The Myths: Exercise and Aging

Old man running

There are a lot of myths regarding age and exercise. Many people as in young age play outdoor games and indoor games often and without feeling tired much. They enjoy themselves in activities. But as we become old ,we are not able to perform these outdoor games and indoor games as well as exercise as before they can do in young age group.

So, here I am discussing about the exercise and old age group, which is good for them.

As all of us know that fitness is very important now a days that anything in the world. At every age,it makes a huge difference in how we feel and more helps us to know these health problems related to Aging ( like Blood pressure, Arthritis, cholesterol levels, strength of bones and muscles.) that would help us for choosing the best exercises for older people.

If you are active and no any health problems issues,then you will be active as before no matter how old you are.

Myths about aging often keep people fear from exercise and other physical activities.

As matter of fact, difficulty with walking and stair-climbing are top complaints by older people. This is why doing exercise regularly is vital to living your life falls and staying in your own home.

Getting fit not only makes look younger,it also makes feel better,which can improve the appearance of look,skin and muscles tone.

The biggest challenge for most people is finding the right kind of exercise to help relieve their bone pain and immobility of the body.


1) I am too old to start exercising

It is truth that not moving is much riskier and can get some health problems. So, all of us know that activeness is very important in life. Inactive people are more likely to develop health problems such as high blood pressure,high cholesterol levels, arthritis and other health related problems.

If you don’t do the exercise for a long time and want to begin,then slowly do with a low impact exercise like warm up, walking, swimming etc.

Even a 20 minutes walk is a good exercise for starting.

If there is an activity that you enjoyed doing in young age ( like tennis, badminton, basketball) look for a way to get back to do it.

2) I will injure myself

Before doing exercise,old people think that they might be injured during workout because of not having enough strength and stamina. When the old people get started, should do slowly step by step to that they will be safe and not get injure.

So,judge yourself before beginning on exercise.

Remember, the more physically fit,less likely to get injured. People can safely begin to exercise in old age. However,any amount of exercise is beneficial from formal exercise to exercise snacks.Impouring balance by doing yoga , meditation may also help to avoid injury in life. So,do that exercise which will suit to the body and strength.

3) I don’t move like I used to

Exercise means does not lifting of heavy weight as you did in 20-30 years old. The older people can move at own pace and still benefits.

Researchers say that who walked just 30-40 minutes a day have lower risk of mobility after 2 years than those who didn’t.

So, instead of looking back at what the older people used to do, ready for doing exercise mentally and physically ahead.

As the old people think that they don’t have enough energy to exercise.

4) Seniors don’t have anyone to exercise with

They didn’t need someone to walk with them. If seniors are determined that they want get fit and shape their body,they don’t need anyone. They can do alone. If not ,then find some people who enjoy the same activities as they do.

Once, they will involve in active lifestyle,they may be surprised to see that there are already people around them who can do exercise with and who are working to get fit.

5) Elderly people could easily get injured while exercising

The elderly people think that they might get injured while doing exercise because they have not enough stamina and tone muscles for doing exercise.


But remember, exercise can help older people feel better and enjoy life more,even those who think they are too old or too out of shape. Exercise such as walking, swimming lifting of light weight helps build muscles that is usually lost with with age and puts stress on bones which helps keep them strong and healthy.

Researchers show that adults who walk a minimum 30-40 minutes daily,five days a week have an almost nine- year biological advantage.

6)I can’t afford the equipments

There is need of expensive equipments for doing exercise and keep fit.

Get a good sports shoes with good support and go for a walk or jogging. You can spend an hour in the garden and do plantation or keep care of your garden by gardening in home.


You can also use some light exercise like Push ups or planks. You can also go for walking or swimming.

Some local parks may have good for Yoga and walking. You can also join some fitness classes near by you.

7) My muscles and heart are not strong enough

Many old people think that there heart and muscles are not so strong for doing exercise regularly. But, it is not true if you do the exercise regularly,it helps strengthen the muscles and heart rather than put it at risk.

Yes, you have to know that which exercise is good for you. If you are suffering from health problems,then have to choose the right exercise for your body.

Physical activity can be as simple as taking a brisk walk.It is enough to help the blood circulation and cholesterol levels and it can boost the mood. Usually, poor strength will show as difficulty with going up and down the stairs, trouble getting up from a low chair or being unable to get up and down from the floor without help.

So, it is essential for old people to do some physical exercise as walking, jogging or gardening as well as light weight exercise.

If you exercise daily, your muscles and bones become strong and healthy.

It is matter of fact that difficulty with walking and stair-climbing are top complaints by older adults. This is why doing exercise regularly is vital to living your life fully and staying in fit.

Remember: progress is impossible without change and those who can’t change their minds can not change anything.

8) It is not safe for me to do exercise due to current health conditions

It is not true.Many health conditions can be improved by proper nutrition and exercise, including high blood pressure,heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. The key is finding the right kind of exercise to get the benefits.

Exercise has benefits at any age group. Staying active will allow us to continue

being independent and the lifestyle we enjoy.

1) exercising improves brain functioning.

2) working out sharpen the memory.

3) Running or walking burn calories.

4) Exercise prevents signs of aging.

5) Adults sick less often.

I hope that all of you have found this information helpful. Exercise is truly the key to staying actives. Once you realise this and priorities exercise in the life, you will never look back.

Dr S.K.jha