Injuries during workout:How to prevent from injuries

Many of us use to go to Gym or doing workout at home for keeping their body in shape and healthy. They want to get in shape and enhance their stamina for fitness in work in daily life. Many people make a small Gym at home also.

But do you know that during workout,some are getting injury due to wrong workout and getting stretch of body and muscles or lifting of heavy weight in missteps also.

It happens so quickly! One minute you are busy in workout or in running and the next minute you are gripping your muscles in pain either in ankle, knees or elbows in pain. It is not uncommon for stretch or strain to happen when lifting heavy weights and taking a missteps too.

Common workout injuries are:

1) Muscles pull and strain

2) Tendonitis

3) Knee injury

4) Sprained ankle

5) Wrist sprain or dislocation

6) Shoulder injury

Most Gym injuries are caused by people trying to lift more weight than their body can not ready for more weight or can’t handle it,so practice proper under the guidance of good trainer and warm up before doing workout or running and jumping.

Generally, some injuries may require a period of complete rest or avoidance of the inciting activity.

1) Sprain

This is common when you get fall or get hit ,then it can tears the ligaments that connects the bones. It might be swollen, bruised or hard to move or use.

It can be treated with applying ice,rest, wrap bandages for support and taking some anti-inflammatory medicines.

2) Stay on track for running

No matter whether you are beginners or have trained for years,you have to take precautions during running on track.

Running is the best exercise that you can do for keeping fit and your heart , muscles and bones get stronger.

But remember, you should not run in fast in beginning as your body will not ready for running fast quickly otherwise you might be get injure. So, the bones, muscles and ligaments can be swollen and injured.

So ,do slowly and get ready for running fast day by day.

3) Strain

It can occurs when you lifting too heavy weights suddenly and get pain in lower back, arms or legs. A strain pulls and tears the muscles or tissues that attach it to the bones.

Treatment is applying ice, rest and medicine for pain.

4) Stress fracture

It might be happens during running, playing basketball or football game. When you do something over and over ,then there will be a tiny cracks in the bone or get fracture which can depends on the activities of your body as feet for players, elbows for tennis ball game legs for runners.

5) Tendonitis

It can happens when repeating the movement enough and it could weaken or inflammed tendons in different parts of the body as tennis elbow, jumper’s knee etc.

Treatment is rest, sometimes physical therapy and medications for pain and swelling.

6) Broken bone

It can happens when somebody fall or hit on the ground during playing or slipped from upstairs can cause a fracture or cracks of bones.

The doctor will try to get the bone straight again and might be keep it in plaster or crape bandages so that it can heal. Some cases surgery might be necessary if it is serious.

7) Dislocation

A sudden blow or jerk can seperate the bones at the joint partially or entirely. Sometimes,it damages tendons, ligaments or nerves.

The doctor may puse the bones back into place. After that,rest,ice and physical therapy can help for healing. Some medicines can be helpful for reliving pain and swelling.

8) Knee injuries

It can happens during repeated motions like running, playing football and other outdoor games. Damage to bone, the cartilage or ligaments that cover it may be torn and get serious.

Treatment depends on the injury.


It is the better idea whether you start a new activity, give time to your body to get used to it . Light warm up , little exercise for loosen up muscles, ligaments and tendons that make them harder to injure.

Stretch your body before lifting of heavy weight or running.

Light, loose- fitting clothes is best in warm that you can move freely and do exercise without any problems.

Remember sometimes it takes a lot of pain to figure out what you are made of.

Setback is a set up for a come back.

Now, you understand that why warm up , little exercise and prevention is necessary for your body. Be ready and prepare for shape of your body.

Dr S.K.jha


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