Lifestyle: Everyone wants a comfortable Life

Everyone wants to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. For this, they work hard and neglect their health. Our lifestyle not only influence our health and well-being but also the personality of our life. Our lifestyle affects someway to society also.

Sometimes excessive noise, too much furniture, equipment, poor lighting arrangement and ventilation, too much cold and heat, fast food habits, diet and depressed look, overwork may adversely affect our work-life and family life.

Furniture can be rearranged, noise can be controlled, sufficient light can be set and the place can be cheered up with flowers, pictures and plants and keeping it nice and fast food habits can be controlled.

Similarly, our family life also plays a role in keeping and maintaining good health and well-being. Keeping a good relationship with children and other members of the family, practising and satisfying family life, feeling and getting love, spending time with family can solve many problems in daily life and reduce the stress in life.

Except it, proper communication is the key to maintain balance in life. Identification of the problems followed by taking initiative and discussing the problems with family members and other play a vital role.

Science and technology have brought us leisure which needs are the effort of planning for proper use. Mostly we are not aware of it and as such don’t plan for it and fail to enjoy it fully.

So, it is necessary to rethink to priorities of our activities and may need to move a variety and activities in our leisure time, to increase our friend circle, do more exercise and originate a new interest.

Everybody’s self-esteem and outlook influence our lifestyle. So, we need to develop a positive outlook and attitude towards leisure to develop more benefits from physical activities so that we may have a healthy, balanced lifestyle and a sense of well-being.

A healthy and balanced life is based on our thinking, on good points and so we should start to improve our health and family life as well as do for society.

Here, I am just narrating a story:

Two friends whose name was Sunil and Ajay had a lot in common — they both are in the twenties, work on night shift, had junk food habits, smoke and drink frequently and barely ever exercise. But the similarities do not end there. Both of them aged 22 and 25 respectively — had acute heart attacks. It is so shocking because this acute heart attack affects people above 50 years.

What we more worrying was that they had no previous history of heart disease or the usual risk factors like diabetes and obesity. So, it was a result of the unhealthy lifestyle they had been leading for years.

So, my dear friend…now the choice is yours. Judge yourself and live a healthy life.

Dr S.k.jha


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