How to handle stress or stress is Healthful


Stress is an everyday fact of life. Even primitive men could not escape from its clutches.

In today’s high-pressure world, the stress and strains of modern living can become increasingly hard to bear.

Successful existence depends on the ability to cope with an immense variety of complex challenges or stressors and to mount an appropriate response to any particular situation.

Stress is however an integral part of human life. Rapid urbanisation and migration of people from rural areas to Urban and Metropolitan cities for a more modern worse of life have resulted in varied kinds of stress in our day to day life.

It is nothing but a”dog-eat-dog world, a rat race where only the toughest survive. It is not only elders but the youngster too who are getting caught in a whirlpool in the world when tempers run as high as ambitions.

The desire to excel even at the cost of losing one’s family or being unable to enjoy the basic joys of human life is becoming common these days.

It is common to observe our exam. going students , being caught in the spider net of “Exam. Stress”. Which has varying effects on the mental makeup of different categories of the student population.

The tension leading to stress results in the inability to achieve a high standard set by medical school. This can drive more and more people to the patient’s care of a psychology counsellor and psychotherapist.

There is a lot of stress in the family are too, known as family stress. It conjoins with financial stress and exam. stress. Stresses, after a certain limit, affect our health and well-being, everyday performance and outward social behaviour.

But, a mils stress is desirable to give us the required simulation and motivation to overcome the obstacle that may prevent us from achieving our goals or alleviate boredom. An optimum level of stress can bring the most success.

A smooth sea doesn’t make a skilful sailor.

A psychiatrist/ psychotherapist specialising in stress management is bound to attract many people from all walks of life, in respect. The principal remedies used to reduce and overcome stress are, however, straight- forward and in most cases, self-help methods can be successful.

Almost everyone is under some force of stress, only a few respond by developing a physical or emotional illness that requires counselling.

Some of the techniques, that we apply to help reduce stress effectively are as under:

1) Advanced relaxation exercise

2) Nutrition: a balanced diet

3) Modifying distorted thought – pattern

Tests like”discover yourself” can be conducted to help people improve themselves and their quality of life, health and happiness. This type of test is self-introspection.

Poor communication skills distancing oneself, problems in balancing one’s mind, jealousy, lack of self-confidence are key problems that stressed people suffer from.

Rising prices knotted up nerves, broken relationships are increasing day by day. Increasing stress in men and inaugurating a vicious circle of low esteem, defeating thoughts, lack of peace of mind, become pivots rounds which stresses causing bottled up anger, seething silence violence do more.

A counsellor’s role is to understand it and help those under stress. His purpose is not to insist on a particular lifestyle but to assist the person to live life on has chosen and give moral and emotional support to all walks of life.

Complete freedom from stress is death.

Stress can be damaging yet stress can be converted into a driving force for great achievements.

If much stress can be harmful complete absence of stress makes life monotonous as well as dull.

So, it is essential to have an optimum level of stress for peak performance.

The Urban – India survey — 2020

The stress scenario

Problems| percentage

1) psychometric stress— 86.65

2) headache– 28.38

3) multidimensional stress– 43.24

4) personality stress( type A)– 41.12

5) personality stress ( passive) — 35.06

6) occasional stress- 8.79

7) family stress- 5.68

8) stressful routine — 14.56

9) major problem -29.89

So, remember A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Management of stress

1) Behavioural — assertive training

Conflict resolution

Time management

2) Physical — mobility exercise

Aerobic exercise

3) Physiological — breathing exercise

Jacobson’s PMR


Autogenic training


Dr S.k.jha


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