Gardening: A hobby

Gardening is my favourite hobby — while working in the garden, I spend my time in a better way. It is indeed a favourite part-time for me. With our busy and concrete lifestyle, gardening is the only way that keeps us connected to mother nature.

Gardening is a hobby that people can start from a small place to a big place. It keeps people busy and smiles on seeing the plants. Usually, in the garden as flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs can be often grown and planted.

Gardening ranges from fruit orchards to long planting with one or more different types of trees, herbal plants and coffee or tea estate. It can be as a lawn or grown inside or outside the house in a small plot. It involves active participation in the growth of plants.

Tea estate

A hobby that gives delight and a smile. It helps in passing the leisure time. Most of us have some hobby or the other. Hobbies differ from person to person. Taste differ and so do hobbies. Some have been interested in painting, writing, swimming and photography. Like that so many hobbies which can be done by different person mood.

This hobby not only enriches us but also provides the vital energy boost to help in our daily life.

Just imagine how people feel when they touch the green plants and flowers and are filled with joy and smiles.

So, we can derive great pleasure from gardening, growing flowers and some seasonal vegetables. Gardening reminds us to live in nature. Gardening keeps us busy and immune to our immune system.

Besides this, Gardening helps the environment by reducing air pollution, filtering the groundwater.

It is an effective way to boost our mood and stress-free.

There are some benefits of gardening-

1) It burns a lot of calories

2) It can relieve stress

3) It can lower blood pressure

4) Fresh fruits and vegetables can help in the digestive system

5) Spending time outside is good for the mind and body.

6) It helps decrease stress, anxiety and improves mood.

7)It helps in decreasing cholesterol levels.

Gardening is a good exercise for both mind and body. Gardening keeps our daily life fresh, watering the plants, nurturing them, cleaning them all give us a sense of freshness and calmness in our mind.

Gardening gives us immense joy we can see the shrubs and the flowers growing.

Gardens are good and enjoyable pass time. In different seasons, people also plant seasonal fruits and vegetables.

So, it is one of my hobbies —- what about you

Dr S.k.jha


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