – if you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts,do something you love can help you think positively, improve your mood and make you happier. For example,you could engage in your hobbies, explore your creative Side,watch cartoon movies, listen to music and play indoor- outdoor games ,read or do anything else that brings you joy.

As you become distracted and immersed in the activity of your choice, negative thoughts might no longer overwhelm you and instead could be replaced by positive thoughts because you enjoy what you are doing.

6) Look for solutions rather than complain – complaining leads to more complaining and stress.when you are complain,you are acting from a place of ingratitude.It feeds the negativity inside you. Complaining also produces stress hormones in your body resulting in ailments like heart disease,high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

No matter how many issues you have in life to complain abouts, there are so many other things that you can be grateful about.

It immediately shifts your attention from negativity to positivity and you feel an immediate release of negative energy.

7) Walk in a nature – studies show that walking in a nature can reduce the negative thoughts and it also helps to improve immunity to lower blood pressure and to boost mood, to enhance creativity etc. It is also the reason that many people walk in the garden,park .They make sure that there is a better flow of positive energy into space.

If you stay positive in negative situations — you win.

8) Surround with yourself with positive people –Spending time with people that have an optimistic attitude can remove the negativity and you will find yourself thinking positive thoughts more often.Your attitude will change and you will start thinking positively about yourself and life will become happy and easier.

9) Laugh more –The old saying that Laughter is the best medicine. Having a good laugh can reduce stress,elevate mood and help in think positive thoughts when everything feels negative. So laugh at simply things,watch comedies,share humour, stories with family and friends,crake jokes and do anything else that brings out positive emotions and eliminate negative thoughts from your mind.

No one wants to live as a negative person. So,be positive in life and once you release the negative thoughts from your mind, you get better clarity and feel good to move forward as you are no more stuck with the negative energy.

10 ) Declutter to remove negativity – To get rid of negative energy,start decluttering your thoughts and think about positive thoughts.

Study shows that it is difficult for our brains to stay focused in a cluttered environment.

Remember, awareness is the first step to solving a problem.When you put these tips into action,you will be slowly able to become a more positive person and protect yourself from negativity easily.

Life becomes easier when you delete the negative thoughts from your mind.

Dr S.k.jha


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