Lifestyle and environment play a key role in the human body

How does it happen? There is so much stress in our daily life which affects the life of a people. such as job-related tension, seasonal changes etc. People are so demanding in life that wanting a higher salary or income lead a luxurious life. Academic changes- younger kids studying a higher level curriculum.

Everyone wants to meet the standard of society as a comfortable luxury life.

It is saying that”change is the spice of life”.

Every person looks tense. They have to work due to higher expenses. Each member of the family including the wife or female has to work, resulting in putting herself in late hours and competing with the male.

Thus, female works hard and ignoring their health and time, resulting in more work in an office and less work in the home. It makes tense and imbalance the system of the family need and scattered the whole thing.

They can bring huge income in the home, but their life completely depending on servants, children are not taken care but as mothers can do as well as pressurising the child to cope themselves.

The child then learns few things all themselves and then is forced to unlearn, get his mind in other things and get attached to easy money and then their demand increases to which parents are not in a position to say no to him. Because they do have not enough time in the home to guide the child and look after the family.

Each and every person in the cat race and forgetting their own mental and physical health.

Thus, all problems like divorce, tension, stress, early ailments etc– all are happening due to lack of time in the home and can not be able to keep balance in life and home.

So, a balance is a matter which will help in maintaining good health, a free mind to think productively and finding a solution rather than making a complete mess of life.

Maintaining a balance can be easy if one begins to follow certain rules.

Giving the priority to more important things first and decide how to keep a balance between work and family. Discuss the problems with the family. It might be possible that at the beginning of employed life, they can put in all efforts, being blind to other things, but once enter into the family life, can make the schedule between work and family and dedicate time according to by deciding which is more important at the stage. This way not only we could be happy with our jobs but also life will be more enjoyable.

So, always keep in mind that one can take a plunge when one is free, not one is bondage with other necessities of life.

It is better that talk, share your feelings, find a solution, enjoy life with family members rather than being tense all the time in the office and home and living alone. Balance is possible if two people think at the same level and are ready to change the lifestyle.

The environment plays a key role in people’s behaviour and motivation to act. It can influence mood also. The environment can reduce stress in multiple ways. So, a favourable environment can make it less stressful, suffer and a better place to work.

Inner peace begins the moment, you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.

So, it is my opinion that

1) increase connection to nature

2) spend time with family

3) reduce the environmental stressor

4) provide pleasantly diversion

This way lifestyle and the environment influence our health and work.

Dr S.k.jha


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