Panic attack: How to stop it

A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions.when panic attacks,the person might think,they are losing control, having a heart attack or even dying.

Most of people have just one or two panic attacks in their lifetime and the problem goes away perhaps when a stressful situations ends

Panic attacks typically begin suddenly without warning.They can strike anytime – ether driving a car or in the middle of working time.

Before getting panic attack,we have to know something as

1) know the signs- the people don’t have to be in a scary situation to have a panic attack.They could be on a hike,at a restaurant or asleep in bed. All of a sudden the person gets a strong surge of fear.This triggers physical symptoms like a increased heart rate , sweating,shortness of breath,nausea ,chest pain or trembling. It can be last 5to 25 minutes.

2) Live life fully – it is understandable that the person has want to avoid a panic attack at all costs. But it is important not to let fear control the life . For example, don’t avoid places where the people have had panic attacks in the past. If they have one,stay there for a few minutes.,if it is safe.when the attack is over, the people will realise that nothing terrible happened


3) talk and busy in work –when the people feel a panic attack coming on, remind that they are feeling anxiety and not getting real danger. People can even directly addressing the fear

4) don’t distract yourself – as it was tempting as it may be try to focus the mind elsewhere the healthiest way to deal with a panic attack is to acknowledge it .

5) Breath through it- An attack may make take quick, shallow breath and feeling of breathlessness,so get the breathing under control.Close the eyes,put the hand on the bottom of ribs and try to inhale through nose and slowly.if it helps then do it 5 to 8 times on each inhale and exhale. I hope, after a few minutes,you will feel better.

6) keep the mind calmness – Notice that five things the person can see around him.Then,four things he can touch.Three things he can hear.Two things he can things he tastes. So , Focus the mind something better to do and then feels better and fear or anxiety will goes away.

7) H.A.L.T. attack- H.A.L.T stands for hungry, anxiety, lonely and tired – four feelings that bring out the burst in everyone.if any one prone to panic attacks ,they can turn into triggers.when symptoms develop,check it and can essential steps to fix it.

8) progressive relaxation – when the person feeling a panic attack coming on- tense muscles at a time and then relax it. Repeat this until the whole body is relaxed.

9) Rate the fear – when the fear scrambles the mind,rate it on a scale of one to ten every few minutes. It is also a good reminder that the person not on a ten the whole time.

10) careful with coffee, alcohol and smoking – caffeine make the person feel nervous and shaking,it can also help in awake, which can trigger tiredness later. Nicotine and alcohol can make the feel calm at first, then make jittery as the body processes it.These all three can trigger panic attacks or make them worse. So,it is best to avoid these things.

11) Get time to exercise daily – physical fitness lowers stress , which is one of the best remedy for prevention of panic the exercises daily,so heart rate , blood pressure and fitness will work for reducing the panic attacks.

12) Slow down – slow the body down and mind will follow.practice like yoga use slow body movements and train the mind to be calm and aware.

So ,this are the technique to control the panic attack.

Dr S.k.jha


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