Fitness and Health

Now a days people are busy, have a sedentary job and have not enough time for his health and exercise daily for fitness.But,if people can do exercise daily for fitness and make a habit,feel better and help prevent or control many diseases and likely even live longer.

So, many people want to get fit and shape of body. So,it is important to do some exercise at home daily or in Gym ,but remember exercise depends on age,body immunity, resistance power and stamina. It is better to do exercise in guidance of an expert trainer.

Walking is a good exercise for all ages

Benefits of exercise

It can make feel better,help with weight loss .It is good for muscles and bone strength. It can reduce risk of chronic disease and help brain memory.

Yoga, meditation, walking, light weight exercise, heavy weight exercise and people either do it in Gym or at home also. So,make a habit for fitness and enjoy life..

There are six factors for fitness and Health :

1) Nutrition

2) Medical checkup

3) Avoiding of smoking, alcohol and drugs

4) Stress and management

5) Rest

6) Exercise

1) Nutrition – Good health is a direct result of eating right food in the right quantity. The right food should proportionate amounts of the nutrients as proteins, carbohydrates,fats, vitamins and minerals.

Eat good,feel good

Protein is required for building and maintaining health tissues and is found in meat, eggs,milk and pulses. carbohydrates and sugar give energy and are found in rice,bread, potatoes and certain vegetables.Fat is found in butter,ghee, cheese and vegetable oil.

Minerals include such as calcium, phosphorus,iron, magnesium and iodine are essential for building of bones,teeth,nerve cell, hemoglobin and metabolism etc. They are found in vegetables,milk, cheese,fish,nuts ,liver and fruits etc.

Vitamins are available in natural foods.Lack of vitamins cause dry skin, itching eyes,loss of appetite and anemia.

2) Medical checkup- Everyone including children and adults should have medical checkup regularly. In old age,a medical checkup may be necessary for every six months to one year. A simple rule to follow is everyone should have annual medical checkup which will detect any unsuspected illness and do necessary investigation for finding correct diagnosis and treatment.

During annual checkup, doctor may be able to locate such disorders such as cysts, tumors etc by feeling the various parts of the body with his instruments.

The blood pressure should be checked and tests conducted on urine, blood samples to enable the doctor to prescribe the specialised treatment and advise on such matters as diet, medicine and rest.

3) Avoidance of alcohol, smoking and drugs – smoking cigarettes and smoke have certain several chemical compounds such as nicotine, carbon monoxide and other irritants which act on mouth,air passages and lungs are directly absorbed by blood stream and affects all the organs of the body. The most serious risk in smoking is lung cancer and smoking can also lead to heart diseases and bronchitis.

The only way to give up smoking is willpower.

Alcohol is also dangerous for health. It is directly absorbed into the blood stream as soon as it is consumed and the blood carries it to the liver,heart, lungs and brain muscles etc. Alcohol slow down the efficiency of these organs and results in disordination of the muscles and disordination of the nervous system and the brain. It also causes liver disorder and ulceration of the mouth.

Drugs – They are used for medical purposes in the form of capsule, tablets, syrup or injection. Excessive use of any drugs beyond the prescribed doses is harmful and is called drug addiction.

Drug addiction is uncomfortable compulsion to take drugs as opium,heroin, morphine, cocaine etc and the result of taking drugs overdose can result in death. Drugs taking and addiction should be avoided.

4) Stress management – Stress is an extra pressure which is harmful for body and health. These stress meet certain demands and these demands could be physical, emotional and so on. The body reacts to all these demands in which the heart ,blood vessels,lungs, nervous system, muscular system are activated. This results in rapid heart beat, increased blood supply,rapid breathing etc.therapy giving the body extra energy and power to meet those demands.

Unpleasant emotions like anger, depression, frustration and failure cause distress to the body which results in over- stimulation of endocrine system, release of adrenaline, increase in heart beat, muscular spasm of the digestive system, increase in blood pressure , fatigue,bodyache, irritability,insomnia, and sexual difficulties etc.

Excessive stress is caused by demands made by working people such as rushing to the office, payments, meeting,extra work pressure etc. The physiological reactions to psychological disturbances are increased blood pressure,heart attack etc… So avoid all these ailments have to be cheerful,proper managements having realistic and achieving goal with faith on oneself.

5) Rest- The body requires rest which may take two forms

a) Relaxation

b) Sleep

A) Relaxation – Relaxation can be achieved by yoga, listening music, walking, painting, photography and whatever you like to do.

B) Sleep- sleep is the purest form of rest in which person’s body and nervous system become almost inactive.Sleep is essential for mental and physical health, the amount of sleep varies according to age and individual needs.

Lack of sleep or insomnia could result in irritability, confusion, fatigue and disordination.

Relax- you are enough, you do enough.Breathe extra deep ,let go and just live right now in the moment.

6) Exercise – There are several form of exercise and the most famous are isometric, Isotonic,Isokinetic ,yoga and aerobic exercises.

The physical fitness of the body comprises four basic factors i.e. strength, stamina,speed and flexibility.

So, these are the factors for getting healthy life and enjoying the life.

Dr S.K. jha


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