Rajgir: A beautiful journey

No one in this world, who does not like travelling and exploring the new place. Yes, all of us want to travel and like it. Travelling is fun, exploring new culture and sightseeing and taking experience. It changes people physically and mentally.

Travelling reduces stress, making them energetic and giving them a rich experience in life.

During the journey and meet new people, learn a new language is awesome. Travelling improves our personality, understanding and knowing other cultures.

Remember, The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one chapter.

During travelling, eating local food in a new place is an entirely new experience.

Now, I am telling you about a new and adventure as well as a holy place that is Rajgir.

Rajgir is a historical city in the state of Bihar, near the Nalanda District. It is surrounded by hills and forests. It is also known as a holy place in the world.

The city is surrounded by seven hills:

1) Vaibhara

2) Ratna

3) Sona

4) Udaya

5) Salix

6) Chhatha

7) Vipula

Rajgir due to its pleasant climate has emerged as a healthy and winter resort. There is a warm water pond also.

Travelling to Rajgir make me realise a new way of living in life. Rajgir has a whole plethora of places that would keep entangled in their beauty, history, culture and tradition.

Rajgir is also deeply associated with Lord Buddha and Buddhism. Lord Buddha had spent many years in Rajgir during the reign of King Bimbisara.

Rajgir is greener and has a more pleasant climate. The name Rajgir means”House of the King”. Rajgir pilgrimage is a very important Buddhist site since Lord Buddha spent 12 years over here and also preached two sermons.

Let’s see what we could find the beautiful places in Rajgir for sightseeing.

1) Buddha circuit

2) Vishwa Shanti stupa

What can you say about travelling where you have to practically claw yourself away from starting point? I am here to tell you about the secret heart of Bihar, a holy place and greeny area.

3) Rajgir hot springs

4) Griddhakuta park

5) Swarna Bhandar

6) Ashoka stupa peak

7) Pandu pokhar

8) Ghora katara lake

) Rajgir rope way

10) Japanese stupa

11) Glass bridge

So, there are so many beautiful places to visit and you can enjoy your trip with your family.

Jobs fill your pocket, Adventure fill your soul.

The benefits of of travelling to a new place is that it forces us to face the unknown and think differently.

From a hectic schedule, people want to relax. For them, travelling is a good choice. As you travel, you realise that the world is a much better place than what we can see on TV or reading a book.

Fill your life with experience, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

So travel does not make you feel as bad for spending money.

Dr.S. k.jha


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