Travel mistakes: How to avoid them and enjoy the travelling

Almost every person travel either once a year or several times a year, but some mistake can cause headache or possibly even ruin his trip, so, avoiding this burden, a little planning is enough to avoid these common travel mistakes. Then, they can enjoy their trip to new places.

There are some planning tips to avoid these mistakes:

1) overpacking luggage: due to overpacking clothes, groceries and other items, being overweight and having high package fees can make the, avoid these only few clothes, essential items as medicine( if necessary) is enough because some laundry facilities are available in hotels or on the roads.

2) Not booking enough time in between flights or trains: flights or train conditions can be predictable. If one misses the flight or train due to delay, might be forced to run through another railway station or airport to catch the connecting train or flight, so, it is best to book the train or flight with a safe gap and reach the airport or railway station earlier.

3) Not using roaming mobile data during travel:- People must not use the roaming mobile data during travel to less spend money. If it is necessary, then buy a local sim card, once arrive there. Because it is important to know what we plan to cover to avoid data roaming charges.

4) Not getting local currency at the airport or railway station:- As soon as we leave the railway station or airport, we need local currency to take public transport or a cab in that country or places. So, before going to travel, keep enough currency on hand. Visiting local markets or buying some items when we travel and many of these places don’t accept debit cards or credit cards.

5) Not checking visa or passport requirements:- In different countries, visa requirements are different, so find out the necessary information and check the passport before departure and booking the tickets or Visa.

6) Not buying travel insurance:- Travel insurance covers cancellation fees, so, if unexpectedly can not move and have to cancel the program, then in that condition, we would not have to lose our money. some plans also cover emergency medical expenses, so make sure before going out and book a ticket.

7) Planning too many activities or visiting into one trip:– If we have a plan to visit all places in one trip, it will make us busy and stressed. so, give time to relax and choose the best of which place is important.

8) Not carrying valuable items or keeping safe: – Theft is the most important thing, we have to deal with during travelling, so avoid having more cash, electronics or other valuable things stolen by them and keep them in a safe place before going out.

9) Handing valuable possessions to strangers:- Don’t give valuable possessions like money, passport, jwellery to a stranger while travelling.

10) Not keeping records of reservation details:- It is an unnecessary burden not to have another copy of your valuable possessions as electronic ways of passport or other valuable things if you lose, keep an extra electronic copy on your phone or pocket.

11) Purchasing flights or train tickets at the wrong time:-Get the flight or train tickets earlier as much as possible. Because sale scheme can save a lot of money. If planning to travel abroad, book the tickets even earlier — 3 to 4 months in advance.

12) Choosing a cheap and comfortable hotel over luxury:- Because, if the hotel is far away from visiting sites, then we can spend a lot of expenses on transport and we can not get enough time to relax for a bit before lunch or dinner if we wish. so, choose a nearby hotel, if we wish to get back to the hotel and relax before lunch or dinner, we can.

13) Paying high credit card fees:-some Some credit card charges high fees in case of withdrawing a foreign currency, the exchange rate will be high – while others charge minimal fees or nothing. so, do the research well and choose the card that doesn’t burden your pocket. A lot of credit card offers additional travel perks and are free for the first year, so we can make use of them.

14) Not buying something we like as soon as we see it:- if we loved something and not buying it, thinking that we can get a better deal and better version elsewhere, sometimes, unfortunately, we might not get it in other places, it will haunt us for the whole trip. So, when we like something, use bargaining skills and buy it.

These are some tips for avoiding unnecessary burdens during travel to new places.

I hope, all of you will go out and make a trip memorable, but don’t forget to send me your travel experiences.

Dr S.k.jha

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