A small story- Dream big: Do not lose hope:

A small child who comes from a very poor family. His parents were living in a small house. His father was a daily wage worker and his mother was working in some houses for feeding their child and living in poor conditions. They had no financial support and bank balance. Sometimes, they sleep without having meals. In the winter and rainy seasons, they faced a lot of problems. So, one day their child who was big among them, decided to go out for searching of a good job and support his family.

He was looking for a job for a long time, but he couldn’t find a job in his city. so, he decided to try his luck in another city. He caught the train the very next day and left for another city for looking a job.

His mother gave it by placing a few pieces of bread in a tiffin. His family was so poor that vegetables were not made in his house. In such a situation, only his mother had given him bread. When he was halfway done, he felt hungry. He took out the tiffin and started eating bread. The way he was eating bread, the people sitting around him were watching him. He would first break the bread, then twist something in the tiffin and put the bread in his mouth.

It was as if he was eating vegetables along with the bread. People were looking at him in amusement. Why he was doing this, they were unable to understand.

A person asked him, brother, you have only bread, so why you are rolling it in tiffin and putting it in your mouth?

The boy replied yes, I have only bread and by rotating the bread in the empty tiffin, I am thinking that I am also eating vegetables along with the bread. The person asked whether it tastes like vegetables, and the boy said that if I am eating bread and vegetables thinking, then I am also getting the taste of vegetables.

Think big

When the people sitting around him listened, a person said that if he had to think, then why thought vegetables, would have thought of mutton or chicken curry. In this way, he would be able to taste that mutton or chicken curry also.

Think big only then success will be big. If the dream of the person big , then only the success will be big.


If you want to do something big in the life, then a person should keep his thinking big. If the dreams of the person are big, then only the success will be big. For this one has to think big.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Dr S.k.jha


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