Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

There are a lot of mental illness in the world and most people have different types of mental illness.Here I am try my best for lightening on one of the mental illness among children and adolescents,which are yet to reaserch is going and exact causes are unknown for Researchers.

This one is Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder.

It is a mental disorder in which children or adolescents experience ongoing irritability,anger, frustration,frequent anxiety and intense temper outbursts.

Children with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder may have trouble in school and experience difficulty maintaining healthy relationship with family members and friends.

As Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder is a new diagnosis so,not a lot of research has been conducted on its causes, symptoms and treatments.

Children suffering from disruptive mood dysregulation disorder may experience situations and incidents more intensely than other children.

They may also lack any self – regulation skills appropriate for their age to control such feelings.

Children is difficult to regulate and manage their emotions inappropriate way.

Children and adolescents suffering from this condition experience extreme impairment which may be require of medical treatment. Children will have significant problems such as adjusting at home, school and with friends. They may also have high rates of hospitalization in critical condition.

Researchers show that dysruptive mood dysregulation disorder occur mostly in boys rather than the girls.

Researchers show that this condition usually develops during early childhood.


1) irritability

2) outbursts of anger

3) difficulty in functioning

4) difficulty in adjustment in new environment

5) lack of self control

6) living alone

7) yelling, screaming

8) lack of interest in home works

9) they may have trouble in keeping healthy relationship with family members and friends


Exact causes of DMDD is unknown,but some factors may be causing of this disorder:-

a) genetic factors

b) negative childhood experiences

c) co- occuring mental conditions

d) temperament vulnerability ( irritability, anxiousness,moodiness,difficult behaviour)

e) poor parental support

f) family conflicts

g) substance use

h) disciplinary problems at school

i) parental hostility

It is a challenging disorder that can be hard to identify and diagnose. Moreover,it can lead to serious problems in different aspects of a child’s life.

If this disorder untreated,it may result in anxiety and depression in their adulthood and affecting their ability to function in daily life.

This condition usually develops before the age of 11 or 12.


1) Medical history

2) persistent, severe and outbursts of temper

3) persistent angry or irritable mood

4) the behaviour and symptoms must be experienced in multiple phases.

5) psychological tests


The exact treatment for this disorder is not confirmed yet. Still, there are some medical treatment and other methods might be helpful for recovering from this disorder.

1) Medication

a) antidepressants, antipsychotic medicine

2) Psychotherapy ( cognitive behavioral therapy)


3) Psychological treatment as computer based training, parents training, supportive or behaviour therapy

Psychological treatments are considered as the first line of treatment for this condition.

Parents are advised to contact their doctors and keep in touch with him.

Dr S.K.jha


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