Are we slave to stressed minds?

Stress is here to stay and there is no escaping it. In daily life, we are under great stress today. People are facing a problem even to get their basic needs. Be it in the home, school or workplace, stress upsets the mind and body, spreading discontent and unhappiness. Since you can not escape, so it is the best thing: learn how to cope by managing the mind.

For this, you don’t have to go nearby any bookshop and buy the book for solving the problems. Stress can be dealt with simply and effectively by following the tenets of Yoga and some rules in daily life. ” since we can not choose our surroundings, we have to manage ourselves and traditional and spiritual Wisdom can help us deal with all aspects of existence with ease and contentment.

Yoga is designed to release physical stress and impurities, meditation and relaxation techniques are used to distress the mind and revitalise the spirit. Yoga involves keeping the physical, emotional, mental, vital and intellectual aspects healthy so that people perform well in whatever they do. Many people are not even consciously aware of stress and many break down and cry. The cost of living is ever-increasing and people find it difficult to make their ends meet. The families are breaking and the responsibilities are not being shared.

Mental tension takes its toll on the body and leaving you tired and listless. The first signs of tension are irritability, tension at the base of the neck and shoulders, headache, indigestion and sleeplessness.

There are some basic principles to keep the mind and body energetic and de-stress.

These are:

Proper exercise

Yoga improves circulation, which nourishes the brain. Jogging, walking and workout in Gym also benefits for peace of mind and body. Remember, only exercise or yoga can not help, you have to combine exercise with meditation to calm the mind.

Proper breathing

Make full use of your lungs. “Regulating the flow of breath recharges your body and mind, helping you relax.” Deep breathing helps you feel in control and relaxed tense muscles, making you feel more at peace with yourself and your surroundings. The mind wanders all over and Yoga helps you to learn how to focus your energies.

If you do the deep breathing exercise, your thoughts are concentrated on the inhaling and exhaling process, increasing mental concentration.

Proper relaxation

Releases tensions and help the body relax, making you feel as refreshed as one would after a good night’s sleep.

Proper diet

Vegetarian food is nutritious, high in fibre and easy to digest and also calms the mind. Spicy food agitates the mind, so it is best to avoid it when you are tense.


It helps you remove negative thoughts and still the mind, ultimately transcending all thoughts. It is only when the mind is at rest that people achieve spiritual relaxation, which is the awareness of their inner consciousness. So, follow these steps and be energetic.

I hope that all of you know how to get free from stress and keep the mind and body in peace and healthy.

Dr S.k.jha


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