Exercise and community

A life with good health is a great blessing. Without good health one can hardly enjoy life. Health is certainly more important than any other things.

To live life healthy,we should follow 4 basic principles of health.

1) Exercise

2) Attitude

3) Rest

4) Nutrition

Early to rise and early to bed availing nature’s gift of fresh air, sunshine, exercise daily and adequate rest , having a positive attitude, having simple and nutritious diet ensures healthy body and sound mind.

Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only,but the mind and spirit as well.

People are much more interested today in taking the responsibility for their own health than they were in the past. Millions of individuals have improved their health outlook by stopping smoking, changing their diet and starting regular exercise.

Adoption of regular exercise habits has one of the significant health habits. Many more people are active now than was before.

If the people are fully realised about their health benefits than promotion of exercise must be increased.

The prevalence of inactivity is much higher than the prevalence of several other deleterious health behaviours.

If the entire population become aware of their health benefits then exercise adoption may be more important.

Their are some risk factors: sedentary lifestyle, cigarettes smoking, overweight, hypertension and Parental history of heart attacks.

But , the fact remains however that due to the strong association between exercise and health and the high prevalence of sedentary living in the population,lack of exercise is a very significant health problems.

All of us know that increased levels of physical activity are beneficial to the overall health of the community.

Habitual exercise is beneficial to health for all age groups. Habitual exercise has become of interest to the public community because it prevents or retards the development of several diseases.

Community exercise provides a broad spectrum of psychological benefits such as improved confidence, feeling of well-being , anxiety reduction,sexual satisfaction, intellectual functions and others.

Exercise has a beneficial emotional effect across gender and all ages. Exercise is associated with the reduction of stress and anxiety.

A habitual exercise is found to be healthier than a non- exerciser in every sense of word, physical, mental and even psychologically meaning that the internal hormonal and chemical environment of the body is more efficiently functional.

Exercise of almost any kind can reduce the risk of developing diseases.

Physical activity reduced blood glucose levels also.

How many of us observe the basic rules of physical and mental health, take proper foods and follow good habits.

It is not doubt that at any age the active individuals have greater physical capacities than their inactive people. For example, the active 60 years old person may be as physically fit as the inactive 30 years old.

So, the active and physically fit people is much better able to meet the physical demand of life.

Your mental health, emotional health and spiritual health are all just as important as your physical health.

Remember, exercise makes you happier.

It reduces stress.

It increased productivity during the day.

Helps you get fit.

Improve memory

Strengthen bones and muscles

It reduces insulin resistance

It makes you feel great

Boost immune system.

Community exercise

So, I hope all of you agree with me.Do exercise regularly with your friends, family members or join the classes.

You can do in the park also and make friends there.

Dr S. K.jha


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