A mental disorder: side effects of untreated depression

Depression is increasing among people nowadays. Just as physical health is important, so mental health is also important. Millions of people around the world suffer from various types of mental illness and mental health problems. Such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction to drugs and alcohol, personality disorder etc.

Mental illness and psychological disorders have good treatment options with medications, psychotherapy or other treatments.

Untreated depression is a serious problem. It increases the chance of risky behaviour such as alcohol or drug addiction.

Clinical depression is also known as”Major Depression “is an illness that involves the body, mind, mood and thought. It affects the whole behaviour of the person as to how to eat, talk and feel about himself/herself and around him/her.

How does untreated depression affect physical health?

A lot of studies, research and evidence show that people with major depression who are recovering from such as strokes or coronary artery disease or heart attacks have a more difficult time making health care choices.

In major depression cases, sleep well is disturbed. They suffer from insomnia. So, lack of sleep can cause some of the symptoms such as — extreme tiredness, loss of energy, difficulty in making decisions or difficulty in concentration. So, treating depression helps the person get control over all of these symptoms and complications.

What are the common signs of Insomnia with untreated depression?

Common signs are — 1) inability and difficulty in concentrating

2) sleep decrease

3) trouble falling asleep

4) day time fatigue

What are the signs of drug and alcohol abuse with untreated depression?

People usually take alcohol and drugs to come out of depression, which is more common among teenagers and young as well as middle age group. It is very important to encourage these people to get help because they are more likely to attempt suicide.

Signs of drugs and alcohol abuse are:

1) inability to maintain a personal relationship

2) Hiding their feelings

3) self pity

4) memory loss

5) tremors

So, those who suffer from depression taking drugs or alcohol may need very specialised treatment.

Usually, men who have untreated depression may exhibit more anger, frustration and violent behaviour than women.

So, depression can affect people in their work-life, family life and social life.so, living with a depressed person is very difficult and stressful for the family members, friends and society.

Depression carries a higher risk of suicidal tendencies. Anybody who expresses suicidal thoughts or intentions should be taken very seriously.

Warning signs of suicide are:

1) talking, writing, thinking about killing or hurting herself

2) having a death wish

3) losing interest in things are used to care about

4) increasing in drinking alcohol or using drugs

5) writing a suicidal note

So, depression affects more than 25 million people each year including a large portion of the working population. People with untreated depression can usually get the work, but once there, they may be irritable, fatigued and have difficulty in concentration, it is difficult to work well for them.

More than 80 percent of people with clinical depression can be successfully treated with early recognition, intervention and support.

Most people do best with depression treatment using psychotherapy, medications or a combination of both.

So, if you are getting depressed or any family members, consult the doctor for early treatment.

I hope, now it is clear that why depression treatment is necessary for a depressed person and to take care of him.

Dr S.k.jha


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  1. Great , Must be dealt urgently. Its matter of awareness of society and acceptance of the patient with psychiatric ailments.


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