Black fungus: Is it so dangerous? What are the key factors about it?

As all of us living in a fearful situation, a lot of Covid cases are coming in a new form.

Even as the second wave of Covid-19 has ruined the lives of people in India. This is a new black fungus distinguished in people who had recovered from this deadly disease.

In the second wave of Covid-19, some unusual things are happening which were not there in the first wave such as the use of industrial oxygen. There are also variants of the Corona Virus in the second wave.

Day by day, the Black fungus( mucormycosis) cases are increasing. This Black fungus is a rare fungal infection caused by a group of moulds known as mucormycosis. These molds live throughout the environment. Black fungus mainly affects people who have health problems or those who are taking medicines that lower the body immunity and lower the body’s ability to fight germs and get sickness easily.

This type of cases has been found in China and India, particularly among patients who are suffering from diabetes, cancer or immune compromising conditions like HIV.

But, now it is reported that those people who had covid-19..especially who have health problems like diabetes, heart, cancer and kidney problems – have been found to be more susceptible to this disease.

Now, it is a big question in everyone mind that how this Black fungus enters the body?

The exact cause is unknown. But, it seems that an unhygienic way of delivering oxygen to patients or combined with an excess dose of steroids and long time given the steroids for the treatment of covid-19 patients.


1) Pain/ stiffness in the nose

2) Inflammation on cheeks

3) Swelling of eyelids

4) Pain and redness around the eyes or nose

5) Headache

6) Coughing

7) Shortness of breath

8) Chest pain and sometimes vomiting of blood in serious condition

MRI and CT scan of the nasal cavity, sinuses and brain is necessary. Another one is endoscopic evaluation of the nasal cavity can confirm fungal lesions.

All fungal and necrotic tissues should be removed from the nasal cavity.

This Black fungus has a high mortality rate. The fungal infections affected the covid-19 patients, who have weakened immune system and the underlying medical illness particularly diabetes and irrational use of steroids.

These two factors are prevalent in India, which is the main reason for the devastating second wave of corona virus.

Black fungus has emerged as a post covid complication, which has spiked in the second wave of the pandemic in India. Till now, approximately 18 States have reported Black fungus cases.

It is my personal opinion that when oxygen shortage being reported across most of India, a large amount of industrial oxygen had been delivered for medical purposes. This industrial oxygen cylinder is treated roughly and without proper upgrading and without proper hygiene. These industrial oxygen cylinders are not used for medical purposes as they have dust particles, moisture and water seepage unless without proper upgrading and upgradations.

The highest risk of catching fungal infections of any kind right now exists for those people who have a history of high blood sugar levels or uncontrolled diabetes and a weak immune system.

But, we have to remember that a battle with covid-19 can render the body very weak and fall sick especially weeks after the recovery stage if one is not too careful. Since Covid-19 can also lead to vital organ complications, there is a big risk of catching infections like Black fungus, white or yellow fungus.


1) wearing a mask is compulsory — fungal spores found in the air can easily enter the body through nose.

2) cleaning and replacement of humidifiers

3) Mask should be disinfected daily

4) sterile normal saline should be used in the humidifier and changed daily.

The Black fungus infection has been seen in cases of uncontrolled diabetes, immunosuppression by steroids, prolonged ICU stay and comorbidities.

Patients with Black fungus are currently treated with known Amphotericin-B injection or liposomal injection.

India is not the only country facing the crisis, even Pakistan, Russia and other country also seeing a surge in Black fungus infection.

So, be careful and follow the guidelines.



5 thoughts on “Black fungus: Is it so dangerous? What are the key factors about it?

  1. Excellent Write up Doctor. The blog has very clearly explained the issue of black fungus which has been a matter of grave concern for the covid infected patients. This type of article will help common people to understand the gravity of this black fungus as well as to take precaution to avoid that.


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