Pain and Management: A word which can feel every person in life

You can handle whatever life throws at you

Pain..aah..pain words itself is a traumatic tool in mind. Pain is the most common syndrome of disease in this cat and rat race Life. Almost, every person gets pain in life, somehow, either in sports or for other reasons.

Pain may be symptomatic( joints, deep tissue, muscle) or neuropathic( injury to a nerve, defects in the spinal cord pathways or other problems). Pain sensation can be aching, throbbing, burning, and pricking types.

Usually, pain-producing sensory stimuli in the skin and viscera activate nerve endings of bipolar neurons of the spinal dorsal root or cranial nerve ganglia.

Pain is an unpleasant and emotional experience that links to tissue damage. It allows the body to react and prevent further tissue damage. It may be a prick, tingle, burn or ache. Pain may be sharp or dull.

Pain may feel any area of the body such as back pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, shoulder joint pain or may feel all over the body.


1) Injury

2) surgery

3) medical condition( cancer, arthritis, back pain, gall bladder stone, kidney stone, gastroenteritis)

Pain is a complex protective mechanism. It protects the body from danger and harm.

The human body has pain receptors that an attached to two main types of nerve which detect danger and give the signal.

Please don’t try to judge someone who is dealing with pain, you have never experienced.


1) Acute — it usually comes on suddenly. It might be due to a disease, injury or inflammation.

2) Chronic – it lasts for a long time and can cause some problems and complications. Chronic pain has a huge impact on people’s life. It can sneak in and snatch away so much– careers, plans, dreams, families and friends.

Many sufferers deal with loneliness and isolation because of chronic pain. When chronic pain is recognised as a health problem, the sufferer should hopefully receive access to better treatment.

Signs and symptoms

Some people feel pain in case of flu, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, headache etc. Some people experience other symptoms like nausea, dizziness fatigue, anger, loss of appetite, irritability and depressions.


Muscles ache,

Burning sensation or pain


Sleep problem

Loss of stamina and flexibility due to decreased activity.

Mood problems as depression, and anxiety disorder.

Joint pain and due to fracture of bones

Thus, pain is a very common condition, pain may be from a dull ache to a Sharp type and can range from mild to extreme.

Pain can interfere with sleep, work, activities and the quality of time with friends and family.

Living with chronic illness is hard, no one truly understands


Treatment depends on the cause and type of pain—-

1) Acute somatic pain — it can manage by taking some analgesic medicine which can relieve pain.

2) Neuropathic pain– it is often chronic. Certain drugs in combination with a careful assessment of underlying factors that contribute to pain may be beneficial as tricyclic depressants, anticonvulsant but it should be taken advice by doctors.

Except it, there are some other tips for treatment.

a) Acupressure or Acupuncture

b) Physical Therapy( massage, exercise and hydrotherapy)

c) sometimes, surgery

d) occupational therapy

e) Psychological therapy( cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation therapy, meditation)

So, fix your mental health and your physical health will get better too.

So, take care and enjoy life.

Dr S.k.jha


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