BodhGaya: A pilgrimage and tourist place for Buddhist and Hindu and all religions

BodhGaya is one of the most religious and holy city in India. It is located in the Gaya District of Bihar. It is the pilgrimage place for Buddhist and Hindu.

BodhGaya holds a very important place for Buddhist.

It is said that Lord Buddha was attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree,which became an integral part of the pilgrimage circuit.

Mahabodhi temple

The Mahabodhi temple is the main temple and also the main centre of attraction place. It is also known as the great awakening temple. Now this temple become a UNESCO world heritage.

The name BodhGaya came into being only around the 18th century. Even the Mahabodhi temple was earlier known as Bodhimanda- Vihara.

For Buddhist, BodhGaya is the most important of the four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Lord Buddha.

The others are Lumbini, Kushinagar and Sarnath.

BodhGaya,the holy city is emerging as a powerful inspiration to the modern world, awakening people of all nations to the real possibility of enlightenment.

Several Buddhist temples and monasteries have been built by the people of Bhutan, Thiland,Japan,Sri Lanka and Taiwan also.

There are so many tourists and sightseeing places here that no one can be tired.

There is a museum located right next to the Mahabodhi temple where the tourists will find old sculptures that were once a part of the ancient temple.

While planning a trip to this holy city, make sure that you will see all this beautiful places and enhance your knowledge about Lord Buddha.

There are so many beautiful places that I can’t describe all this ,but some are most visiting sites are:-

1) Mahabodhi temple

It is also known as ‘great awakening temple ‘. The gigantic 170ft. temple stands as a cylindrical pyramid, called Shikara on the 48 sqft basement.

2) Thai monastery

It is located just 650 meters away from Mahabodhi temple.Thai monastery exhibits a perfect blend of Thai and Buddhist architecture.

3) Bodhi tree

Bodhi tree is an integral part of BodhGaya tourism. It is a huge holy tree which is considered as the direct descendant of the original Bodhi tree. As the beleive that Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating underneath this tree for seven weeks without moving from his position. There is a shrine on the same spot where he mediated which is called Animisalocana cetiya.

Bodhi tree

4) Great Buddha statue

Great Buddha statue is one of the top attractions in BodhGaya that possesses a great holy significance. The open air statue represents Buddha in a deep state of meditation on a lotus spreading peace and harmony.

5) BodhGaya archeological museum

BodhGaya archeological museum features a wide collection of artifacts, sculptures and antiquities based on Hinduism and Buddhism from 2nd century BC to 11th century CE. The museum has special collections of images of Buddha, Manjusri,Maitreya and other prominent figures from Buddhism makes it one of the best place.

6) Dungeshwari temple

It is located at a distance of 14 km from BodhGaya. It is another prime attractive place relating to Buddha’s life,also known as Mahakala caves. Dungeshwari temple is said to be place where Lord Buddha spent six years before descending to BodhGaya for enlightenment.

7) Muchalinda lake

It’s name after the serpent king Muchalinda. Muchalinda lake is one of the most sacred place to visit in BodhGaya. It is said that it is the spot where Buddha spent the six weeks while attaining enlightenment.When he was meditating by the side of Muchalinda,a thunderstorm struck and the serpent king emerged as a shield to Lord Buddha. The main sculpture is of Lord Buddha and the snake around him as a protector.

8) Royal Bhutan monastery

It is built as a tribute to Lord Buddha by the king of Bhutan. It is among the top places to visit in BodhGaya. The marvelous architecture,a seven feet tall structure of Lord Buddha and a serene aura around the monastery truly deserves the attraction for tourists.

How to reach BodhGaya

The nearest railway station is Gaya junction, located around 13 km away from BodhGaya.

The nearest airport is around 18 km from the BodhGaya town.

Best time to visit BodhGaya

October to February is the best time to visit BodhGaya.

So, when you will plan to visit BodhGaya, don’t forget to visit these beautiful places and enjoy the trip there.

Dr S.K.jha


Mussoorie: A beautiful place for tourists and travelers

Mussoorie is known as ‘Queen of hills ‘,in the Himalayan Range of Garwhali hills.

Mussoorie has always been a favourite spot for tourists with its pleasant,cold weather throughout the year . Mussoorie was once the British summer capital. This town makes a perfect place especially in the summer months.

There is so much to do in this beautiful town that one trip would never be sufficient for anyone.It is a hotspot for various treks nearby Uttrakhand region.

During the monsoon time, the town is in lush green color. This popular hill station Mussoorie is located at an altitude of 7560 ft.and resides in the Dehradun district.

In winter season,nearby Mussoorie,we can experience the snowfall around Sarkanda Devi or Dhanolti.

Mussoorie is often flanked as a honeymooner’s paradise because of the beautiful scenery and romantic vibes around the region.

The most pleasant weather is from April to June. But, if travelers want to enjoy the extreme cold or want to enjoy the snowfall,then December month to February month is the best time .

There are so many attractive and beautiful places in Mussoorie that tourists can enjoy there.

1) Mall road – Mall road is the centre of all attractions. There are a lot of shops, resturants and street – foods as omlet ,snacks etc. Camel’s back road nature walk is also a must to enjoy there and old churches, Tibetan influence with lots of little cafes and temples,all add up to provide for the perfect Mussoorie experience.

2) Kempty falls- it is an amazing beautiful waterfall.It is situated around 15 km from the main town of Mussoorie.

3) Camel’s Back road- it is located in the heart of Mussoorie.It is one of the most attractions of this hill station. Tourists flock here to get a panoramic and beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

4) Lal Tibba- it is one of the highest points of the town.The panoramic sight of brath taking skies and views around will make the tourists to stay here.

5) Gun hills – it is the second highest peak in Mussoorie and tourists can enjoy roadway ride to Gun hills,which offers an enchanting view of entire city.

6) Dalai Hills – it is one of the most beautiful location in Mussoorie.It is situated above the Lal Bahadur academy and is very close to Happy valley.It is known for its statue of Loar Buddha ,a Buddhist temple, hiking and stunning sunset view.

7) Benog hill trekking -It is a beautiful close to nature trek .It is around 8 km long .

8) George’sEverest house – the house is located in Park estate,6 km west of Gandhi chowk in Mussoorie and is also popularly known as Park anyone can try Zip lining at George Everest.

9) Dhanaulti and Surkanda Devi temple – it is a small hill station at a distance of around 24 km from Mussoorie.There is an eco- park in Dhanaulti which is a delight to visit as it is surrounded by nature.

Surkanda Devi temple is in Dhanaulti which is devoted to the Goddess Parvati.

10) Benog wild life sanctuary – it is famous for animals like deer, leopards, and red- billed blue magpie.It is well known to house of rare species of birds and surrounded by Himalayan peaks for a refreshing walk.

11) Lake Mist- it is amongst the most beautiful destinations in Mussoorie. The place is covered by green forest terrains and giving the whole scenario a magnificent image making it an ideal for spending the moments of repose with family and friends.

12) Char Dukan

13)Library Bazar

14) Nag Tibba trek

So, there are many beautiful places to visit in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is well connected by road. The most nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, which is 60 km from Mussoorie. A bus service is also available. There are multiple trains running between Delhi and Dehradun.

It is a great place to visit there.

I think,now all of you will like to travel Mussoorie and make a plan for there

Dr S.k.jha

Haridwar: A pleasant and memorable trip

Haridwar means Gateway to God and is a holy city in Uttar Pradesh. It is also regarded as one of the seven holy cities by Hindus. Haridwar is a place rich in culture and civilization. It is among the first place where the river Ganga touches the plains after flowing down the mountains.

It is also the entry point to the four main Centres in Utter Pradesh namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

According to popular Hindu mythology, the city of Haridwar was created when a drop of Nector spilled over from the Kundalini which was being carried by the celestial bird Garuda after the mythical Samudra Manthan.

Hair ki Pori

Haridwar is approximately 220 km from Delhi. We reached to Haridwar by road and watching beautiful sightseeing. We hired a taxi and going to reach our destination. We saw around us was the Holy water of the river Ganga on the longest highway that is NH7. We felt like the water was accompanying us to our destination.

We reached our destination and firstly we had a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the moment.

We had heard a lot of Ganga Aarti at Har ki Pori. So, we got excited about attending the Ganga Aarti of Har ki Pori. We saw saints sitting near ghats and chanting Mantras. Suddenly, the whole atmosphere became spiritual all at once.

The mythological importance of Har ki Pori is Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are said to visit this holy place and be blessed this place.

We felt most relaxed on the bank of the river and took pictures.

The next day, we visited further magnificent temples of Haridwar. we visited the holy temple of Mansa Devi

Chanda Devi temple, Bharat mata mandir also. We visited Shapt rishi ghat about which it is said that seven rishis were in practice and river Ganga then divided into seven parts so the saints don’t get distracted due to it.

Each temple was having its own spiritual importance and significance.

There are many places to shop in Haridwar as Jwalapur market, Bara bazaar, Har ki Pori market etc.

Haridwar is the destination where people from across India visit for pilgrimage and take a holy dip into the Holy river Ganga.

Apart from religious importance, Haridwar is also a centre for learning different arts and cultures. Haridwar is well-known as a great source of Ayurvedic medicines and herbal medicines.

There are a lot of tourists places here

1) Har ki Pori

2) Chandi Devi temple

3) Mansa Devi temple

4) Shanti kunj

5) Rajaji national park- the total land of Rajaji national park is 820 km. in the foothills of the Himalayas. we can see Bengal tigers, leopards, Asian elephants, dear etc.

There are more than 250 species of birds and also it attracts a lot of wildlife. Jeep safari and elephant safari are used to take the whole view of the national park.

6) Bharat mata Mandir

7) Vaishno Devi Mandir

8) Gauri Shankar Mahadev temple

Staying in Haridwar

You can get a verity of hotels and dharamshalas to choose from according to your budget. There are also many Dharamsalas and Ashrams for the one who can not afford hotel- like Shanti kunj.

You can always choose from these places of accommodation as per your comfort.

You can eat here fast food, Chinese and south Indian dishes. Noodles, paneer dosa all food items were so delicious.

The city is well-connected with other cities by road and easily accessible. You could also board a train in Delhi and take the train to Haridwar station.

It is also said that Haridwar has been blessed by the attendance of all three major Gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

So, are you ready to visit this holy place?

Dr S.k.jha

Why do people want to travel and explore a new destination?

It is really exciting to go to a new place for adventure and enjoy life. People want to explore a new destination and leave their homes to be relaxed and fresh from a hectic schedule. Many people have different reasons to love to travel and challenge themselves with new places, people and experiences.

Travelling to a new place also helps in learning and developing new skills or knowledge.

Seeing the world as more learning and knowledgeable than a high school or college class or workshop. Every destination has something unique to teach tourists and immerse themselves in a completely different world.

People may travel for adventure to learn something specific, a new culture and a new language and watch new customs and places.

People who travel after getting a deep sense of satisfaction with new skills and new insights that they have gained there.

Where you go, Go with all your heart

Meeting with people will show that our world and lifestyle are different from their world and lifestyle. Their view is not the same as ours.

Everything from work to family benefits to interests is different. These different cultures and living standards will also help us to consider fresh ideas and open our minds.

Getting away from home allows us to reflect on our life. Thus, travelling is one of the best ways to learn more about ourselves.

So much world, so little home.

Travelling to a new destination or country brings new opportunities and thoughts. Exploring another place will give a fresh appreciation and zeal. Once we are back, we feel how lucky to live where we had.

The shared experience among people brings a bond together. They share their experiences with people who bring a bond together. With the demand of today’s lifestyle, the family has not had much time to spend together. So, travelling is an opportunity to connect. Travel is a good way to deepen the relationship as well as friendships.

Take time to do, what makes your soul happy.

Travelling is also a great opportunity to make new friends — either locals or with co-travellers. Meeting and spending time with new people is a valuable travel benefit.

Thus, A trip is a perfect time to do something new and exciting, especially those things we can not do at home.

A lot of fun, excitement, and thrills bring life to a fresh mood. Travelling can be a great relief from stress and tiresome work. People enjoy travelling in nicer scenery and the freedom to do what they want, a relaxing mood and better weather.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Travel is particularly helpful for workaholics. Stepping out of the workplace is good for both mentally and physically.

A new place with lots of fun changes people’s views and renews our energy. Travel helps the mind and reboot in a way that we can’t get at home. It improves our mood and outlook on life.

So, I hope, all of you will be ready now to explore a new destination and share your thoughts and experiences with me.

Dr S.k.jha

Travel mistakes: How to avoid them and enjoy the travelling

Almost every person travel either once a year or several times a year, but some mistake can cause headache or possibly even ruin his trip, so, avoiding this burden, a little planning is enough to avoid these common travel mistakes. Then, they can enjoy their trip to new places.

There are some planning tips to avoid these mistakes:

1) overpacking luggage: due to overpacking clothes, groceries and other items, being overweight and having high package fees can make the, avoid these only few clothes, essential items as medicine( if necessary) is enough because some laundry facilities are available in hotels or on the roads.

2) Not booking enough time in between flights or trains: flights or train conditions can be predictable. If one misses the flight or train due to delay, might be forced to run through another railway station or airport to catch the connecting train or flight, so, it is best to book the train or flight with a safe gap and reach the airport or railway station earlier.

3) Not using roaming mobile data during travel:- People must not use the roaming mobile data during travel to less spend money. If it is necessary, then buy a local sim card, once arrive there. Because it is important to know what we plan to cover to avoid data roaming charges.

4) Not getting local currency at the airport or railway station:- As soon as we leave the railway station or airport, we need local currency to take public transport or a cab in that country or places. So, before going to travel, keep enough currency on hand. Visiting local markets or buying some items when we travel and many of these places don’t accept debit cards or credit cards.

5) Not checking visa or passport requirements:- In different countries, visa requirements are different, so find out the necessary information and check the passport before departure and booking the tickets or Visa.

6) Not buying travel insurance:- Travel insurance covers cancellation fees, so, if unexpectedly can not move and have to cancel the program, then in that condition, we would not have to lose our money. some plans also cover emergency medical expenses, so make sure before going out and book a ticket.

7) Planning too many activities or visiting into one trip:– If we have a plan to visit all places in one trip, it will make us busy and stressed. so, give time to relax and choose the best of which place is important.

8) Not carrying valuable items or keeping safe: – Theft is the most important thing, we have to deal with during travelling, so avoid having more cash, electronics or other valuable things stolen by them and keep them in a safe place before going out.

9) Handing valuable possessions to strangers:- Don’t give valuable possessions like money, passport, jwellery to a stranger while travelling.

10) Not keeping records of reservation details:- It is an unnecessary burden not to have another copy of your valuable possessions as electronic ways of passport or other valuable things if you lose, keep an extra electronic copy on your phone or pocket.

11) Purchasing flights or train tickets at the wrong time:-Get the flight or train tickets earlier as much as possible. Because sale scheme can save a lot of money. If planning to travel abroad, book the tickets even earlier — 3 to 4 months in advance.

12) Choosing a cheap and comfortable hotel over luxury:- Because, if the hotel is far away from visiting sites, then we can spend a lot of expenses on transport and we can not get enough time to relax for a bit before lunch or dinner if we wish. so, choose a nearby hotel, if we wish to get back to the hotel and relax before lunch or dinner, we can.

13) Paying high credit card fees:-some Some credit card charges high fees in case of withdrawing a foreign currency, the exchange rate will be high – while others charge minimal fees or nothing. so, do the research well and choose the card that doesn’t burden your pocket. A lot of credit card offers additional travel perks and are free for the first year, so we can make use of them.

14) Not buying something we like as soon as we see it:- if we loved something and not buying it, thinking that we can get a better deal and better version elsewhere, sometimes, unfortunately, we might not get it in other places, it will haunt us for the whole trip. So, when we like something, use bargaining skills and buy it.

These are some tips for avoiding unnecessary burdens during travel to new places.

I hope, all of you will go out and make a trip memorable, but don’t forget to send me your travel experiences.

Dr S.k.jha

Deoghar: A holy and tourists attraction place

All of us have visited many beautiful and spiritual places in life. Here, I am telling you my experience at one of the holiest places in India. Yes..

That is Deoghar. It is in Jharkhand towards the northeastern part of India.

Deoghar is a Hindi word, which means adobe( ghar) of God and Goddesses ( dev) is famous for Lord Shiva temple, that is why it is also known as “Babadham.”

It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas places in India and also one of the 51 Shaktipeeth in India.

It is only placed in India where Jyotirlinga and the Shakyipeeth are together, that is why it is a great pilgrimage centre.

All parts of India visitors and tourists coming here and go to Baba Baidhyanath temple. They worship in the temple and get blessed by Baba Baidhyanath( Lord Shiva).

There are some beautiful and adventure places to visit in Deoghar.

1) Baba Baidyanath temple — it is one of the sacred temples of India. It attracts many tourists and visitors. It keeps spiritual beliefs among the Hindu pilgrimage. The main temple is Jyotirlingam, named as Baidyanath ( Lord Shiva).

The temple compound houses 21 other temples of different gods and goddesses.

Tourists and visitors first go to the main Lord Shiva temple, then after coming out, in front of it is Goddess Parwati temple( wife of Lord Shiva), go there and worship her and then, side by side visit all the other temples in the compound.

After worshipping in all the temples, devotees light up the diya/agarbatti in between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati temple to fulfil their wishes.

2) Shi Ganga – it is a wonderful place nearby the main temple to visit in Deoghar. As the Hindu mythology, it is said that this place was discovered by the ‘Ravana’ .It is actually a pond( kund).

3) Nandan Pahar— it is a small hill area near the edge of Deoghar. Around 3 km distance from the main tower. There is also an entertainment park for children like basic rides, ghost houses, Garden Lake, a restaurant etc.

4) Naulakha temple – this temple is dedicated to Radha- Krishna. It is a very peaceful beautiful serene temple. It is around 1.5 km from the main tower of Deoghar.

5) Ramkrishnan mission – it was established by Swami Vivekananda and founded in 1922. It is a residential school only for young boys wherein they are imparted knowledge regarding the culture and tradition. Students are involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities. It has a beautiful campus surrounded by flowers, trees, and many play grounds.

6) Trikuti Pahar– it is also known as Trikutachal, has three main peaks on the hills. It is at a height of around 2470 ft. Tourists and visitors often come here and enjoy the nature of beauty.

It is around 15-17 km from Deoghar and is on the way to Dumka city or on the way of Baba Basukinath temple.

You can climb the hill on foot or take a ride on the ropeway to climb on the top.

7) Tapovan— it is another holy place located 10-12 km from Deoghar. There is a hill with many monkeys and have become a picnic spot and there are many caves here. In the earlier times, the site was a meditation spot for the Naga and also known as Tapobhumi. Tourists can also visit a cemented kind, known as the Shukta kind. It is said that Goddess Sita used to take a bath in this pond.

8) Satsang Ashram– Satsang Ashram is a holy place where followers of Sri Sri Thakur gather to worship. It has beautiful gardens, a zoo and a museum in it’s complex with a Serva Dharma temple.

Except it, other tourist places are

a) Dev Sangh Ashram

b) Nav Durga temple

c) Shitala Mandir

d) Hathi Pahar etc

The best time to visit Deoghar is during the month of August- March to avoid the unbearable heat of summer.

How to go there?

You can go there either by road or train. The nearer railway station is Jasidih. Jasidih is around only 7 km from Deoghar.

Tourists can try food items here as Peda, kachori sabzi, Alu chop, cham cham sweets, Bael is murabba, Golgappa and Tikki chat.

If you are really want to explore a new holy place , then Deoghar is the best place to visit.

So, enjoy your trip.

Dr S.k.jha

Kodaikanal: The most attractive tourist place

Kodaikanal is a beautiful and most attractive hill in the station in India. It is popularly called the “Princess of Hills” due to steep mountains, rocks, dense forests and beautiful lakes. The place is also famous for Kurinji flowers which bloom once in every 12 years. It is being visited by people from all parts of India as it attracts by the bracing wind, enjoyable chill weather and many wonderful sceneries.

There are so many beautiful and attractive tourists places that people can enjoy there and get relax.

1) Silver cascade falls – on entering this beautiful town, we will be greeted by the silver cascade falls on the Madurai- Kodai road. The best time to see these waterfalls would be during the rainy season.

2)Kodaikanal lake– It is a start shaped man-made lake which is a popular tourist destination and is famous for its fairy table boat rides. Tourists love boating. People visited here can enjoy horse riding, cycle riding, walking and watching the beauty of the lake.

3) Bryant park– It is one of the biggest parks in Kodaikanal and very near to Kodaikanal lake. It is one of the tourist’s attractions place. The well-maintained park is a delightful picnic spot for the locals also. There is a glasshouse that shelters rare plants and flowers.

4) Coakers Park– This coakers park is a perfect place for taking amazing pictures of the view of Kodaikanal. It is constructed in 1872 and named after Lt. Coaker. If one is interested, then they can purchase some amazing homemade chocolates from the stall which is just outside the Coakers park. There is a telescope house at the end of the park from where anyone can enjoy a close watch of every point of the town lying below this place.

5) Pine forest– This is the most attractive place for tourists. It is well maintained by the forest officers anyone can see the big turkey roaming around the pine forest.

6) Mannavanar lake– this Lake is located in Mannavanar village, which is about 34 km away from Kodaikanal. It is really the most beautiful place. visitors can enjoy the sightseeing view of the lake by just sitting here in the vast stretch of greens valley or can take up a small coracle ride.

7) Guna caves– It is located on the steep southern slope of the Palani Hills, is a rock formation called Pillar Rocks. Three massive rocks about 400 ft. tall standing adjacent to each other and protruding out of the cliff face.

The caverns in between these rocks and the cliff face were formerly known as the Devil’s Kitchen, due to the visual effect of joy passing the cave, rising and coming out of an opening that resembles a chimney.

8) Dolphin’s Nose– Dolphin’s Nose provides a bird’s eye view of the scenic landscape of the surrounding mountainous area. Tourists can get a glimpse of the rock which looks like the nose of a dolphin from a nearby children park. Visitors can sit here and enjoy drinking tea and having bhajis here.

If you are interested in trekking, then have a trek to the Dolphin’s nose is a must.

9) Sunset viewpoint – Sunset viewpoint is nearly about 200 steps from Dolphin point. visitors can sit here and watch the beautiful sunset view and can sip on some hot masala tea and enjoy the view until it gets dark.

10) Chettiar park– It is very quiet and with very beautiful plant species which are carefully maintained. one can enjoy both the quiet and beauty of the park. It is located on the way to Shri kurinji Andavar temple.

Except it, other tourist attractions places are:–

a) Berijam park

b) Green Valley View

c) Pillar rocks

d) Shenbaganur Museum

Now, I hope all of you will agree with me and will visit this beautiful place.

Dr S.k.jha

Amritsar: A beautiful city for tourism

Wow, we are going to explore and be ready to go to a new tourist destination…Amritsar. I love travelling, whenever I got time from my hectic schedule, I travel.

Here, I am going to take all of you to a new place, which is one of the most beautiful and tourist attractions place. Yes, I am talking about Amritsar.

Amritsar is one of the beautiful and major cities in India. It holds the past and emerging as a growing and most tourist attraction place. It attracts the tourist because of its beautiful culture, lifestyle and attractive places to visit.

Amritsar has a lot of historic temples and religious sites. The young generation hanging around in Mall’s or street stalls, chatting and gossiping. It is one of India’s most spiritual cities. You can have tons of fascinating experiences in the city.

The tourist can see the border of Pakistan and watch the Wagah border. you can enjoy Punjabi songs and food around the city.

It is connected with the railway network as well as by roads also. Amritsar is reflective of the people who belong here- The Sikhs. A people who contain a rich history and who have made enormous contributions to the country.

There are some famous and attractive places here:-

1) Golden temple – It is one of the most sacred places in the world for Sikhs. It is a two-story structure that is covered in gold. There is the world largest community kitchen inside the Golden Temple, welcoming to anyone to sit on the floor and get a free vegetarian meal with other tourists and visitors.

The Golden Temple has its own history. It is an inspiring place and you can be personally involved with if you wish to know.

2) Wagah border– It is around a 32 km drive west from the centre of the City. It is the border of Pakistan, where a curious border closing ceremony took place at sunset every afternoon.

3)Partition museum – Here, tourists can learn about the history of the partition in 1947, between India and Pakistan. It features a haunting collection of newspapers, clipping, antique photographs and histories with people who experienced the violence leading up to the separation of two countries.

4) Panjabi Restaurants – Panjabi foods are known for their spicy curries, pillowy bread, tandoori chicken, chole puri and jalebi. There are some tasty food items which everyone like most.

5) Jallianwala Bagh– It is another tourist place in Amritsar. It is a historical place, where around 1500 people were killed or injured by British shoulders during British rule.

6) Baba Atal tower– It is a worthwhile attraction in Amritsar. It is a place to Atal Rai, the son of a Sikh guru.

7) Govind Garh Fort– It is one of the main attraction places. It is more than 2500 years old. It is one of the most iconic symbols of Punjab.

8) Rambagh gardens – It is a public park. This park is looking beautiful with rare plants, flowers, trees and refreshing water features filled with golden fish. People come here and relax.

At the centre of the park, there is a historic summer Palace. Other tourist attractions are Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum and Panorama.

So, in modern days, it has transformed into an educational attraction dedicated to the history and culture of Amritsar.

Except it, there are some attractive placed to visit as Shri Durgiana Mandir, Mandir Mata Lal Devi, Khalsa college etc.

So, I think all of you will interest to go there and visit these places and will enjoy it there.

Dr S.k.jha

Gangtok…have you visited? A fascinating tour experience

Gangtok is the capital and largest town of Sikkim. Gangtok is in the eastern Himalayas. Gangtok is at the centre of Sikkim’s tourism industry. It is at an altitude of 5410 ft.

It is well known for its Buddhist pilgrimage. April to June and October are the peak tourist season. But you can visit the city throughout the year.

There are a lot of tourists places here, where you can enjoy yourself and with your family.

Mahatma Gandhi Marg (MG) marg and Lal market are prominent business areas and tourists spots in Gangtok.

There are a lot of great sightseeing places within the city as well as nearby to the town.

Monasteries, waterfalls, cultural centres and some beautiful and inspiring viewpoints are here.

1) Baba Harbhajan Singh temple — it is a mysterious temple. Baba Harbhajan Singh, an amazing legend of the Indian Army Soldier whose spirit is believed to be protecting the country even after the tragic death by warming the Indian soldiers.

2) MG Road- it is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Gangtok, is considered as a prime shopping hub of the city.

3) Nathula pass– it is the connecting route between Sikkim and Tibet, the Nathula Pass offers a great view of Kanchanjunga mountain view.

4) Rumtek Monastery – it is one of the most visually appealing monasteries in Gangtok. It offers a significant outlook of the Buddhist culture.

5) Tsomgo lake— it is a fascinating an eye eye-catching lake. It is located 24 km from Gangtok.


Yak safari is an unforgettable and unique experience organised in different areas of Sikkim, one such popular place is the Tsomgo Lake.

6) Seven sisters of waterfalls – As its name suggests, the seven sister waterfalls comprise of seven exquisite waterfalls, which is one of the sight-seeing places.

7)Ganesh Tok– Ganesh too offers a spectacular view of Gangtok city. There is an ancient temple of Lord Ganesha which is highly visited by locals and tourists alike.

Except for this, there are so many tourists places…Banjhakri falls, Flower show and Ridge park, Enchey Monastery, Bakthang waterfall.

So, now you see that you can enjoy and relax there and getting a new experience.

What is the best time to visit Gangtok?

April to June and October to November are the peak season for tourists.

How to go there?

1)By road– Tourists travelling from Siliguri to Gangtok also. Siliguri is around 120 km from Gangtok.

2) By rail— The nearest railway station to Gangtok is about 130 km away in New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri, West Bengal. The station is well connected to all major cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi.

3) By air– The nearest airport in Pakyong which is 31 km from the capital.

From Bagdogra Airport, you can hire a taxi and go to Sikkim also.

Dr S.k.jha

Darjeeling: A travel experience

I travel because it makes me realise, how much I have not seen, how much I am not going to see and how much I still need to see.

Now, I am telling you about my experience, journey and beautiful sightseeing of Darjeeling. I hope, all of you will visit this place once in a lifetime.

Darjeeling is one of the most popular and favourite tourists destination in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The word Darjeeling comes from the word Dorje that means thunderbolt and ling that means land or place and for this Darjeeling is also called”Land of Thunderbolt”.

Darjeeling is inhibited by people from diverse ethnic groups and cultures.

Darjeeling is home to the Lepchas, Bhutias, Sherpas, Gurung and Tamangs are some of the popular tribes. Mostly Sikkimese, Nepales and Tibetan people are living here.

Darjeeling is a wonderful city. A lot of memorable places like Toy train, Tea gardens, sightseeing, watching the Sunrise at tiger hills, close watching to the Himalayas and more attractive places like Mall road and different shopping shops.

I have visited Darjeeling and kept all memorable pictures in mind.

Darjeeling is a beautiful and charming town located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in the state of West Bengal.

It has so many beautiful places as magnificent Kanchanjunga and lush green gardens, so this town is also called” Queen of Hills”.

There are many beautiful places to see in Darjeeling, but here I mentioned a few most important places to visit.

1) Darjeeling zoo –The Darjeeling zoo is one of the major attractions of Darjeeling. It is specialised in Red Panda, Tibetan wolf , Himalayan black beer and other species. We can see a variety of other animals and bird species here.

2)The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute – The Himalayan mountaineering institute is a pilgrimage for trekking lovers and mountain lovers. It organises various Mountaineering and adventure courses.

Himalayan mountaineering institute

3) Sunrise at Tiger Hills -Tiger hill is one of the best visiting site , where the first rays of Sun fall on the snow-clad peaks of Kanchanjunga and Everest, we will feel nothing sort of ecstasy.

4) The Mall– the Mall is the place where roaming around leisurely without thinking of the traffic. It is the centre of Darjeeling town and meeting point of four roads.

5)The Darjeeling Toy train– this toy train ride in Darjeeling in the misty tracks of Darjeeling will transport you to a romantic Dreamland. You can take the joy ride at the Darjeeling toy train that makes around trip from Darjeeling station up to Ghum station via the Batasia loop.

6)Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda– This temple is located in the Jalapahar Hill and is a place of peace and tranquillity.

Travel, because money returns, but time doesn’t.

7) The tea estate – The tea estate is famous in India as the best place in Darjeeling. The tea leaves of Darjeeling are best known in India. Most of the tea leaves are exported to other parts of the country.

Except for this, there are so many things to see and experience here. So, if you have enough time in your hands, then explore the new places and enjoy yourself there.

Some famous Monasteries are Bhutia Busty Monastery, Dali Monastery etc.

The Darjeeling is the starting point of the Sandakphu trek as one of the most beautiful treks in India. From Sandakphu , we can see wonderful views of the Kanchanjunga ranges.

So, it is my personal opinion that starts your day early in the morning, roaming around the entire day and have fun.

So, Darjeeling is a wonderful place for vacation and relaxation.

I am just a traveller who is learning to travel and travelling to learn.

It is my thought that wherever you go, Go all your heart.

I think now you will pack your bags and visit the most lovely place.

How to visit Darjeeling?

The nearest airport is Bagdogra and it is well connected by flights from all the major cities of our country. The nearest train station is New Jalpaiguri.

Volvo or other Bus services are available from Kolkata and Guwahati.

Where to stay in Darjeeling?

Almost the whole Darjeeling town is full of hotels. The most popular ones are located near The Mall. Some of these are the Ramada hotel, Hotel seven seas where we can stay.

Dr S.k.jha